Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 836: Ruins Of The Celestial Realm

Li Qiye smiled and went on while Bingning was still taken aback: “If I ever enter your system, I can take over it too.”

She didnt believe him at all: “Impossible, youre an ancestor from Insane Court so you have cultivated its merit laws and scriptures, how can you take over Vermillion? Hmph, maybe by force only by seizing the Vermillions nest, but I would be the first to stop you if it ever goes there!” [1]

She protested coquettishly with a glare and a touch of worries. Her distrust was reasonable since Li Qiye was not a disciple of her system, so how could he take over them? Just his background alone as an ancestor from Insane Court prevented him from doing so.

“Who says I cultivate merit laws from Insane Court?” He smiled, ready to tease the girl some more.

“Arent you an ancestor there?” She said with a flash of surprise in her eyes.

He went on: “An ancestor from Insane Court must cultivate its merit laws? Its only a position.”

“Dont tell me youre a fake.” She wondered but quickly let go of this thought because he could control the dao source from Insane Court. Ultimately, there was something off about him, that he didnt seem to be from this world at all.

“Im the real thing.” He chuckled: “But lets shift the topic. Your Martial Ancestor is considered unbeatable in terms of physical combat, but how many people know about the origin of your system and his martial arts abilities, such as the twelve variations.”

Her eyes turned bright after hearing about the twelve variations.

The twelve variations were the apex techniques of Vermillion, the ultimate merit laws of their progenitor. They encompassed mental meditation and cultivation methods, not just physical moves. Rumor has it that they represented and were the culmination of his lifelong learnings.

Later on, it is said that he passed them down to twelve disciples, one each. Because of this, these disciples were called the Twelve Ancestors by their descendants.

For a multitude of reasons, later on, the majority of the variations was lost, leaving behind only five.

Some in Myriad Lineage believed that if they could regain the twelve variations, perhaps the Vermillion Martial Court would become the strongest system in this world, surpassing Yang Radiance.

“You have learned three moves but unfortunately, unable to exert their real power. Wait until you become a True Emperor, you will be able to connect the three.” Li Qiye glanced at her and assessed.

“How do you know all of this?” She had no lack of astonishment while speaking with him.

Only three out of the five variations that they still had were connected, not the other two. Thus, it was either to do the independent ones or to do the three connected ones.

The connected ones were quite powerful, requiring a massive amount of energy to empower them. Due to the incomplete nature of what was left behind, training in these variations resulted in all types of deficiencies.

For example, Bingning chose the connected three, relying on her innate gifts and willpower for a successful cultivation. However, when actually using them, her energy right now couldnt finish the entire move, stopping at the first variation.

Back during the ambush, she didnt have a chance to use them before being subdued by Li Qiye.

“Just one glance makes it apparent.” Li Qiye said: “Both your talents and dao heart are capable enough. Since you were able to cultivate these incomplete versions, there is a chance in the future to actually finish all twelve after a re-do.”

“What… do you mean?” Her eyes batted, instantly understanding the implication.

“The future is full of possibilities.” He smiled.

She didnt relent: “You know the twelve variations of the Martial Ancestors? You actually have them?”

Nevertheless, she was still skeptical because how could he have their systems lost techniques? But from what he was saying, it sounded as if he had them all.

“Youll know in the future.” He gently stroke her hair and said.

“Spill it already!” No longer caring about her image of a cold goddess or a nice girl, she pinched him and continued with a fierce expression: “Im taking some meat off if you dont tell me!”

She wasnt as shy and cold as before, resulting in a cuter look.

“Okay, okay, little girl, I concede.” Li Qiye raised both hands in the air: “When the time is right, I will train you in finishing the twelve variations.”

She immediately let go, standing there petrified from shock. Despite being mentally prepared, the confirmation still astounded her.

Even the greatest ancestors in Vermillion would be dumbstruck after hearing this, let alone her.

The Vermillion Court has been weakened after losing the twelve variations. Though they had no lack of merit laws, some from Martial Ancestor himself, these laws were no match for the complete version of the twelve variations.

It would be earth-shattering if they could find these techniques again.

“Really?” She became excited. This was the truth, it would be a piece of news worth jubilating over.

He continued playing with her hair and smiled: “Others might lie to you, but I take my words very seriously. They are more precious than anything else.”

“Hmph, youre only good at praising yourself.” She glared at him, looking attractive enough to cause souls to flutter to the clouds.

He smiled and continued moving forward.

“How do you have our twelve variations?” She pulled his hand back and forth, wanting to find the answer: “Be honest, did you stole it from us?”

This cat-and-mouse game went on for a bit during the journey. They eventually made it to the end of the stone bridge.

The scene here was magnificent, catching Bingning off guard.

A majestic sun was before them. No, it couldnt be due to a lack of heat. Anyone this close to a sun would be rendered to ashes.

It was a star looking much more beautiful than any unchanging sun. It also exuded fire, consisting of numerous fire seeds.

Some seeds were the size of a torch; some were erupting in an endless manner. Another was a vast ocean with waves of fire. Others had the shape of a glacier, freezing an entire direction…

It looked as if all the fire seeds in this world were born on this star. She finally understood why this place was called the land of the fire source. This was perhaps their birthplace – quite a shocking realization.

1. So Vermillion here is short for Vermillion Bird

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