Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 831: Long Jingxian

Such brutal words from Wu Lian actually pleased the crowd. They have known of the previous humiliation event so his fury now was a sight for sore eyes.

Wu Lian felt quite good about the silent crowd, unaware of their schadenfreude. Sooner or later, he would have his revenge, letting Li Qiye taste a fate worse than death. That would be the time for him to blow off steam.

Why would he be afraid of Li Qiye now that his Young Lord, Miracle, was around? He didnt give a damn about the experts from all the clans.

After being quite content with himself chasing away the others, he entered the valley and stood next to Miracle like a servant.

The fox was exploiting the tigers might to the chagrin of the crowd. Alas, they couldnt do anything outside of scowling.

They didnt want to provoke him because his background was indeed mighty. Plus, Miracle was here too. No point in provoking such a petty and prideful man.

“Elders, gentlemen, please pick your lotus flowers.” Miracle was very respectful towards the big shots and geniuses here.

The best ones were the golden and silver flowers. The latter was a bit inferior in comparison.

Next were the ones closest to the center. Normally, seniority determined the first pick.

“No, Young Noble, you go ahead.” A polite response came about.

A few big shots here had a greater position and status than Miracle. Ultimately, he was still only a junior.

However, these big shots who were ancestors wanted to ask him for help, coveting his rare Longevity Pills. Thus, they decided to flatter him.

“In my opinion, you should take the king lotus. A genius like you deserves it.” A minor True God said with a smile.

Miracle certainly thought so too. However, he modestly answered: “Senior, youre too kind. I am only a nobody, inferior to everyone here in terms of age and experience. I cant accept this.”

“No way.” Another big shot smiled: “Young you may be, your accomplishments are still peerless. Last time around, the king lotus was taken by Longevity Master. Now, youre also qualified to take it.”

“I dont dare, how can I shamelessly compare myself to Longevity Master?” Miracle remained humble.

Longevity Master was the current sect mast of Longevity Valley. Her status was much higher than the emperor of Everlasting on top of being exceedingly gifted. Her reclusiveness didnt deter her world-renowned fame at all.

Despite knowing that the big shot was only flattering him with this comparison, Miracle still felt quite good inside.

In this system, Everlasting had strong military prowess and claimed to be on the same level as Coiling Dragon System. Alas, they were still only a sect below Longevity Valley, still not a system. Longevity Valley was still the main branch so even if they were stronger, they couldnt replace the valley.

“No need to be so humble, Young Noble. This king lotus should be yours.” A different ancestor added: “I heard the martial goddess is also here, so please excuse me for this bold suggestion, let her have the queen lotus.”

“Good idea.” The minor True God busily agreed: “Shes another incredible genius, so right, the queen lotus should be hers.”

“I agree.” Miracle responded instantly with a beaming smile; the future looked quite bright right now for him.

Vermillion Martial Goddess was a great beauty and genius with so many fans in Myriad Lineage. Miracle was no exception. He believed that he was a good match for her. In fact, Everlasting once thought about asking Vermillion about a potential engagement.

So now, when everyone here made this decision, they clearly tried to match the two of them together.

“This lowly one agrees.” Wu Lian began flattering as well: “Young Noble, you are the greatest genius in our kingdom, versed in both alchemy and cultivation, certainly a True Emperor in the future. Meanwhile, the goddess is the prettiest with unbelievable innate gifts. The two of you are a match made in heaven, the king lotus for you and the queen lotus for her? What a fitting decision.”

“Watch your mouth now.” Miracle scolded despite loving the statement in his mind. Nevertheless, keeping up a gentlemanly appearance was necessary.

The big shots could read him like a book but didnt say anything else. Though they wanted to flatter him, they didnt wish to make such blatant comments about the goddess. She was a big deal as well.

“Brother Wu is right.” A young genius had no qualm: “Young Noble, you and the goddess are perfect for each other, crafted by the heaven and earth.”

This guy truly wanted the finest-ranked Sourceboost Pills from Miracle. Of course, some of the geniuses here didnt like it too much since they were fans of the goddess too.

The elated Miracle responded: “Please, these comments are not very proper. It wouldnt be good if the goddess were to hear this.”

Spring had come for him. He could already see this unfolding into reality, the scene of him embracing the beauty.

“Ive seen shameless people before, but to this extent? Quite rare.” Someone sarcastically clapped and interrupted the joyous atmosphere.

Everyone looked over and saw an ordinary youth standing outside of the valley with a grin on his face.

It was naturally Li Qiye who had just return from underground. He heard these sycophants and didnt give them any face.

“Its him!” Someone recognized him right away.

Not long ago, Li Qiye had forced Wu Lian to eat dirt. Now he had offended everyone here. It made everyone curious about his identity, what made him so bold and not give a damn about offending Miracle?

This was definitely a verbal slap, so Miracles expression became unsightly.

“You!” Wu Lians eyes flashed with fury. He gritted his teeth, wanting nothing more than to mince the guy to pieces.

“Fellow Daoist, please stop. No outsiders are allowed past this point.” A disciple from Everlasting stopped Li Qiye from entering the valley.

“Bam!” Li Qiye waved his hand and all the disciples got blown flying. He didnt look at them twice before making his entry.

Everlasting was playing the role of a host to the big shots and geniuses here from various sects and system. Miracle was the one in charge of this reception, so there was no way he would take such disrespect in stride.

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