Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 77: One Hand Kills a Thousand Enemies 1

The princess mused his arrogant words carefully. It was understandable for him to not care about the Seashield Prince. After all, he was someone who could contend for the Heavens Will against Meng Zhentian.

However, calling the overlord a nobody was a matchless declaration of arrogance.

She wryly smiled at this thought. Even before seeing him, she had already heard many things about him, especially his arrogance and aggressiveness. Today, after actually meeting him, all of these rumors appeared to be true.

She eventually replied: “I can definitely finish this path to become a sea god.”

Her intention was clear, she was refusing his offer.

“I know that with the Hallowed Ancestor protecting you in addition to your own strength and talents, your chances are quite favorable.” Li Qiye faintly smiled.

“However, after learning the seven styles, dont you think you arent being ambitious enough with just becoming a sea god? Even if you master the seven styles afterward, you still cant surpass your progenitor.” He stated: “The Prime Sea God is at the apex of your pavilion and all the sea demons. Surpassing him is definitely difficult. At the very least, I dont see anything from you right now that can allow you to surpass him. Im afraid your limit will be reaching his height.”

Li Qiye cheerfully continued: “I dont want to belittle you, but it is more likely that your top form will only be at the Deep Blue Sea Gods level.”

The princess turned silent. The word “confidence” described her with no sense of false modesty. In the future, she was sure that she could become a sea god as long as she doesnt get assassinated by someone like the Conch Overlord.

However, she indeed wondered if she could ever become a character like the Prime Sea God even after reaching the peak. It was exactly as Li Qiye had said, Prime was the unsurpassable pinnacle of the pavilion and the sea demon race.

Keep in mind that there were rumors that Prime could fight evenly against Immortal Emperor Mu Zhuo even without using the Trident. It could be said that he had trained the seven styles to their ultimate form. Because of these wondrous achievements, he was considered the strongest sea god or even the greatest of them all in the eyes of the sea demons.

Later on, the True Martial Sea God appeared and was an unparalleled prodigy with illustrious battle records. He even fought Immortal Emperor Min Ren to a draw. Nevertheless, his own race could only consider this achievement as being equal to Prime at best. Remember that Immortal Emperor Min Ren was the first emperor of the Emperors Era; he was the one who started this golden age.

He re-emphasized while she was ruminating: “You wont be able to surpass your progenitor.”

After a long time, she asked: “Then how will you help me? You cant possibly push me above the limit to become an even more amazing sea god, right?”

“If I take action, there will no longer be any suspense in you becoming a sea god.” Li Qiye said: “I chose you not because you are Primes descendant, more importantly, you have enough confidence and a dao heart that is as unyielding as a rock. However, it will ultimately be up to you to surpass your progenitor.”

“Then whats the difference?” She was confused: “As long as people like the Conch Overlord dont kill me, I can still claim the Trident. Plus, if the Hallowed Ancestor comes out, I wont be afraid of these assassinations anymore.”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye responded: “It looks like you dont know a lot. The old man is really tight-lipped, he must be worrying right now.”

“Please inform me then, Brother Li.” The princess slowly said this with sincerity since he has piqued her curiosity.

Li Qiye asked: “Have you ever thought about why you sea demons can only become a sea god? Sharing the same sky of Heaven Spirit, why is it that you cant become an Immortal Emperor like the charming spirits? Is it because they are the favored children of the heavens?”

She was startled after hearing this. In fact, she has indeed wondered about this problem before, but there was no answer.

Li Qiye continued: “Have you ever wondered why sea gods require the acceptance of the Trident? Where did this weapon come from? Just what secret does it hold?”

These rhetorical questions left her feeling a bit breathless.

After taking a deep breath, she replied in a serious manner: “Ill explore this question after becoming a sea god.” The princess had made up her mind to find the answers.

“It will be too late after you become one.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “Your progenitor had the same idea back then as well, unfortunately.”

She stared at him as her heart began to beat faster and asked: “So our progenitor and even our other two sea gods have tried to find this secret?”

Li Qiye explained: “Thats right, they have searched for this answer. The truth is that many sea gods tried as well. There is a great secret within all of this. The old man knows about it, but you havent reached the level to know, so he will definitely not tell you.”

She was digesting all of this information. Of course, she didnt blame her ancestor since he was surely acting for her own sake.

“Maybe our pavilion has a solution to this!” She eventually said this due to her great trust in both her pavilion and forefathers.

“There is.” Li Qiye replied: “Just like how the old mans solution is for you to marry me. After I become an Immortal Emperor and we come together, with my ancient bloodline, we will give birth to a strong offspring. The descendants will be able to sever the roots and will no longer be bound by the shackles of your bloodline.”

Her fair face turned hot after hearing this. Their pavilion had discussed this already, and the Hallowed Ancestor himself went to talk to her. In fact, she has already agreed to this proposed marriage.

However, it was different when it came from Li Qiyes mouth. Even a straightforward girl like her felt a bit bashful.

“However, what Im referring to is different from your ancestors beliefs.” He smiled: “I can tell you a few things about the mysteries of the Trident and also teach you a way to suppress your blood. After becoming a sea god and grasping these methods, you will be very grateful to me.”

“The Tridents mysteries?” She slowly said: “I wont deny that you are matchless and unfathomable. However, I dont think you know as much about the Trident as our pavilion.”

What she said was the truth and not something out of pride. Their pavilion had three sea gods, meaning they had control of the Trident for three generations. Their ancestors had studied this weapon very thoroughly.

He smiled and revealed: “I wont deny that. Unfortunately, I can control the Trident even better than your pavilion. Believe it or not, even after you become a sea god, I can still forcefully take the Trident away from you and theres nothing you can do about it. This is beyond just understanding the weapon and more to do with bloodlines.”

Despite their comprehensive research, even Prime was helpless in this matter due to many different reasons.

In the past, Li Qiye had also researched the Trident. Otherwise, he wouldnt have been able to create such a powerful imitation.

Without holding back, it could be said that outside of the Bonesea, no one that was currently living understood this weapon more than him. More importantly, he has a supreme method of control in this matter. It wasnt just due to his understanding of the weapon, it was also because he had completely researched the sea demons bloodline.

Meanwhile, the goddess didnt know how Li Qiye took hold of these secrets.

The princess asked: “Do you have any conditions?”

Li Qiye flatly stated: “Yes, I do. There is no free lunch in this world; if you want something, you must pay for it.”

She replied: “Well, may I ask what you want? Is it the seven styles?”

Li Qiye couldnt help but reveal a leisurely smile: “You are underestimating me. Little girl, it seems like you dont really know me. If I really wanted your seven styles, I wouldnt need to perform a transaction with your pavilion. I can just go up there and seize them, its that simple. A while ago, the only reason why I even made this proposal was to give your ancestors some face. I do not want to make blood flow like rivers at the pavilion since it is still of some use to me.”

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