Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 830: Mysterious Girl

“Miracle Young Noble is also in the land of the fire source right now.” Someone brought this up after a comparison was drawn between the goddess and the three young nobles.

“Really?” Some became excited right away: “Is he here to refine a batch? Or for some treasures?”

“Who knows?” A disciple from a great power in this region said: “I saw him walking to the lotus pond accompanied by several famous members of Longevity Valley.”

“Only someone like him can go with the big shots.” Someone said with envy.

“Its not strange that he can go there because he should be on the same level as a True God. Plus, his alchemy is peerless. His Sourceboost and Longevity Pills are the best right now. Both the young and old want to ask him for help, so hell have a good chance of becoming a True Emperor on top of being an amazing alchemist – a chance to catch up to Alchemy Immortal.” A disciple from Everlasting was proud of Miracle Young Noble.

Everyone glanced at each other after hearing such high praises. No one refused this because he was indeed quite exceptional.

This was a great genius from Everlasting, rumored to be a grand True God. Some even believed that he was so close to being half-step True Emperor. Who knows if this was true or not?

The date when he took the reign of Everlasting drew closer; all of this made him one of the three young nobles in Myriad Lineage.

The three were: Miracle, Dragon, and Conqueror. They were the three most promising candidates to become emperor. [1]

Miracle might not be the most talented or the strongest among the three, but his cultivation soared like crazy. In the beginning, he was inferior compared to the other two and almost had zero chance to be considered part of the trio.

Later on, his cultivation speed became as swift as the wind and caught up to these two, maybe even surpassing them. The group of two became the group of three afterward.

The reason for his success in cultivation was obvious – his Sourceboost and Longevity Pills.

Coming from Everlasting, he had an innate advantage in alchemy, not something the other two could compare to. This was the most powerful kingdom in Longevity System. Their power could even be greater than Longevity Valley. Moreover, their alchemy and knowledge of medicine were top-notch.

Miracle inherited all of these legacies. Even the Pill King highly praised him before.

Many True Gods asked him for help with Longevity Pills and gave him handsome payments. On the other hand, his Sourceboost Pills increased his cultivation as well. This allowed him to be on the same level as the other two young nobles despite being less talented in terms of cultivation.

His arrival here caused quite a stir. Many youths were willing to follow him, even big shots and True Gods from the last generation due to his alchemy abilities.

The young ones wished for the Sourceboost Pills while the old wanted the Longevity Pills. Thus, he was always a welcome sight wherever he went.

The crowd was very envious that he was qualified to enter the lotus pond. This was a place only meant for elders and ancestors, usually sealed off to everyone else.

Fire lotuses were everywhere, but the best ones were in this pond, far more valuable than the rest. The pond was actually a valley of lava. Standing at the top and looking down, one would see the valley resembling a lake spanning for a hundred miles with extremely hot lava.

This lava was as hot as a branding iron while violent bubbling was occurring on the surface. The weak couldnt come close at all since that would be a suicidal endeavor.

Strange enough, lotus flowers were actually growing in this terrible temperature. The main difference between the ones here and those outside was the red hue from the heat. They varied in size with the ones closer to the center being larger, especially the buds. The ones here also had a faint golden border as a unique characteristic.

Not all of them were red, however. The two lotus flowers in the very center were the biggest on top of possessing a different color – one was yellow and the other silver.

The big one had stems the size of an arm. When the bud fully blossomed, it would be as big as a palm as well. This one looked as if it was made from pure gold.

The other one was slightly smaller, seemingly cast from silver.

“Thats the lotus king and lotus queen.” Even the big shots from the last generation were coveting these two flowers due to their benefits.

Miracle Young Noble and the older great characters have entered the valley. Other geniuses also followed them.

Wu Lian and his peers were the next to enter. They sealed the entrance and stopped everyone else from coming.

“Get back! Get back!” Wu Lian was as aggressive as ever and shouted at the crowd: “The pond is full now, only successors and elders can enter. If youre not anyone important, stand to the side. There are more lotus flowers over there!”

Having said that, he pointed at a small stream near the valleys entrance.

There was indeed a stream of lava flowing out from the pond with many lotus flowers growing there. Of course, these ones were inferior to those in the pond.

A few older cultivators were quite annoyed at his imperious action. Most could accept this monopolistic tradition. Ordinary cultivators couldnt get close to that pond at all. It was a world where the strong takes all. The problem was Wu Lians contemptuous attitude, offending everyone present.

“So fierce huh? Wasnt that fierce when he was eating dirt.” Someone else quietly murmured.

Wu Lian heard this and his expression soured: “Who?! Get the hell out here!”

The speaker wasnt stupid enough to stand out and had already hidden in the crowd.

Wu Lian was trembling with rage now. Being forced to eat dirt and soil was too humiliating. He had regained some confidence with Miracle as his backing now but was still embarrassed after someone brought this up.

“Hmph! Tell that animal that Im waiting at the lotus pond for him. Come here if he dares! Ill dip him slowly in the lava, melting him inch by inch!” He vented with a twisted expression.

1. These titles are not literal. Miracles literal would be bringing someone back from the dead, a doctor that can cure all, hence Miracle. Dragons literal is Coiling Dragon, shortened to Dragon. Conqueror is actually a harder one. The first word can mean flatten/subdue, or bring peace; the second word is city. I have no idea if it is the aggressive or the more peaceful meaning. He can either be an attacker or defender, but Conqueror sounds good. If it is the defensive meaning, Ill change it to Bulwark.

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