Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 829: Destroying The Three Sects

The muddy layer eventually cracked with something coming out a while after the flame went inside.

It looked like a silk string but definitely not made out of silk. No, this was a river of stars condensed into the size of a silk string.

Upon careful inspection, stars and other celestial bodies floated around this string. Scorching suns exuded powerful heat. These suns were actually made from the flame protecting Li Qiye earlier. These suns were the things illuminating this galaxy, resembling decorative rubies of sorts.

The string started circulating around Li Qiyes hand as if it had its own life. The rays touched his skin like little tentacles. Just the slightest movement could scare them.

Finally, the string itself obediently coiled around his hand like layers of bandages. Next, they ignited into flame in entirety. Strangely enough, this flame didnt hurt him at all. Instead of an unbearable feeling, it was a feeling of warmth like water running through his hand.

It ended with the string of stars being burned completely. The suns also dispersed, leaving behind tiny silver threads. Small they might be, they were the most essential outlines for an entire universe. This framework of thread continued to play around, seemingly creating time and space. It was silver in shade and had a fiery glow, looking quite animated and lively. It wove together into a spark that kept on changing shape. Perhaps it was deriving something amazing.

Finally, the silver spark exploded like the end of a sun and turned back into silver threads. These threads shot towards all eight directions and disappeared into the water. Who knows where they were going?

Li Qiye didnt give chase and only smiled with a comment: “A fine item indeed.”

He then looked at his ruler before putting it away. There was no need to worry about treasures with this thing in his possession.

“Poof!” Another flame once again completely covered him, allowing him to float towards the surface.

Meanwhile, the land of the fire source became quite lively. A fire lotus was about to bloom so this attracted many experts, especially from the fire tribe. This was a godsend opportunity for them.

The fire lotus in this land was a unique and precious flower. Though it wasnt a material for alchemy, the moment when it started to bloom, it would release a type of flame that could refine a cultivators body and remove impurities. Thus, it would increase the physical constitution on top of lowering the chance of qi deviation.

Firekins were close to fire at birth. They loved using these lotus flames to purify their body. The effectiveness was much higher for them versus the other races.

More and more people poured in with circulating rumors and news.

“I saw the martial goddess from Vermillion, so beautiful…” A young male disciple excitedly told his friends.

“Shes also here?” The young guys were naturally ecstatic to hear this.

“Its true. I saw her crossing a magma river yesterday. Shes really strong and crossed it so easily. You know, a grand True God once carelessly fell down there and got melted. She, on the other hand, looked like she was taking a stroll. Thats why shes the most amazing female genius in Myriad Lineage, worthy of her title as the martial goddess.” The young fella elaborated.

“Vermillion Martial Goddess is indeed amazing. Shes on the same level as the three Young Nobles.” Someone else agreed with this sentiment. [1]

Wu Bingning was known as Vermillion Martial Goddess. Not only was her upbringing prestigious, but her talents were also amazing enough to let her become a True God at such a young age. Her system had high hopes for their strongest genius.

Furthermore, she was also a kingdom-toppling beauty. So many people in Myriad Lineage lost their mind over her.

“I heard she followed the alliance to attack Insane Court System. Looks like she contributed greatly this time.” An older cultivator said.

“Thats for sure. The alliance suffered heavy losses, nearly ten thousand elites died, only the ancestors came back alive. The fact that she could come back too showed what she was capable of during that expedition.” An elder from Vermillion stated.

Everyone knew about the result of this battle at this moment. However, they have obtained their goal. The three Insane Blood Gods were dead while Insane Court had to sign another agreement. This was a win to some of the systems.

Of course, they have only heard this from the words of the surviving ancestors. They publicly announced that it was a hard victory but they successfully killed the mastermind behind it all, forcing Insane Court to sign another agreement.

The ancestors certainly chose their words, but they werent exactly lying.

The Insane Blood Gods were dead, it didnt matter who had actually killed him. Furthermore, Insane Court was still following the same agreement. It didnt matter which side actually forced the truce. Only the upper echelons were privy to this knowledge.

Wu Bingning being a hostage wasnt announced just yet. After all, it would shame the alliance and have detrimental results for both Vermillion and Wu Bingning herself, hurting their prestige and reputation.

Thus, everyone in Myriad Lineage thought she came back triumphantly with the ancestors. Many felt nothing but respect and admiration for her feat.

They knew that Insane Court had sealed its gates and was on alert. Attacking this system was the same as invading a tigers lair. It required a lot of courage for her to join the ancestors on the battlefield.

“Women are just as amazing as men. The martial goddess is an exemplary model for our young generation. In fact, I think shes definitely better than the three young nobles in this aspect. Her courage puts men to shame.”

1. Hmm, this could be three young nobles, or Third as in the third of his siblings. Need more context. Edit: I got more context in the next chapter, they are three men.

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