Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 822: Matchless Archery

Wu Bingning paused for a moment before looking straight at him: “This is still brainwashing me!”

She sounded angry on the surface, but it was more of a playful pout by this point.

“You can think of it as brainwashing, but you know you love it.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

“Hmph.” She scowled but the warm feeling in her heart betrayed her. Her arrogance was being melted away by the legendary tales earlier. They were beautiful enough to draw people in and trap them within.

“The world is tough and your path is long, but Im sure you can do it.” He gently stroke her forehead.

She nodded and before she knew it, she became much more optimistic. All the troubles plaguing her seemed so trivial and dispersed. This made her much more hopeful about the future.

“Im willing to work for it.” She clenched her fist with determination after getting a clearer view of life.

Because she knew exactly what she wanted, she was willing to face the incoming pressure and trials in life on top of following this man.

“Even Immortal Lineage World is nothing. As long as you can take the next step, youll see just how vast this world is. With me around, those wills and commands are nothing.” He smiled.

“I understand.” Nothing could daunt her now, evident by her fierce stare.

“Youre being unfair, Young Noble.” Wang Han peeled another fruit and fed it to him before pouting: “Sister Qingling has plenty of potential too. You can train her.”

She was helping Chu Qingling. All of them could see that he wanted to groom Wu Bingning, so Wang Hand wanted to speak for the sake of Insane Court.

After all, as the number one genius in Insane Court, Qinglings talents were unquestionable. More importantly, she always had a great relationship with Wang Han despite being from Chu Camp. More often than not, she even stood by Wang Han on many issues. The two of them shared a common view on the upcoming path of the system.

Ultimately, even if Qingling were to become a True Emperor later on, the path was still long, especially if she wanted to become a progenitor. Thus, she needed the help of the forefather. The stronger Qingling became, the more help Wang Han would get in the future for the systems revitalization.

Qingling blushed and lowered her head, pretending to read the ancient book.

Li Qiye smiled and looked at her while shaking his head: “Im not being unfair. Qinglings future is also very bright, but its a bit different from Bingning. Qingling can develop here with what Insane Ancestor had left behind. Perhaps she wont be able to surpass him, but reaching the apex is not an impossibility. This isnt the case for Bingning. She has no control over certain matters, but the two of you working together will certainly bring a new golden age to Insane Court. When that day comes and Qingling is at the top, she can come to me for guidance, Ill be waiting for it. But today, she doesnt need my help to continue the path of Insane.”

She lifted her head and looked at him with a gentle stare: “I wont let you down and will work even harder, Young Noble.”

“Im sure.” He smiled.

“Go get ready, its time to leave Insane Court.” He finally told Wu Bingning.

She acknowledged and quickly left. Her steps were now freed of burden just like her mind.

No one in Insane Court wanted him to leave, but they knew that this tiny place wasnt meant for a soaring dragon; the small temple couldnt hold onto a great Buddha.

“Young Noble, will we see you again?” Zhu Sijing was the most emotional one and came up to hug him.

The one that had changed the most was her. She was only a regular disciple at Grand Sword and would have stopped there due to her being a Mutebane. Her fate changed completely after following him. He gave her treasures and guidance on cultivation. As being one of his confidants, her status rose in this system as well.

Without him, she would have been an expert at best in the system. Thus, Li Qiye gave her everything, a second parent even. So now, she didnt want him to leave the most. Alas, she was aware that they werent from the same world. This could be their last moment together.

“Silly girl, its not goodbye forever, no need to be sad. Well meet again if it is meant to be.” He hugged her back and said: “Perhaps on that day, youll already be a phoenix soaring above the nine firmaments.”

“I will work hard too.” Sijing shuddered and made a bold decision. His phrase alone would be a guiding lamp for the rest of her life. She had a lofty goal now – one that she would have never dreamed of before.

“Goodbye.” He waved goodbye to the rest and entered a portal with Wu Qingning to leave Insane Court.


Myriad Lineage had plenty of dao systems. Perhaps not quite ten thousand, but certainly more than enough. Some believed there was around one thousand or so systems and countless clans below.

The majority of them were connected via portals and welcome visitors, unlike Insane Courts previous isolation policy.

He arrived at Longevity Valley. Despite the name, it wasnt just a valley but consisted of a large territory. Of course, the main sect itself was located in a valley but they didnt over impose on their subjects.

It was created by Progenitor Alchemy Immortal. There were plenty of legends about him. Some considered him to have everlasting life. His Longevity Pills could be respected as the best in history.

One particular tale stood out from the rest about his ascension.

Rumor has it that during his youth, he fell into a cave and found the alchemy scripture of Emperor Nong. That started his path of becoming the greatest alchemist.

After becoming a progenitor, he used his Longevity Scripture to create this particular system.

Because of the alchemy scripture from Emperor Nong, Alchemy Immortals Longevity Pills were magical, the topic of conversation for future generations.

Emperor Nong, Emperor Sui, and Emperor Xi were legends in Three Immortals. Their existence was hotly debated despite never being seen before.

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