Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 821: Great Armies Surrounding The Tie Residence

Wu Bingning took a deep breath for composure before speaking straight at Li Qiye: “I wont bother you as an escort. Ill just return by myself once Ive healed.”

“Oh?” Li Qiye was certainly entertained: “What if something happens to you, what am I going to tell Vermillion? I have to take you there myself to be at ease.”

“Hmph, certainly up to something.” She scowled at him.

Li Qiye smiled in response: “Just playing with you. However, Vermillion is in the top two of Myriad Lineage so its certainly strong. Its quite interesting that you would want to be a hostage here.”

“Your imagination is too rich and can come up with anything.” She denied once more.

His eyes became serious: “Little girl, I dont like others lying in front of me.”

She snorted, not wanting to respond.

He continued: “Im more than willing to listen to other peoples trouble. Go ahead, tell me whats on your mind, little girl.”

“I have nothing to say, you can do whatever you want since Im a hostage.” She remained prideful.

“If I want others to speak the truth, I have countless methods in my arsenal. In fact, I can make you submit to me forever.” He smiled: “Alas, I dislike using violent methods, but its best you know that I can make you speak.”

“Egomaniac.” She didnt believe him. If he didnt like violence, who else did? He massacred thousands right away, only an idiot would believe him.

“I can also erase everything, turning you into a slave.” Li Qiyes eyes became serious.

“Do your worst! If I frown in the slightest, Ill stop being a disciple from Vermillion!” She arched her chest and declared.

“Very well, little arrogant girl, this shall be quite fun.” He raised his hand.

“Buzz.” She wanted to resist but it was too late.

His palm had sealed everything with its majestic grand dao power. It would be futile to resist.

She suddenly floated and landed in front of him in a crouching position. Standing up was impossible.

“Look at me.” He spoke with an unquestionable charisma.

She uncontrollably looked up and saw his eyes turning extremely profound with an intense drawn. Her soul was being pulled in like moths heading for the flame.

“Boom!” Her sea of consciousness and memories exploded at this moment.

She was entering his world, seemingly melting, unable to tell if she was actually in there or he was only showing her things in the river of time.

Waves and colorful radiance existed in this world only for a brief moment, replaced by apocalyptic changes and explosions. Everything disappeared; gods and emperors died leaving behind a lonely figure. This person alone walked to the end of the world and faced the blackest darkness…

The world was drowned with blood while the gods trembled. Even ninth-level emperors began to fall but the solitary figure continued forward, destroying everything in the way. Madness, killing, blood, brutality… the world was overwhelmed with dreadful despair.

“No!” She tried to scream but nothing came out of her mouth – a feeling of helplessness.

After a while, he finally released her. She dropped to the ground, drenched with sweat and an empty gaze.

“Young Noble, you frightened the little miss.” Wang Han felt quite bad looking at the soaked girl.

“I simply let her see the most terrible things about this world. If I actually wanted to scare her, she would be dead right now.” He smiled.

Bingning was still in a daze, frozen on the ground.

“Poor girl.” He gently touched her forehead and softly said: “Dont be frightened, the world is still full of beauties. Allow me to show you.”

He raised her chin and focused his gaze, exuding an incomparable radiance. This was the opening of a new world heralded by a pair of black wings spreading, perhaps from a crow. The world found serenity and warmth under the protection of the wings while darkness was blocked outside.

A girl trekked forward in the rain and wind, protected by the wings above her. She jumped like a carp towards the sky and turned into an ethereal figure in the mist, but the crow continued to follow her. The scene shifted to a boy wrestling with the void to open a new era with a crow on top of his shoulder.

Spring came and the flowers bloomed – this was a world full of love, protected by a crow. Many tales and legends came about…

Bingning was fixated on the rotation of figures and the crow. This bird flew all over the nine firmaments, staying at the apex to look at the future. It seemed to be the ruler of this world, the protector of whats to come. The warmness beneath his wings was worth longing for.

People couldnt help but trace its footsteps, wanting to follow it despite the arduous journey. Its eyes aimed where the heart of the people did, yearning for an even more distant place.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye traced his finger down her pretty face. Her snow-white skin was soft and impeccably clear. His finger was moving elegantly as if he was composing a tune.

She felt warmth coursing through her body, as comfortable as sleeping on a cloud – a transcending sensation. She was lost in the legends and music as if she was the main character, that it was her past and future.

On the path ahead, she was still as beautiful as before with him as her companion. The journey itself was unforgettable.

Her cheek pushed closer into his palm while her hand grabbed and kept it there. The callus there seemed so comfortable and gave a feeling of security.

Everything seemed to be wonderful like the coming of spring or the melting of winter. She was completely immersed at this moment.

Some time had passed before she slowly regained her wits. When she opened her eyes again, the first thing she saw was his ordinary face. But now, it was worth remembering.

“Did, did you brainwash me?” She glared at him but now, there was a tinge of playful coquettishness, accentuating her already-charming self even more. People wouldnt be able to help themselves from wanting to embrace her right now.

“If that was the case, you wouldnt even remember who you are right now, only thinking that youre my slave, but no, right? I simply showed you a new world and future, one with so much more potential.”

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