Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 76: Soldiers Approaching the City Walls 2

“Are an emperors words really that powerful?” Yujian, standing to the side, chimed in with a question.

“Immortal Emperor Jiao Hengs reputation is not embellished at all. When his supreme imperial order brands someone, theres no removing it, ever.” Li Qiye said: “After that single phrase, the Trident abandoned the overlord and refused to come close! This meant that his dream of becoming a sea god was shattered.”

“Even though his father was the current sea god, he still couldnt dispel the branding.” Li Qiye continued: “In the end, his father sealed him by banishing him into deep space. He wanted to use the power of time to slowly destroy the imperial brand.”

“So does this mean that this brand is now gone from the overlords body?” Xiaoxiao went straight to the crucial point.

“It should be pretty close.” Li Qiye replied with a smile: “In fact, after offending the emperor, the Roaring Conch rarely showed its face. It wasnt until the Emperors Era did they rear their ugly heads, and even then, it was all done in secrecy. He snuck out once to become the dao protector of the young River Devourer Sea God. Alas, he didnt last long and couldnt bear the damage caused by the indelible mark, so he had to go back into hiding again.”

Li Qiye concluded: “Now that hes running here in public like this, it does look like the emperors phrase has been removed by time.”

Yujian murmured: “He probably wants to protect the Seashield Prince so that he will become the next sea god.”

Xiaoxiao added: “Hmph, Seashield has no chance even with the overlord protecting him since the True Martial Goddess has come out. I think she has the greatest chance.”

Li Qiye couldnt help but smile after hearing this name. He spoke with a tinge of emotion: “She wont become the next sea god.”

“Why not?” Xiaoxiao disagreed: “I feel that she has the greatest chance. Whats so special about the Conch Overlord? Im sure he isnt as strong. He might be a prince, but she is also a princess.”

Li Qiye denied: “Her talents leave no room for criticism. Moreover, her battle experience is rich as well. The overlord is no match for her in both experience and wisdom, but she wont become a sea god. No, she will never become a sea god.”

Xiaoxiao curiously asked: “Why cant she become one?” A daughter of a sea god should have a better chance to become one more than anyone else.

“Just because.” Li Qiye faintly smiled and looked out a window. A few old stories emerged in his mind again.

Xiaoxiao could see that he didnt wish to continue this topic after seeing his expression.

Li Qiye was staying at the citadel to wait for her, but she never came. Instead, someone else visited him.

Xiaoxiao quietly told Li Qiye: “The third elder of the Seven Martial Pavilion wishes to have an audience.”

He withdrew his gaze from the window and leisurely replied: “Let them in.”

A while later, Third Elder entered. He didnt come alone this time since there was a girl next to him.

This girl made everything inside the room bright, true to the proverbial saying, her presence brings light to their humble abode.

She would attract gazes wherever she went. Not only was she beautiful, there was a special aura about her, granting her a unique and charismatic temperament.

She was wearing a treasure armor that emitted a blue glow. Of course, this armor didnt hide her curves. Her breathtaking figure was still outlined beneath the armor. Her huggable waist, full and round breasts, slender thighs… Just one glance was enough to see them.

The most attractive aspect about her wasnt her appearance or her alluring figure, it was her temperament and aura. She exuded an air of the ocean. Looking at her was the same as looking at the blue sky and sea, making people feel quite pleasant and comfortable.

However, this oceanic aura wasnt weak, it was rather firm. This aura wasnt one of peaceful waters and more like a torrential wave. She was the tsunami that would fight the heavens and assault the tall peaks, not gentle rippling waves.

After seeing the girl, Li Qiye smiled and commented: “The culmination of the seven seas essence with a majestic bearing, it isnt unreasonable to call her the Seven Martial Goddess.” There was no need for an introduction.

“Young Noble Li, this is our pavilion lord.” The elder took this chance to introduce her.

Li Qiye smiled while her eyes fell upon him. Her gaze was quite unyielding; it was as if nothing could shake her.

She said: “Brother Li, your reputation resounds like thunder. It is an honor to meet you today.”

Li Qiye looked at her and nodded: “Have a seat.”

She wasnt reserved and readily sat down. The third elder was perceptive and quietly left at this moment.

Li Qiye was lying on his chair as he calmly said: “I hope you are the bearer of good news this time.”

She took a deep breath before solemnly answering: “Our Hallowed Ancestor has agreed for you to see our progenitor.”

Li Qiye slowly closed his eyes and began: “Prime — he is indeed a visionary sea god. Because of this, he was able to establish a foundation for your pavilion that has lasted millions of years.”

“Is the sea god still alive?” She finally asked the question that has been looming in her mind.

Logically speaking, this sea god was no longer of this world. However, Li Qiye wanted nothing more than to see their Prime Sea God, and the Hallowed Ancestor had also agreed. This only added to her puzzlement.

Li Qiye smilingly replied: “You should be asking the old man, not me.”

The princess went silent for a moment. If the Hallowed Ancestor was willing to tell her, she wouldnt be asking him right now. Even though he has told her many things, his mouth was tightly shut about this matter. Even a pavilion lord like her didnt know the circumstances.

She eventually asked: “May I ask when you will perform the life-replenishment for our Hallowed Ancestor?”

“Theres no rush. When Im done with my own business, I will visit your pavilion and personally replenish his life. All you need to do is prepare the alchemy materials.”

Based on his attitude, the goddess could tell that rushing him was useless.

“It looks like you are in a hurry.” Li Qiye smiled: “The ancestor of the conch and the True Martial Goddess are both coming out, this must be putting you under a lot of pressure. I dont know how strong that Seashield Prince is, but if he has that cowardly turtle protecting him, it might be difficult for you to become a sea god in this generation.”

“The candidates for the position will fight alone in the future, so I have no fear.” She answered: “When that ultimate day comes, even if the True Martial Goddess challenges me, I will still fight without apprehension!”

She spoke in a sonorous tone and had an unyielding gaze. She wasnt blustering, these words came from the heart, showing her absolute confidence.

“Very good.” Li Qiye said: “Being able to speak with such confidence, you are indeed worthy of being Primes descendant and qualified to say this after learning the seven styles. You just need more time to hone your skills, then you can fight the True Martial Goddess. However, time will not wait for you during the competition for the grand dao.”

She agreed with his claim. Despite her absolute confidence, she needed more time before being able to fight the other goddess in the future. Presently, she still lacked mastery and experience. Moreover, her opponent was someone who has been accepted by the Trident in the past. That particular gap couldnt be made up in such a short amount of time.

While resting in his chair, Li Qiye cheerfully spoke: “Because of this, you need the Seven Hallowed Ancestor to help you for a while.”

He pinpointed the exact reason why they needed the assistance of the Hallowed Ancestor, making her dumbfounded.

Li Qiye asked with a grin: “Do you want to become a sea god?”

“I will become a sea god in the future!” She firmly uttered as if this was already a fact.

“The path to becoming a sea god isnt difficult.” Li Qiyes eyes remained shut as he answered: “The Seashield Prince and the Conch Overlord are just a group of nobodies. As long as I take action for you, I can trample them whenever I wish.”

Now this took her by surprise.

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