Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 821: Great Armies Surrounding The Tie Residence

Wu Bingning didnt feel like a hostage while being stuck here in Insane Court. She was treated well from the very first day, freed from shackles or any outfit resembling a prisoner.

In fact, she had complete freedom without any supervision or people making it difficult for her. This was a treatment of a guest, not a hostage. She began to think that Li Qiye had some “plans” or “ideas” about her.

But after a careful musing, this wasnt the case. She was a true prisoner. If Li Qiye wanted to do something, he would have done it long ago, no need to wait so pointlessly.

At the same time, she felt that this guy was too confident, leaving an enemy to roam freely in his system.

She had too much peace and free time in the next several days, not needing to worry about a single thing. Meals and clothes came to her, a time to enjoy life.

She thought that her time here wasnt inferior to her time back at Vermillion at all. Perhaps staying was the right choice.

As the successor of Vermillion Martial Court, she enjoyed love and adoration everywhere. However, the recent days havent gone as well so she didnt mind staying here. Because of this, she never thought about trying to escape.

She was no fool, understanding that Li Qiye had absolute power in Insane Court due to his control over its dao source. Trying to escape or anything else under his watch would be unwise. Provoking a pervert might lead to him doing some perverted things.

As the days went by, she became a bit unhappy despite her favorable circumstances. It was because Li Qiye was nowhere to be found and no one from Insane Court came to talk to her. It was as if she was being forgotten.

One of her titles was Vermillion Goddess, so despite her good nature, there was still a bit of pride and arrogance.

Despite being served quite well, she still felt uncomfortable about not being treated like a big shot.

This feeling was gone today because Li Qiye had finally summoned her.

Upon hearing the call, she snorted, seemingly dissatisfied but in her mind, she felt quite good about the whole thing.

She walked into the main hall only to find him half-lying on his chair, very comfortable and leisure.

To be more exact, he was enjoying a lap pillow from Wang Han who was peeling and feeding him fruits. Each time she bent down, her voluptuous breasts would brush on his cheek, nearly burying his head.

Meanwhile, Zhu Sijing was massaging his legs in a very gentle and sincere manner.

Chu Qingling was also present, holding onto a historical book and carefully reading it to him. Each word and page were articulated with a great rhythm. No one would want to break this enjoyable atmosphere.

His eyes were closed but he was certainly awake, eating fruits and listening to old stories.

Wang Han was the current emperor and Chu Qingling was the Grand Marshal. Only he would have this treatment in the entire court.

Wu Bingning didnt appreciate this debaucherous scene. She snorted and quietly muttered: “Show off.”

Despite her arrival, he still seemed to be asleep and no one dared to disturb him. She obediently sat down, vexed but unable to change the situation.

He was a supreme existence lying in rest; all before him were ants.

After Qingling finished another story, he finally opened his eyes to look at Bingning.

“Little girl, how has your stay been so far? Any complaint?” Li Qiye asked with a smile.

“My name is notlittle girl.” She coldly responded.

“Oh? My mistake for forgetting to ask for your name, my lady.” Li Qiye smirked.

“Hmph, a disciple of Vermillion Martial Court, Wu Bingning!” She declared.

“Oh wow, so you are Miss Wu, your fame precedes you, please forgive me, forgive me.” Li Qiye said with no ounce of sincerity.

She clenched her fists at his appearance. If this wasnt Insane Court, she would want to break that smirk off his face!

The girls nearby chuckled, even Chu Qingling. They understood his personality after staying with him recently.

“Our beautiful Miss Wu, forgive us for the last couple of days. I am formally telling you the good news, tomorrow, youll be leaving Insane Court with me and can go home whenever.” He revealed.

“Got it.” She gave a rather cold response, not excited as one would be after being released from captivity.

For some unknown reasons, she didnt want to go back to Vermillion due to all the annoyances back there. It was better being free here.

“However, our beautiful Miss Wu, I have a question for you.” He continued.

“Hmph, fart if you must, no need to waste time.” The arrogant girl replied. All in all, she still had a very bad impression of him.

His eyes flashed with amusement: “What are you running from?”

“Im, Im not running from anything.” She became cautious and took one step back, eyes fixated on him.

She had become less vigilant during her stay here because of the freedom.

“Really? Then why did you want to become the hostage?” He inquired.

“All disciples should toil for their sects.” She chose her words more carefully.

Li Qiye smiled: “Not in my eyes. Your ancestor was very worried when I picked you, it looks like your value far outweighs your status as a successor.”

“Not true.” She denied at once.

“Even if you are talented, there are plenty of other potential successors lining up in a system. Losing one is just fine.” Li Qiye leisurely said before smirking: “But I believe that your value is far more than that.”

“What do you want?” She shuddered with an ominous feeling.

“Nothing, just curious about your lack of excitement about going back home. Very well, if you dont want to go back, I shall recruit you.”

“Who told you I didnt want to go back to Vermillion? Im quite happy about it.” Her expression slightly changed.

She was startled with her thoughts being read by him. It was as if nothing could evade his gaze.

Li Qiye continued: “Alright, Ill be a good guy then and take you back to Vermillion first. Sigh, this is such a bad trait, being too nice to girls.”

Bingning was caught off guard. Her leisure days so far left her unprepared to return to Vermillion.

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