Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 820: Miao Chan

here you are going to? Which system first?” Li Qian asked for clarification.

“Longevity Valley, their pills are considered the best in Myriad Lineage so I wish to take a look.” Li Qiye answered.

Li Qian misunderstood, thinking that all ancestors after reaching a certain level would be interested in Longevity Pills. Who could resist the temptation of eternal life? Alas, Li Qiye was only looking for the mysteries behind immortality.

“May I ask when you will return?” Li Qian asked.

“You want me to stay here?” Li Qiye glanced at him and said.

“Not just me, but everyone in the system wishes for you to stay. As long as youre here, were completely united.” Li Qian said.

This was indeed the truth. No one had a higher status than Li Qiye at the moment. He could give order to everyone; solidarity was important for revitalization.

“Everyone has their own path, same with a system.” Li Qiye said: “Insane Court is no longer a child that needs help every step of the way. But if this is the case, it will never mature beyond being a decorative flower inside the house, unable to face the storm outside. Because of this, my departure is a test for the system on top of being an opportunity. I have done what I can and left behind what I should. Your future must be carved by you, thats the only way to truly strengthen the system.”

“Ill forever keep your teaching in mind, Forefather.” Li Qian bowed deeply and said.

“Insane Court still has a long way to go. You all have much to do.” Li Qiye continued.

Li Qian gently sighed, aware that their path wasnt going to be easy. Nevertheless, Li Qiye had carved a path for them, much better than before.

“Where are you going, Forefather? To Immortal Lineage or somewhere even farther away?” Li Qian asked.

“You want to ask about the final destination.” Li Qiye said.

Li Qian told the truth: “Im simply curious about the end path of True Emperors and progenitors. Please enlighten me.”

In fact, he wasnt the only one curious about this matter because after each era, these beings would eventually disappear. No one knew where they went. Some believed they died from old age while others said they went to a faraway place.

There was one bolder speculation – a world named Everlasting. These beings would eventually go there and live forever.

“Whats the point in knowing before reaching the right level, it would only vex you. Just take it one step at a time, youll be qualified to find out more as an Eternal.” Li Qiye smiled.

Due to his massive memories and own research from ancient scrolls, he had a clear outline of the final destination in Three Immortals.

“Yes, Forefather.” Li Qian bowed his head and said: “If you could see the progenitor, please tell him that his descendants in Insane Court wish him good health.”

“You think Insane Ancestor is still alive?” Li Qiye couldnt help but smile.

“We cant speculate anything about the great beings.” Li Qian coughed.

No one knew where the progenitors went; some True Emperors have searched as well. The only thing was that Insane Ancestor told his descendants that he would one day reborn and ascend to become an immortal.

This was why many people in Insane Court believed he was still alive.

Li Qiye only smiled instead of revealing Insane Ancestors current whereabouts.

1. I had this translated as “Do you know that you have a foul mouth?”, sounds better, but the next lines require this literal translation

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