Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 819: The Basilisk That Loves To Boas

To which Li Qiye smiled in response: “Vast the world may be, I can still carve out my own path. Only a few systems, cant reach the apex. Nothings difficult about destroying them. Plus, not to mention a myriad system, I can destroy an immortal system all the same.”

This one shut the ancestors up. It was too arrogant and in fact, talking about destroying an immortal system while staying in Myriad Lineage? This was quite a rebellious and outrageous statement.

If such words caught wind in Immortal Lineage, a big shot from there might descend. Any system here would shudder at that thought.

Though no one actually retorted out of fear for the upper realms, they certainly disagreed with his statement and thought that he was too brassy.

“Clank!” But right after he finished, a glint appeared by his neck – a fatal ambush!

“Boom!” Though the technique was swift and without any wasted movement, he still held the glint with two fingers.

Right at this second, it flashed and disappeared, seemingly escaping.

No one actually saw what was going on. This particular ambusher was quite amazing – formless and undetectable. To do so on Insane Courts territory was even more impressive.

“A bit interesting.” Li Qiye smiled, waiting for the next move.

The alliance naturally held their breath, hoping that this sneak-attacker could take him down.

“Clank!” Another sharp glint appeared aiming straight for his back with ultimate speed, instilling dread into the crowd.

“Boom!” Li Qiye didnt need to turn around. He simply reached back with one finger and flicked, more than enough to stop this attack.

“Come out here.” He smiled and reached for the air.

Space rippled like waves and got penetrated, destroying the hiding location of the ambusher.

“Buzz.” A figure appeared – a girl with a slender figure, only for a split second. She vanished again.

“Hmm? Not a spatial technique or any supreme art and treasure, relying only on a magical grass.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The ancestors on the alliance were shocked by his statement because they actually knew the ambushers abilities and treasures.

“Binger, leave now! Youre not his match, go back to the Martial Court and report to the ancestors!” One from Vermillion Martial Court warned the ambusher.

“Dont think about escaping from my clutch.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

With that, he opened his fate palace and the primordial tree appeared.

“Whoosh!” It penetrated everything, turning them back to the origin including time and space.

When this happened, the ambushers location was instantly revealed. Though her magical grass was heaven-defying, there was no place to hide before the primordial tree. Changing to a different hiding spot was impossible too.

“Run!” Her ancestor shouted again.

The girl was rightfully startled since her hiding art has never been broken before, let alone so easily. She reacted fast enough and leaped upward in order to escape from the royal court.

“Way too late.” The amused Li Qiye pushed down with his palm.

“Break!” The girl saw the descending palm energy from the sky and took out a dragon spear brimming with power. She thrust at the sky, wishing to penetrate this blockade.

However, Li Qiye was empowered by the dao source so he had the strength of Insane Ancestor. Even a True Emperor would be imprisoned here, completely helpless.

“Boom!” She got pushed down to the ground and dropped her spear.

Before she could get up, the same primordial laws constricted around her, stopping all movements.

She fiercely struggled, albeit to no avail. As Li Qiye had said, they needed to be strong enough to flip the dao source of the system over in order to escape.

“A very stubborn little girl.” Li Qiye smirked after the capture.

She was quite young and beautiful, certainly more so than Wang Han and Chu Qingling.

Her phoenix eyes were bright like the night stars, brows like the swords, and a heroic temperament. She chose a tight robe over battle armor, resulting in a sharp and simple appearance, not to mention that it clearly outlined her perfect figure.

Thin waist, round buttocks as clear as day. The laws tightly wrapped around her made her voluptuous breasts even more prominent.

Yes, this was a kingdom-toppling but others were attracted for another reason – her aura – so fierce and suppressive. This was doubly true when she held her spear; the battle intent was insane. She looked ready for battle at any moment; perhaps “goddess of war” was the right title for her.

The ancestors sighed softly, their only hope was gone. Their entire alliance this time got routed.

“Quite beautiful, I am in need of a bedwarmer.” Li Qiye looked at her and said.

“Pah! Do your worst!” The girl remained undaunted.

“Arrogant too.” Li Qiye said: “You should know that even a man made out of steel would beg for mercy shortly after falling into my hands.”

The ancestors were shocked. They werent scared of torture, but this wasnt the case for such a beautiful girl.

“Tell me, how should I torture all of you?” Li Qiye rubbed his chin, enjoying this whole ordeal.

“Senior, you must be the forefather mentioned before by Fellow Daoist Li Qian.” In this key moment, Resting Bull Bright Ancestor showed up and cupped his fist respectfully towards Li Qiye.

He was the only one who didnt attack earlier, playing the role of a witness.

Li Qian had a brief talk with him earlier while Li Qiye suppressed the rest. He didnt hide anything about Li Qiye because Bright Ancestor and his sect were benefactors to Insane Court.

“Got something to say?” Li Qiye smiled at the old man.

“Forefather, as the saying goes, it is better to make a friend than an enemy.” Bright Ancestor said: “I talked with Fellow Daoist Li Qian earlier and know that the real villains were the three Insane Blood Ancestors, and that you, forefather, have taken care of them along with any mess from the heretical members. This storm is officially over. Though it wasnt proper for the alliance to attack the royal court, but there were misunderstandings caused by those three gods. If this escalated, both sides would suffer heavy losses. Why should we pay such a price because of those three wretches? Everyone should look at the big picture and think for the wellbeing of our sects. How about we forget all of this? I humbly recommend myself to be a mediator. An agreement between all of us had been signed in the past, why cant we continue it?”

The ancestor was being quite reasonable. He had toiled for peace in the past.

The captives stared at each other after hearing this.

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