Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 817: The Tombskull Sec

“The power of the dao source! Commence the defensive barriers!” Both Yang Radiance Buddha and Myriad-armed King were aghast.

“Boom!” The alliance formed a line of defense resembling an impregnable fortress with mighty walls.

“Clank!” The slash came down and all turned to dust. Even the gods would be annihilated fully for this slash could be considered the deadliest.

The defensive formation consisted of True Emperor and Eternal-level weapons, but that was far from enough. It crumbled instantly as blood splashed like squid ink.

A rain of blood poured down. Several thousand elites were massacred. Even minor True Gods fell from one slash while the stronger ancestors were blown flying.

Only several hundred people were lucky enough to survive this first attack, the ancestors and True Gods. Anyone weaker had no chance of surviving. The ones alive suffered heavy injuries as well.

This scene naturally shocked everyone present. The slash was too terrifying; people rightfully shuddered before it.

“Forefather! Were saved now!” One teary member emotionally shouted.

Li Qian was emotional as well. He knew that Li Qiye was unfathomable but just one slash to virtually annihilate that alliance? It was as if a True Emperor was present. No, he was much fiercer than the majority of True Emperors.

“Over there!” Yang Radiance Buddha and Myriad-armed King noticed a particular palace. They commanded the survivors to rush there.

“Boom!” The attack destroyed the palace, leaving a young man standing there in the process of refining a pill cauldron.

There were an old man and a young girl behind him, acting as the assistants. This trio was naturally Li Qiye, Zhu Sijing, and Yang Shengping.

The several hundred True Gods instantly surrounded Li Qiye but he didnt give a damn about them. His eyes were fixated on the cauldron.

A dragon was swimming around it with increasing speed while howling. It eventually formed a tornado while exuding its immense draconic aura.

At the same time, its golden scales were resplendent like shimmering gold bars, quite an intimidating beast.

“Rumble!” The alliance formed gigantic shields, afraid of another attack. They also took out their treasures once more in order to deliver the fatal blow.

They could see that he could control the dao source of Insane Court. Thus, they were watching and waiting for an opening from him, not giving him a chance to use the dao source.

“Fourth tribulation Longevity Pill, Roaming Dragon with golden scales, this is the work of a grandmaster.” Yang Radiance Buddha realized something during this tense moment.

Suddenly, one of their ancestors jumped out and rushed to the cauldron, smacking his lips like crazy: “This, this flame control art, so unique, damn, Ive never seen it in action, only in the scrolls.”

This was an ancestor, white in all aspects and wore a hemp robe. He had a gourd hanging on his waist and a young and rather adorable face.

“Pill King, watch out!” The Buddha loudly warned.

This ancestor was very important to their alliance. He was a high-level alchemist, capable of healing people.

“Its no big deal, you guys fight, Ill just do my own things.” The old mans eyes flashed. For an alchemist like him, Li Qiyes flame control and pill refinement technique were too tempting, like a thief looking at a treasury.

The king was only inches away from the cauldron, completely fixated on it. He took a deep breath to smell the medicinal fragrance and pushed out his tongue to taste the air: “Your materials for this batch are quite bad, barely at the entry level. The best one is only seven million years old. Any other alchemist would only be able to create a third tribulation pill at beast… Strange, judging by the materials, even a grandmaster would find it difficult to create a fourth tribulation cauldron, the requirements are really too unreasonable, only a few in Three Immortals would be able to do it, and certainly none in Immortal Lineage. Its not something I can do after trying for a lifetime anyway.”

Under normal circumstances, this comment would frighten everyone since the Pill King was very influential in Myriad Lineage. However, this was the battlefield and his side didnt have the mind to listen to him.

“You… youre not just trying to finish a fourth tribulation batch but this dragon has golden scales too. The result would be superb.” He swallowed his saliva and said: “You, no, senior, you are too heaven-defying.”

His loss of composure was understandable. As an alchemist, he was able to see just how terrifying Li Qiyes alchemy was.

The sign of the fourth tribulation appeared – the roaming dragon. This assured that the batch would be of the fourth rank.

In theory, the spirits of the materials needed to be five million years and older to create such a batch. If they were younger than that, even a grandmaster alchemist cant do it. They would only create a third-ranked batch at best. This wasnt the case for Li Qiye right now.

There were signs of the fourth tribulation, especially the golden scales. This meant that it was the finest of the finest. Normally, the materials would need to be ten million years old for this to happen.

Thus, Li Qiye essentially used the worst materials to create the best pills. Any alchemist aware of this fact would be astounded.

“Ra!” The dragon was no longer coiling around the cauldron but wanted to escape by breaking space.

The Pill King found it hard to breathe. This was the key moment of the refinement process. If the dragon were to escape, then these pills would become trash. If the beast were to enter the cauldron, then success was imminent.

“Open!” Li Qiye roared and the flame oozed out like laws to lock the dragon, pulling it into the cauldron.

“Now!” The alliance was waiting for this exact moment when he was distracted by the refinement process. All attacked at the same time by gathering their power on the shield.

It flew like a planet straight for him, causing detonations in its wake.

“No, dont do it! Let him finish the cauldron first then fight later!” The Pill King was startled and jumped up to shout.

Alas, he was too late to stop this.

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