Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 815: Reforming Jian Wushuang

Li Qiye continued on researching the Longevity Pills in the next couple of days, producing one batch after another. Right now, he was only creating regal pills in preparation for the eventual batch with the ninth-ranked pills.

Meanwhile, Insane Court enjoyed peace, a clear lack of conflicts between the clans and sects.

“Boom!” An explosion interrupted the serenity as if something massive was breaking through space. A powerful group came out from the broken spatial fabrics.

“Were under attack, under attack!” The gongs of the royal court resounded, hastily warning the rest of the region.

“Foreigners are attacking!” An ancestor shouted before bringing his disciples to their post.

“Get ready for battle!” Empress Wang Han was startled and ordered all the legions to prepare.

“Rumble!” The group of cavalry descended from the sky with unstoppable momentum.

They numbered in the thousands; all elites with no lack of True Gods.

“Whoosh!” They finally raised their banners, revealing all different types. Some had a coiling dragon, others had a yin yang symbol, one more was a life diagram…

“Yang Radiance Sect, Coiling Dragon Dao Lineage, Vermillion Martial Court…” One ancestor was shocked and cried out: “Its an invasion! Be on maximum guard!”

The royal court had ten million inhabitants consisting of both mortals and cultivators. This sudden invasion during the day frightened everyone, leaving even the experts in disarray.

One of them wondered: “Why are they attacking us, we have armistice agreement.”

This invasion caught people off guard because they were troops from the other dao systems in Myriad Lineage World, and strong ones at that.

Ever since the end of the heretics, Insane Court has been closing its doors, not interacting with the other systems while recuperating. There was peace for many generations due to a lack of competition for resources or territory. But now, several other systems were invading to the astonishment of the crowd.

“Whoosh!” The invaders started heading for the royal palace, or to be more exact, the location of the dao source.

They were quite mighty made up of experts led by True Gods, capable of sweeping through the realms. It was an amalgamation of different clans and sects. Some were shrouded in flame – members of the fire tribe. One had numerous arms with incredible physical prowess – this was a True God of an eight-armed tribe. One exuded a Buddhist radiance with a great conversion affinity…

Plenty of races and tribes existed in Three Immortals but only a few were actually proliferated through all the worlds, such as the humans, the fire tribe, eight-armed tribe, and heavenly buddha tribe…

“Take them down!” The ancestors and experts of Insane Court at their respective posts began.

“Ah!” Miserable screams resounded with blood gushing out. These disciples were ready to die to protect their land but failed to stop the alliance.

The alliance maintained its swift course and broke through one gate after another.

The system had declined already and wasnt in the position to stop such an elite cavalry. More importantly, they werent trying to occupy any territory but just rushing forward to reach the dao source. Their goal was as clear as day – to forcefully seize the dao source.

For a system, having the dao source taken was the end, a complete occupation by the enemy.

“Stop them!” Waves of experts from the court continued to stop the cavalry. The four great powers and their legions were the main fighting force.

In this existential crisis, the internal political struggle became meaningless. The end of the system would also mean the end for all the clans and sects. At that point, Upper Faction or whatever would cease to exist anyway.

“Ah!” More lamentable wails occurred as more disciples faltered. Nevertheless, this didnt stop the next wave of defenders from coming.

Alas, using their flesh and blood to block the way was futile. The enemy broke through all blockades and made it to the court while leaving dead bodies in their wake.

The group only consisted of several thousand experts but they were the real elites from these factions. There was no way regular disciples could stop them.

Several True Gods were especially powerful. One monk with ashen hair and friendly features carried a large shield. He was completely invincible, paving the way forward like a mountain.

Another was a man with multiple hands, each wielding a different treasure. When he attacked, all of the treasures attacked as well so nothing could stop him. The two of them of the same horse and defeated all the combatants, splitting them apart like bamboo trees.

“Clang, clang!” The warning gong resounded again, more urgently this time around.

“Halt it!” Li Qian roared and led his branch of protectors to battle.

“Clank!” A sword formation descended from the sky, killing dozens of experts in one go. They finally halted the enemys advance.

“Yang Radiance Monk, Myriad-armed Monarch, why are you invading our Insane Court? Dont forget about our agreements!” Li Qian shouted with a cold expression.

Others might not recognize the True Gods in the alliance but Li Qian did. He called out the two strongest members who were also the leaders of this group.

“Haha, Li Qian, youre still alive? Thats good.” The friendly monk snorted.

“Your Insane Court is shameless enough to talk about the old agreement? Its nullified now.” The old man with multiple hands retorted.

“What do you mean?! My master and your system clearly wrote the pact down back then.” Li Qians expression sank.

“Thats true, but your court has violated the agreement.” The king said.

“How so?” Li Qian was lost because his sect has isolated itself from all other systems.

“Li Qian, if you want to solve this crisis, hand over the three Insane Blood Gods, talking is meaningless now.” An old man came out of the group, shrouded in holy light and surging true energy – clearly a master.

“Light Ancestor.” Li Qian was actually respectful towards him and cupped his fist.

“Our Resting Bull System cant help you again this time, Im afraid. In order to avoid a disaster, hand over the three gods or the alliance will assault your dao source.” The old man said slowly.

So this old man was an exceedingly strong ancestor from Resting Bull, also referred to as Light Ancestor by others.

During the previous crisis, Virtue True God led his army and attacked everywhere, offending all the systems in Myriad Lineage. Thats why people considered Insane Court to be a heretical sect, deserving persecution from all sides.

Asura Heavenbattler finally purged the heretics and calmed the storm. He came to an agreement with the rest of the systems, thanks to his sincerity and personal power. Another reason was that Resting Bull fully supported Insane Court and even acted as a guarantor.

This was the reason why Li Qian was very respectful of Light Ancestor. Resting Bull was a benefactor to Insane Court; the ancestor himself helped quite a bit back then.

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