Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 813: Drumming Up Suppor

The storm was over after the battle at Ivory Gap. Sacred Institution and Upper Faction lost completely. As for Northern Territory and the Chen, Sacred Institution and Upper Faction didnt need Wang Han to say anything or for the royal court to surround them before purging their own ranks. In just a short time, great lineages like these two fell in just a short time.

Wang Han was one of the few empresses in the history of Insane Court. So many sects and clans sent people bearing gifts to the court.

Of course, it wasnt only to meet the new empress. The real goal was to see the forefather named Li Qiye.

The news of this reborn ancestor had spread across the entire system, causing quite a stir. Though some of these powers didnt participate in the power struggle and only cared about their own territories, they still found the systems decline a hard pill to swallow.

After all, as members of the system, their own prosperity was related to the overall health.

As the system weakened, so would the grand dao power within the land. All the clans and sects would decline as well. Once the dao source withered completely, the system would break apart. No one would be lucky enough to escape this. If destruction wasnt the final fate, it would still turn into a desolate wildland where only the wailings of mortals could be heard.

Because of this, a reborn ancestor from Ancestral Abyss was a welcome sight. Everyone had high hopes in him bringing the system back to its golden age, all the way back to being an imperial or even an immortal lineage.

Plus, he had brought back two primordial treasures – Insane Spear and Furious Immortal Sword!

Of course, these two weapons were priceless so the clans were very excited. They could see hopes of revitalization now.

Some ancestors came in person to see Li Qiye. Alas, the guy had no interested in the rowdy events. He closed his doors and didnt see any guest.


Deep in the royal court was the most important location in all of the system – the forbidden ground where the dao source was located.

No one was allowed inside without the permission of the dao protectors, not even Empress Wang Han.

The energy of the dao was everywhere inside the source like rippling waves. Visual phenomena were everywhere inside this lake – ancient pavilions, immortal spirits, and ethereal flowers hiding behind the mist…

Li Qiye sat next to the lake with his bare feet playing in the water. Only someone of his level would be qualified to play with the dao source like this, and he was the only one at this level who would actually do so.

Even Li Qian didnt dare to do such a thing, but no one dared to say anything.

Li Qiye watched the cool scene ahead and said flatly: “The images of the dao source are beautiful, but they are hiding a clear decline.”

“We descendants have been useless.” Li Qian smiled wryly.

Li Qiye chuckled: “Useless indeed. An immortal lineage… back during its foundation, this lineage was incredible. Just its title, Insane Court? Unrestrained and at the height of royal power. It was enough to look down on everyone at Immortal Lineage World.”

Li Qian felt his blood boiling as he listened. Though he never saw the glory days of past, he still knew about them from the old records. It was one of the most powerful lineages in the upper realm.

Unfortunately, it had been pushed down to Myriad Lineage World and only barely hanging on. This was akin to an old man on his deathbed.

He sighed after thinking about it. Though he wanted for the system to grow stronger, he was still helpless despite being its strongest ancestor.

“Ancestor, please, revitalize Insane Court.” Li Qian bowed and said respectfully.

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “I cant do much. One single tree alone cant build a pavilion. Even if I forcefully rebuild it, after I leave, the incapable descendants would cause the pavilion to crumble again. Ultimately, it is up to you all to revitalize it.”

“Only when the descendants are strong and numerous would the system prosper.” Li Qiye looked at him and said.

Li Qian sighed softly again, aware of this particular rationale. Alas, it was easier said than done.

“I have left behind what I should and paved the path that I must. If this is not enough, then all I can say is that rotten wood that cant be carved.” Li Qiye continued: “You all must walk the path yourselves. Dont tell me you want me to stay here forever to guarantee your riches?”

Li Qiye had also left more things behind for the system. Of course, they were all from Insane Ancestors treasury. He hoped that they could grow stronger in the future.

“Well keep on working hard to not let you down, Ancestor.” Li Qian took a deep breath and bowed again.

“What a shame for this dao foundation and source. No wonder why it would drop down to Myriad Lineage.” Li Qiye commented.

People usually paid attention to the dao source upon the inception of a system. The source spoke plenty about the future potential of the system and the power of its progenitor.

In Three Immortals, there was a popular adage. A clear and cold dao source – Immortal Lineage; A golden one – Imperial Lineage; one with many images – Myriad Lineage.

All of these visual phenomena was actually a sign of decline. Its not surprising for Insane Court to drop down Myriad Lineage World. This dao source would have depleted long ago if it wasnt for some True Emperors in the past from the system working to strengthen it.

Normally, a dao sources power was proportional to the progenitors power. Thus, one creating an immortal lineage was certainly stronger than a myriad lineages progenitor. Of course, all progenitors were stronger than a True Emperor.

“I wonder if we can ever get back up to Imperial and Immortal Lineage World.” Li Qian said insipidly. The lake was very pretty to look at but it was a sign of declination.

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “Back to being an immortal lineage? Im afraid thats impossible unless the system can produce someone similar to Insane Ancestor who can empower the dao source and bring it back to Immortal Lineage World.”

Li Qian smiled wryly, knowing that he was being a bit wishful. If they could actually produce someone as strong as Insane Ancestor, this person would jump out of the path laid by Insane Ancestor and create his own dao source and lineage. Why would he continue on someone elses path?

“However, there is still hope for returning to being an imperial lineage. A dao foundation is still there in Imperial Lineage World, as long as you descendants can work hard enough to bring it back.” Li Qiye said.

Insane Court was still initially an immortal lineage. This meant that it had more potential compared to the sects back in Imperial Lineage World. Some imperial lineages or myriad lineages there would stay at their respective level forever, unable to become an immortal lineage.

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