Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 810: Bird King Sheng Fei

The supreme law coming out of his forehead seemed to be surpassing time itself, turning him into a supreme existence.

“Boom!” A pillar of light surged from the royal court and illuminated the entire place with its immortal radiance. Particles of light began to flutter all over Insane Court.

“Rumble!” The entire system quaked as a large dao source revealed itself from the royal court.

“The dao source!” Li Qian was shocked. For millions and millions of years, the dao source has never awakened before.

Even True Emperors later on such as Chu and Madblood couldnt wake it up.

Li Qiye has taken complete control of the dao source to his astonishment. Their branch had protected the dao source for so many years so they tried to study it. Alas, the very best they could do was borrowing its power.

This wasnt the case for Li Qiye. He wasnt borrowing but rather, controlling.

“Buzz.” The light particles only brightened up the system. Countless laws of the progenitor rushed to the sky. It was as if Insane Ancestor himself was returning.

“Boom!” A faint figure appeared behind Li Qiye, destroying the space around it. It carried an intense and dominating temperament lasting for the ages. When it opened its eyes, it could see the past and deep into the future.

“Insane Ancestor!” All the disciples could feel their progenitors presence. This was a power belonging to him, no different from an awakening.

It wasnt only limited to Ivory Gap but disciples all around the system were kneeling on the ground with their head touching the ground. No one dared to look up.

“Foolish dregs.” Li Qiye opened his voice; each of his words represented invincibility.

“Ra!” The soul of Virtue roared in response.

The spear in its hand pierced through the temporal fabric straight for Li Qiye. This thrust destroyed numerous stars, even the sky vault. This world-destroying force scared the living crap out of the people nearby!

“Clank!” Li Qiye retaliated with his Furious Immortal Sword.

The world turned dark with this slash, the dates extinguished and gods annihilated. Even a True Emperor or a real master would go down to this attack.

The two weapons collided, resulting in a shockwave capable of ending the world.

The soul couldnt hold onto the spear so it went flying after the first impact. The sword went on to mercilessly split the True God into two halves.

“Ra!” The unwilling soul screamed once more but there was nothing it could do before absolute strength.

“Poof!” The invincible power also rendered the three summoning gods into mists of blood.

“Falling into the heretical path is throwing away your ancestors face.” Li Qiye raised his hand and sent out a boundless flame. It incinerated the soul of Virtue along with the bloody serum in the abyss until nothing was left, a purification of Ivory Gap.

Next, he reached forward and summoned the spear. He used the flame again to burn away all the hatred and purified it. The weapon happily glowed in his embrace as if it had just seen the sun again.

“Run now!” Ba Shang turned and left along with the seven gods. They knew that there was no chance of reversing the tide.

“Fools.” Li Qiye glanced at them before using Insane Spear.

The snow-white weapon broke through space like a shooting star. The outcome was obvious – all eight were pierced and turned into bloody mists without the chance to scream.

He took care of the lost soul, Ba Shang, and the seven gods from Upper Faction and Sacred Institution so easily, all within the blink of an eye. Even the three ninth-level True Gods were simply ants before the supreme power.

All spectators were frozen as the power slowly dispersed along with the figure of Insane. The immortal rays and particles returned to the world and Li Qiye was shown once more on his throne.

He held Insane Spear with his left hand and Furious Immortal with his right. Despite a lack of aura and invincible power, he represented the supreme of Insane Court right now.

Even a supreme genius like Chu Qingling was rendered speechless and emotional. This was a supreme worthy of respect and worship. All were insignificant in his presence.

“Venerable Ancestor!” Li Qian was the first to drop to the ground with great reverence.

“Venerable Ancestor!” The rest followed suit and began their worship.

Li Qiyes identity as a reborn ancestor was clearly accepted. No one would dare to question this!

“Rise.” His voice echoed across the plains.

Despite being granted permission to stand, these disciples continued to kowtow. This was sincerity from the depth of their heart because this was a forefather of their system.

“Li Qian.” Li Qiye called out.

“Your disciple is here.” Li Qian came forward and kowtowed again.

“This Furious Immortal shall be granted to your branch of protectors for the sake of protecting Insane Court.” Li Qiye gave the sword to Li Qian.

Li Qian accepted it with both hands, thinking that this was all a dream. Remember, this sword was the supreme primordial weapon.

Back when Insane Spear was around, it belonged to the system, not just their branch. But now, Li Qiye had given the sword to just their branch. It meant that they alone would have a primordial weapon from now on! This would strengthen their branch, turning it to the most formidable shield.

“Thank you, Ancestor.” Li Qian bowed again.

Everyone was stunned to see this, realizing that the ancestor has decided to re-establish the status of the protector branch.

“Wang Han.” Li Qiye called out after Li Qian retreated to the back.

“Your disciple is here.” Wang Han came forward and kneeled.

Li Qiye got down from his throne and touched her head with Insane Spear: “I bestow you the role of Emperor for Insane Court, in charge of mundane and political affairs.”

Wang Han was stunned as well, not expecting to have this prestigious position. She had never thought about winning the throne, only hoping that she wouldnt lose her spot in the Wang Clan. Thus, his comment naturally took her like a storm.

“Thank you, Young Noble.” Tears ran down her cheeks as she lost control of her emotions.

“Your Majesty.” Everyone else, even the disciples from the four great powers, got on their knees and recognized her coronation.

No one dared to go against Li Qiye. As long as it came from him, it would be the law. Just like that, Wang Han became the emperor of this generation despite being mentally unprepared.

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