Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 807: Ox King

The trio has returned after so many years but Heavenbattler was no longer here. Li Qian was the only one left to take care of the system.

He had an austere expression, knowing that he alone was not enough to stop these three.

The bloody sword wielder was Insane Ferocious God while the other two were Insane Evil God and Insane Cruel God.

“Unfortunately, Asura Heavenbattlers legacy is without an inheritor. He was so invincible back then but his disciple, only a fifth-level True God.” Insane Evil God uttered coldly.

All eyes were on Li Qian. No one knew that he was at the fifth level. No wonder why he defeated Ba Shang so easily.

“This disciple is useless and is ashamed, not able to learn even twenty-percent of his art.” Li Qian said slowly.

He was indeed inferior to his master in terms of power and cultivation. Just imagine, Virtue was unbeatable back then but Heavenbattler still took him down.

Alas, it wasnt Li Qians fault. His branch of dao source protectors went all out to fight against the heretical cultivators.

It was a tough victory since the majority of ancestors died. Even his own master passed away several years later on his bed due to the grievous injuries.

Li Qian was too young to participate in that particular battle. He was only a regular disciple back then but Asura Heavenbattler decided to fully groom him using his last years. Ultimately, it was too little time to truly teach Li Qian everything. The youth ended up having to learn by himself later on.

During those dark years, Insane Court had fallen. There was no one to teach Li Qian. It was simply incredible that he was able to reach this level by himself.

“Not to mention a fifth-level True God like you, even if there is a True Emperor with three palaces here, he still wouldnt be able to take us on. Surrender now.” The evil god said.

The crowd became worried about Li Qian after hearing this.

After a True Emperor grasp the dao spring and has twelve palaces, this was still only the beginning. They needed to light up their palaces in order to have the spring pour energy into them for empowerment.

Because of this, an emperor with one lit up palace was referred to as a one-palace True Emperor.

After lighting up all twelve, the dao spring would turn into the source, allowing them to create a dao lineage as a progenitor.

Right now, these three brothers claimed that they werent afraid of a three-palace True Emperor. One could see how strong they were just from this particular statement.

“Ninth-level True Gods!” Li Qian was aware of their power. In his eyes, this was an impossible battle.

As the leader of the protectors, he was the strongest ancestor in the system. If he couldnt take them on, no one could.

“Go back to protecting the dao source and ignore everything else. We wont pursue this matter or there will be new protectors.” Insane Ferocious God added.

Everyone looked over at Li Qian. His choice right now affected the fate of the system. Alas, the outcome was pretty obvious. Darkness would engulf the system once more.

“This is a matter of principle, there is nothing to talk about. I will perform my duty today and live up to the expectation of my master!” Li Qian powerfully responded.

“Very well, as you wish then!” Insane Ferocious God declared.

“Boom!” Li Qian became resplendent as nonstop explosions detonated. The entire system was shaking as runes appeared below him. The power of the grand dao poured into him like an ocean.

“Clank!” A heavenly sword broke out from his body. It was exuberant and seemed to wield all the forces in this world, the might of the progenitor. He wasnt only one of the sword but also one with the entire system.

“The power of the dao source, I see. Unfortunately, you are far inferior compared to your master. Your understanding of the dao source is a grain of sand in the ocean.” The ferocious god roared and the bloody sword flew to the sky.

It loomed over everything with waves of blood rampaging towards Li Qian. The ferocity of this attack could tear through everything. The wounds caused by this bloody sword were virtually impossible to heal.

“Boom!” Under the “one with the sword” state, Li Qian unleashed a slash. It cut through the ocean of blood and came crashing down.

People were breathless at this sight.

“Rumble!” The two sides exchanged dozens of blow. Li Qian was only a fifth-level True God yet he was fighting against a ninth-level True God.

This was indeed unbelievable, or even a miracle. The power disparity was too great between the two.

However, as the leader of the protectors whose branch had protected the dao source for generations, he still had a better understanding of the dao source than the rest.

Though the crowd knew that his defeat was inevitable, they still wanted him to win or it would be the end for the system.

“Big Brother, Ill lend you a hand.” The other two gods grew impatient at the stalemate. They took out their own bloody weapons and rushed to the sky.

These brothers have always fought together on the battlefield so they had impeccable teamwork requiring zero communication. The techniques used were perfect and a bloody ray pierced through Li Qians sword dao.

“Pluff!” Li Qian couldnt handle the two newcomers. The ray pierced through him before the physical weapons were even there.

“Bam!” His sword dao couldnt stop it either and shattered. The actual physical weapons were now aiming for his head.

“Its over.” Li Qian closed his eyes, awaiting death.

In this perilous moment, Li Qiye who has been sitting on the throne suddenly spread his palm. His five fingers acted like swords. Multiple heavenly swords appeared and dao laws poured down like waterfalls in order to protect Li Qian.

“Bam!” The attack slammed into the wall of swords and failed to break through.

Li Qian calmed down and looked over, surprised that Li Qiye was the one who saved him.

“Get back, youre not their match.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

Li Qian bowed towards Li Qiye and retreated in order to recover.

Ever since Li Qian got here, everyone had forgotten about Li Qiye. Now, he had regained the spotlight.

“Who are you? Why are you able to control the power of the dao source?” The ferocious god gazed at Li Qiye.

The other two looked over as well. They were powerful enough to tell what was going on and became surprised at this person who was able to fully master the dao source.

All of this time, Li Qiye had been watching the fun show. Saving Li Qian was too easy for him earlier.

“Your killer.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled in response.

The three gods expression darkened while their eyes flashed with murderous glint.

“Ancestor, he claimed to be a reborn ancestor from Ancestral Abyss.” Ba Shang quickly told them.

“Nonsense!” The evil god snorted: “Our system has been built for so long ago, these ancestors from the founding generation have turned to ashes. If they could reborn, they would have done so long ago, no need to wait till today!”

The three didnt believe this at all unlike the crowd. The members of the system all wanted Li Qiye to be the real thing.

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