Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 806: Tie Lan

Emperor Sun Yang was an emperor with a different last name from the clan of his banner. Though he had a strong grasp on authority, he still met opposition everywhere. Thus, he chose to cultivate the heretical art given to him by Ba Shang.

Of course, Ba Shang didnt do it out of goodwill, only wanting to pull the emperor down the mud with him and to get even more members of the system to cultivate it for a tide of darkness to engulf the system once more.

As his wife, Queen Wang Han was naturally the first to spot the changes in him and eventually found out. She was much more insightful and didnt want to falter to the heretical path just because of oppositions from the other three great powers.

Thus, she convinced him to drop it, in order to save both himself and the system.

Alas, the emperor had a taste of this heretical art so how could he give it up? His cultivation rose like the wind; it was too tempting.

After several useless attempts, she knew that there was no turning back for him. He had fallen into the abyss of blood. She reported this to the ancestors of the Wang in order to come up with a countermeasure.

The cultivation of this art was a taboo so it could take the Wang down after being exposed. The consequence was immensely grave.

Everyone knew what happened next. The emperor passed away and a new dynasty was coming.

Though her expression was cold, her heart was the opposite – full of pain and bitterness. It wasnt easy for the duo to surpass all of their obstacles since her husband was a disciple from a tiny sect. Outside of his own heroism, she paid and toiled for him in order to gain her clans full support.

She was full of hope for the future because they were still young and had a full generation to overcome the remaining problems. A cultivator would have several thousand years as the ruler, more than ample time.

Unfortunately, Sun Yang only saw what was before him and ruined all of their hard work.

His death meant that everything she worked for had gone down the drain. The Wang would also pay a great price because the system would pick a new emperor, the start of a new competition.

However, they had no other choice. It was either to let Sun Yang continue to cultivate the heretical art and ruin the system or cut off their own hand. Ultimately, they made the latter choice.

The truth behind this was out in the open, but her ready admission still shocked the crowd, causing some to gasp.

An emperor, the symbol of authority in the system, secretly broke the iron law to cultivate the heretical art? Truly astounding.

“Ha, his early death is quite a shame. I hope his spirit is around to see the heretical art engulf the three worlds one more.” Ba Shang smiled deviously: “Hes just like Virtue True God, an amazing pioneer.”

“Heresy!” Li Qians eyes turned fierce as he took one step forward: “I shall cut you down today!”

“Li Qian, dont be so confident now!” Ba Shang was not afraid.

“Boom!” The short-legged dragon appeared again.

It was completely drenched in blood this time around as if it had just come out of a blood ocean.

“Ra!” The dragon opened its jaw and began to suck towards Li Qians direction.

“Buzz.” The vegetation, rivers, and earth near Li Qian instantly withered and cracked.

It was devouring the worldly energy of this place. Even a few disciples near there got turned into mists of blood and were devoured.

People quickly ran away from the battlefield to stay safe.

“Clank!” Li Qian activated his sword dao again with countless swords forming a wall for protection.

At the same time, a sword formation descended from above. Even more swords appeared and began their assault.

“Pluff!” One sword after another pierced through the blood dragon and severed it into many pieces.

“The great ancestor will never allow for evil like you to rampage!” Li Qian roared.

His sword dao reached its limit and even more formations appeared to trap Ba Shang.

“Pluff!” Ba Shang lost again, unable to stop the formations and was struck by numerous blades.

The crowd became excited. This sword dao was indeed invincible, the best of Insane Ancestor! Even the heretical art was no match for it.

Finally, one from the net of swords aimed for Ba Shangs heart. Whats left of the massive dragon couldnt protect him either.

“Ancestor, save me!” Ba Shang shouted before the very last moment.

“Clank!” A bloody sword traveled across the realm and stopped the penetrating blade to save him.

Next, a sanguine glow swept through everything resulting in a massive tsunami of blood.

Li Qians sword formations crumbled as a response. He himself was injured and took several thumping steps backward.

Three old men appeared, standing in front of Ba Shang.

They dressed in bright-red outfits; even their skin had a bloody shimmer, same with their hair and brows. The crowd could smell a terrible bloody stench from them.

“Insane Blood Gods!” Li Qians eyes narrowed after seeing these three.

“Oh, weve left our home for so long but some still remember us.” The old man with a blood sword said with a tinge of emotion.

Having said that, he looked at Li Qian: “Asura Heavenbattlers disciple is indeed special.”

Li Qian naturally put on a serious face at this moment.

The title of these three was unknown to the crowd, even to the older members.

“Insane Blood Gods consist of Insane Ferocious God, Insane Evil God, and Insane Cruel God.” A very old ancestor shouted, knowing the infamy of these three: “Not all fish were captured by the net then. These three were strong generals under Virtue True God.”

Everyone knew how strong Virtue True God was so his generals should be quite mighty and dreadful as well.

These three managed to escape from Insane Court back then during Heavenbattlers purge and stopped showing up. Everyone thought they were dead but here they are now.

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