Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 805: Tie Clan

This first exchange had shown that the fame of a protector was rightfully deserved.

Ba Shang took several steps back and stopped the bleeding from the wound. His complexion lost all color since the exchange left him depleted energy-wise and grievously wounded, even more so than just losing his right hand.

Li Qian wasnt overconfident after doing this. He stared coldly at his foe and declared: “Your ace card still wont do anything, just give up or I will take you down.”

“Haha, I see!” Ba Shang laughed: “A protector is worthy of their fame, but its not over just yet, Insane Court shall change!”

“Ra!” He roared and spewed out blood like a monster. This bloody shine illuminated the entire sky.

“Pluff!” The cultivators closest to Ba Shang instantly evaporated into blood. Their vitality got devoured by his monstrous jaw.

“Heretical Blood Devour!” The horrified crowd felt their soul leaving their body after seeing this. They hastily backed off.

After swallowing several hundred combatants, Ba Shang glowed red with floods of blood surrounding him. His eyes were also red with a billowing, sanguine aura to him. A bloody mist engulfed the entire region next.

He seemed to have turned into a devil; no one in the crowd could maintain their composure. Some made a big gap between themselves and him.

Though this was a forbidden art and a taboo subject, many of the older generations still knew about Heretical Blood Devour.

This art had now appeared again on Ba Shang; everyone finally understood why Li Qian was targeting this guy.

The leader of Sacred Institution, Thunderstorm, also ran away from fear.

“So stubborn.” Li Qian uttered: “I will rid the system of evil like you!”

The scared crowd was still interested in watching. They didnt dare to get close to Ba Shang because he might go crazy and turn them into food again.

“Rid the system of evil?” Ba Shang laughed and retorted: “Li Qian, youre quite meddlesome! What is our purpose? To strengthen the system, to revive it once more! Back then, so many disciples died for this goal, but you protectors actually did the opposite, appeasing the enemies in order to have peace…”

“Hahaha… future generations only know that Virtue True God had refined blood in this abyss, but they dont know about how your master massacred thousands of the systems disciples and buried them here for the sake ofridding the system of evil. If we have fallen to the heretical path, you protectors are also hypocritical murderers!”

While he was laughing, his severed arm started growing again from the stump.

The crowd exchanged glances, realizing that they didnt know the whole story. But it wasnt surprising at all. Virtue True God wondered the support of many ancestors. He even had control over Insane Spear at one point and his particular merit law made other cultivate at a wind-like pace.

Numerous cultivated this art and devoured blood, not only the enemies or cultivators from the other systems but also their kinsmen and sect members.

When Asura Heavenbattler killed Virtue, he finished the rest of the disciples in this place in order to sever this line completely. This part of the storyline was purposely left out until today.

“No mercy for those who cultivate that merit law. I will not let Insane Court be destroyed in the hands of shortsighted fools.” Li Qian was unmoved.

He wasnt a man of many words but he got to the point in a powerful manner.

The majority agreed with this viewpoint. The heretical art could produce a large number of experts in a short time, but it wasnt a sustainable plan.

If all the cultivators in the system were to use it, the place would truly become evil. All the other systems wouldnt allow this and it wouldnt take long before Insane Courts demise.

“No one can stop Insane Court from rising again. Those who have the heart to help the system will cultivate Heretical Blood Devour. They are heroes, willing to sacrifice themselves. The late emperor was also a hero like this, much more courageous than cowards like you, willing to take the next step and disobey the forbidden law.” Ba Shang laughed crazily: “More and more in the future will cultivate the art, no one can stop this!”

All eyes were on Wang Han now.

A while ago, Mighty Mountain implied that the late emperor had cultivated this heretical art before but the queen denied this. If this was indeed the truth, then Ba Shang wasnt the only one who had broken the rule.

The emperor represented the orthodox branch of the system and had sovereignty. Ba Shang cultivating it was one thing, but if the emperor also did it? It would be a great blow to this iron law, destroying the order that had been kept for many eras.

“Thats why His Majesty is dead now.” Wang Han coldly said: “No one is allowed to violate the iron law of Insane Court, no exception! Otherwise, demise is inevitable! Your Upper Faction gave the heretical law to His Majesty, that alone is enough to sentence all of you to death!”

She had no emotional fluctuation when stating this because she was well prepared. One day, the world would find out about this so she wasnt caught off guard.

When her husband secretly cultivated this art, she tried to persuade him otherwise. After all, the Wangs effort and her own would be in vain. Her clan would be pushed into the abyss and suffer eternal damnation, never being able to rise again.

Alas, he didnt listen to her. Though he represented the Wang to become the emperor, he still had a different last name and faced opposition everywhere. The other three great powers didnt follow his order again, so his actual authority was limited.

He refused to accept this, knowing that as long as he was personally strong enough, he could finally rule over the system like Virtue True God back then. He fell into the temptation of the heretical law and began cultivating it.

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