Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 74: Su Yu He 2

Li Qiye brought Ye Xiaoxiao and Sima Yujian to another inn inside the citadel. After settling them in, he said: “Stay here for now until I come back.”

“Ego King, where are you going?” Xiaoxiao was curious because his expression was a bit different this time. However, she couldnt pinpoint exactly what was different.

“To meet someone.” Li Qiye smiled and turned to leave.

However, before he made it to the door, he paused for a bit and added: “If I dont come back, just return from whence you came.”

“Why? Ill just wait for you to come back.” Xiaoxiao was quite puzzled.

“Maybe Ill be dead at that point.” He chuckled and left.

This response stunned the two girls since they didnt know his intentions. After spending several days together, both of them believed that he wouldnt die so easily, not even in the competition for the Heavens Will.

Moreover, their impression of him was that he wasnt someone so pessimistic. Confidence was ingrained in his nature, and in his eyes, no one could actually kill him. Thus, when he suddenly brought up death out of nowhere, it became quite ominous and confusing.

He went deeper into the Divine Tree Ridge at a quickened pace. Of course, he wasnt there to find anything or to pluck some immortal medicines. His destination was a particular peak.

It pierced the clouds and reached all the way to the firmament. It wasnt the tallest peak in this place, but it could definitely be ranked among the top ten. He stood there and gazed at the heaven and earth in silence with thoughts rampaging through his mind.

Even though he has never been afraid of anyone, there were certain things he found difficult to face. At this moment, he was about to face someone that he owes.

The sun rose and set as he calmly stood there to enjoy the changes in the wind and clouds. It was as if he had turned into a statue.

In the blink of an eye, several days have passed as he stood there motionlessly. Eventually, at sunrise, a figure descended from the sky. She looked just like an immortal with a peerless bearing.

She floated among the bustling wind with the sun and moon as her companions. Anyone would be intoxicated by her magnificent style. The seemingly petrified Li Qiye finally opened his eyes and looked at this woman.

His heart slightly skipped a beat after seeing her. He carefully stared at her; it looked like the countless years did not leave their mark on her at all.

Meanwhile, the woman chillingly glared at him. There was no hatred or anger, only coldness. He felt a slight pain after seeing this gaze. In the past, this pair of eyes used to be charming and bright just like the stars. Alas, the eyes have become cold all because of him!

He took a deep breath and said: “I knew you would come. Maybe you have waited a long time for this day.”

She maintained her indifferent gaze. In her eyes, it was as if Li Qiye was only a fleeting passenger in her life.

“I know that you hate me.” Li Qiye couldnt do anything but chuckle: “Which is why I am here to pay the debt. It is time to end this instead of avoiding it like I always have. In the past, I felt that I would still have a chance to apologize, but it is different in this generation since I must go. Maybe I will never come back again…”

He gently sighed at this point: “This is why we should end it all by giving you an answer. This will be considered completing one of my wishes.”

The woman continued to quietly stare at this stranger in her eyes. Nevertheless, she was still listening to him as if that was all she needed to do.

He calmly met her eyes and smiled: “The years haven ’t been easy. Maybe you will never forgive me, and I know I am unforgivable on this matter. However, Ill still need to say goodbye to you in this generation. I dont mind whatever choice you make, I just know what I need to do, to see you one last time since we might not be able to meet in the future ever again. And yes, Im very happy and excited to see you at this moment.”

There was still no response from the distant woman. He only sighed after seeing the lack of response and slowly walked forward to look at her. This made his heart quiver.

After a long while, he reached out to gently caress her face. It was just as cold as her eyes. She looked like she didnt care that he was making physical contact.

Li Qiye gently spoke: “If there is an afterlife, I hope to be someone who can stay in one place, the one having to do the waiting. However, in this generation, I have no choice but to keep going straight. I have sworn to never falter and look back. This is who I am, my fate and my true pursuit!”

After one last glance, she suddenly turned and drifted towards the horizon.

While watching her leave, Li Qiye shouted: “You can think it through and we can end this if you want. Im afraid this will be the last time I visit Heaven Spirit! I might not come back after this final farewell.”

She halted for a second but still chose to leave in the end.

He sighed again with disappointment because he understood that she still hasnt forgiven him. It was indeed his fault back then.

“The moon is sometimes round and sometimes a crescent, who can be perfect in this world?” He murmured: “Immortal Emperors and the dark hand behind the curtains, they are still helpless at times, things will not always go their way. Invincible in the nine heavens they might be, but some things are still unsurpassable!”

“So many people wish for power, wish to become emperors.” He wryly smiled while staring at the sky: “But one day, even the strongest will start to think about how amazing it is to be a mortal. Their lives might be short, but at least they will still have a home at the end of the day!”

A tinge of bitterness ran across his face. Even top existences like them had too many ambitions and responsibilities. Power wasnt omnipotent at times.

The world stood still. He finally heaved one last sigh before leaving.

Back in the inn, both Xiaoxiao and Yujian were looking outside, especially Xiaoxiao. She anxiously paced back and forth with a worried expression. Li Qiye still hasnt come back after several days. She even wanted to go out and look for him, but Yujian held her back.

She was ecstatic to see Li Qiye return and immediately jumped into his chest. The corners of her eyes and eyelashes were inadvertently teary even though she wasnt crying.

Li Qiye grabbed her face and noticed her tears before smiling: “Little girl, what is there to cry about? Am I not fine right now?”

“Hmph, I know an evil demon like you wouldnt die so easily.” Xiaoxiao stopped crying and smiled: “Just like the old adage, a good person doesnt live long while a villain lives for a thousand years. Someone as evil as you will probably live for millions of years.”

He couldnt help but smile while wiping her tears away. Yujian also smiled after seeing his safe return. As an assassin, her heart has turned cold like her blade. However, she was still quite anxious after he left, especially after hearing his final words. Her hanging heart was finally put down after seeing this; she felt an indescribable happiness.

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