Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 802: The Journey Begins

The Peng Sacred Ancestor was the first to reveal his stance with Mighty Mountain right after him.

No one was surprised to see this. The Peng was loyal to Upper Faction not to mention Li Qiye had murdered several thousands of their elites. He was naturally their biggest enemy.

Now that the other side had shown their cards, the crowd wanted to how Li Qiye would respond.

If Li Qiye failed to move, then his claim would be less credible. No one would take him seriously.

He didnt bother glancing towards the Pengs direction or its ancestor. He smiled in response: “Like I said, opposing me means death! Since you are courting death, Ill fulfill your wish and destroy your clan lest you keep thinking that Im a fake.”

“Im waiting, come!” The ancestor remained unyielding. He stood above his clan with a majestic ocean of energy as if he wielded the power of the world.

His confidence was justifiable, being a grand True God and the top expert of the Peng. Plus, being on his land empowered him even more.

The foundation had been laid by many ancestors so it was quite grand. It meant that he could use it whenever he wanted, letting his personal cultivation reach a much higher level – a home advantage.

“Only an ant shamelessly boasting before me.” Li Qiye spread his hand and gathered the power of the “domain”.

In the blink of an eye, everyone had an illusion that he was grasping the entire system in his palm, that he was the supreme master in charge of all the forces here.

“Rumble!” His real hand was still naturally in Ivory Gap, but a massive palm identical to his own was condensing in the sky, capable of suppressing thousands and thousands of miles. Divine mountains looked insignificant in comparison.

The world quaked before its coming. It didnt take long before it crosses through the plains and appeared right above the Peng Clan.

“Boom!” It attacked without any hesitation, wishing to annihilate the entire place.

“Attack!” The ancestor roared and raised his palm to gather the power of the foundation. True energy and dao power oozed out in the form of beams, all under his command.

This culminated into a massive sword; this ancestor had reached the state of man and sword being one. It illuminated the entire clan.

So many people were frightened by this invincible technique. The sword pierced upward in order to meet the descending palm.

“A firefly wanting to compete against the shine of the moon.” Li Qiye said nonchalantly before moving his palm for an attack.

“Boom!” The gigantic palm above the Peng poured down waterfalls of laws. These supreme laws crushed everything in its path as the palm continued to descend.

The sword couldnt stop the laws, let alone thinking about slashing the hand. It crumbled instantly. The Sacred Ancestor didnt have the chance to run and was captured instantly.

“Activate!” The ancestor mustered all of his strength to use his strongest merit law in order to escape. Alas, it was useless.

The hand just needed to add some force and that was more than enough to crush all of his dao and laws.

“Crack!” As the palm closed, it crushed the ancestor inch by inch before rendering him into a mist of blood, no chance to scream.

Next, it loomed above the clan and pushed all of the young, old, and women out of the clan.

The fingers then pierced into the earth as it picked up the clan itself.

“Attack!” The rest of the experts – disciples and ancestors – were shocked and used all of their strength to attack the palm, wishing to create a hole in order to escape. Futile it was for the fingers were closing. The result was the total annihilation of the Peng.

Their entire territory became dust and sand with remnants of them scattering to the ground, filling the hole that used to be there.

The ground was flat again, no more buildings and businesses from the Peng. It looked as if they have never existed in the first place.

“Whats going on…” The infants, elders, and helpless women were stunned to see the absence of their clan. Weak beings like them had no idea what was going on.

“No!” A miserable wail of lament came from Upper Factions camp. It was from the Peng Clan Master, Peng Chujun.

He survived this disaster unlike the rest of his clan. The shock made him spit out a mouthful of blood gushing through the air like a rainbow. He fell straight to the ground with his eyes wide open. The anger and sadness left him dead.

The world became quiet. Everyone was frozen, not daring to move in the slightest. All their courage have left their body. Even the ancestors of the clans were no exception.

“An Ascender, or an Eternal?” One ancestor was still trembling and managed to calm his mind.

The rest of the disciples were completely pale, butts first on the ground.

“Ant.” Li Qiye pulled back his hand, not bothering to look at the result of his attack.

The gigantic hand above the royal courts territory dispersed as well. The only thing left telling people that something had happened here was the newly laid soil and debris.

The crowd no longer dared to look straight at him. In fact, if he were to look in their direction, they might be scared to death.

The seven gods from Upper Faction and Sacred Institution felt the same fear.

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