Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 800: Heaven Suppression Fis

ade God shouted.

Others wouldnt be courageous enough to say this but Mighty Mountain actually relented this time around.

He was imperious against others but had no courage against Fierceblade. This was someone who had defeated him before, there was nothing he could do.

“Are all of you done?” Li Qiye leisurely said after the quarrel.

He had his eyes closed, resting on the throne earlier but now, he opened his eyes and joined in.

Everyone looked over at him, nearly forgotten about his existence just a bit ago.

He looked at the crowd and smiled: “I need recognition from foolish dogs like you? Just my name alone, Li Qiye, is enough! I dont care for your approval or refusal and will do things my way.”

He paused for a bit: “If you are willing to follow me, I welcome it. If not, thats fine too, but block my path and be ready to face death. Now, I have said my piece. Where do you stand? Obey me or oppose me? Im ready to listen.”

“My Wang Clan is ready to follow you, ancestor!” Wang Han spoke without hesitation.

“My Chu Camp will follow suit!” Chu Qingling also represented her faction. There was no doubt that this power had come to an agreement prior or she wouldnt dare to say this right now, regardless of her status.

Now, the focus was on the seven gods. Before the four great powers showed their attitude, it would be useless for the rest to make their choice. They needed to wait before picking a side.

“Boom!” Suddenly, an explosion echoed across the entire system.

Boundless light oozed out from the source of the explosion, illuminating the entire sky starting with the royal court.

Laws shot out from the large mansion of the Peng. A portal was activated with a majestic aura and energy as abundant as the sea.

When a clan showed their portal like this, it was certainly a declaration of war.

“The Peng!” People immediately recognized this portal.

Who were they declaring war against?

“Boom!” The aura of a True God permeated the area and crazily surged. Someone was purposely doing so in order to intimidate the world.

“Hmph, rebirth? How baseless.” A majestic figure with the sky above his head and the ground touching his feet appeared. Waves of energy pulsed from his very being. His eyes were as bright as two suns.

“The Pengs Sacred Ancestor! Its strongest backing.” An ancestor was startled to see this.

“Our clan will not recognize anything about a reborn ancestor and will show no mercy for those who scheme against the system! Im sure Upper Faction will also not allow for a fake to become the next emperor! Any member of the system can and should kill such a deceiver!” His voice echoed.

This was indeed a decisive declaration of war against Li Qiye while refusing his identity!

If Li Qiye didnt do anything now, people would lose faith in him.

“Thats right, the Sacred Ancestor is right. We will not allow for a deceiver to rule!” Mighty Mountain also laughed and showed his support.

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