Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 800: Heaven Suppression Fis

All eyes darted at Li Qiye, this so-called reborn forefather. Befuddled the crowd was for this was something beyond their imagination.

Ancestral Abyss was well-known and rumored to be the grave of their progenitor. Some records indicated that Insane Ancestor stated that he might reborn one day to become an immortal.

It further stated that there could be ancestors during his generations buried here as well. It meant that these were the forefathers of Insane Court, but who knows which ones exactly?

Thus, Wang Hans declaration was too much to take; the crowd couldnt regain their wits at all.

What was the significance if she was telling the truth? It would change the system completely, heralding an entirely new generation of prosperity back to their apex.

“Is this true?” The crowd glanced at each other. A few cultivators began asking their own ancestors.

Ivory Gap was a gathering of heroes; virtually all of the majority of important powers in the system were present. Thus, Wang Han left herself no room to take it back. Success was necessary and she needed to establish his status then.

“Maybe its possible.” One ancestor said with uncertainty but he was inching towards the possibility: “He knows our merit laws so well, especially Insane Sword Dao, a complete master. I dont think anyone else in the system can match him.”

In fact, more ancestors believed this as well. Ultimately, Li Qiye was showing pieces of evidence and had the power to do so.

From Insane Force to Raging Dragon to Insane Bladestorm and finally, Insane Sword Dao. He exhibited such perfection with them, especially the last one, capable of using it to the limit.

Many disciples were able to cultivate the former laws but not this last one. Few ancestors had access to it, so his sword dao was a cry of his status.

The seven gods were alarmed after hearing this, and rightfully so if Wang Han was telling the truth. They found that there was indeed a possibility.

They would definitely know a user of Insane Sword Dao, but not in this particular case. It meant that he could be a reborn ancestor.

“Your Highness, isnt it too early to say this?” Thunderstorm snorted: “Picking a random person and telling us that it is a reborn ancestor? At the very least, our Sacred Institution wont accept this.”

There was no way these great powers would ever accept this under the current circumstances. The Wang would take over and they would have no place to go.

The crowd hesitated once more. This was a matter of grave importance, they couldnt rely on her opinion alone.

“How can we make a joke out of the systems wellbeing. Upper Faction also wont accept this without ample evidence.” Mighty Mountain chimed in: “Your Highness, the royal court isnt only under your clans control. Because of this, no one can take the throne before a consensus is made.”

“Not up to your Upper Faction.” A cold voice powerfully asserted: “Our Chu Camp recognizes the ancestors identity!”

A bloodthirsty cavalry with an intimidating aura and surging true energy came about.

“Chu Qingling!” Someone exclaimed.

She had left earlier to chase after the ginseng but now, she came back to recognize Li Qiyes status.

All four great powers were here now. Though there were others who participated in this power struggle, these four were still the main ones. If all four agreed on this matter, then it became a sure thing. No one else could do anything about it.

So right now, there was a stalemate because two were in support and the other two rejected this notion.

“Ha, just Chu Camp and Wang Clan arent enough.” Mighty Mountain said: “The Wang has also violated our systems laws, so they arent qualified to discuss this matter. If they want to establish their authority once more, they need to reveal the death of the late emperor first!”

The shocked crowd all glanced at the queen and tongues began to quietly wag.

This matter was concluded long ago because the emperor had passed for some time now. Furthermore, the great powers didnt talk about it so the rest followed suit.

However, some skepticism and doubts were born after Mighty Mountain brought it up.

The late emperor was still very young – more than thirty was considered nothing in the system. Someone at this age should be vigorous and brimming with life with a limitless future.

However, he suddenly died without warnings and any known illness. Though the royal court didnt directly address his death, the Wang sent out a message – he died due to a problem with cultivation. Instability led to an internal explosion.

People accepted this in stride. After all, cultivators often died in this manner.

Nevertheless, they began doubting about the circumstances behind his death. Was there really more to it?

“His Majesty cultivated the Insane Blood Law. The blood assaulted his heart and he eventually died on his bed since treatments were useless.” Wang Hans expression darkened: “You have other questions?”

Mighty Mountain smiled implicatively: “Your Highness, thats hard to say. Blood attacking the heart is not a common occurrence during cultivation. I actually heard someone was cultivating Heretical Blood Devour in the Wang Clan, and as you know, this is a great crime.”

“Heretical Blood Devour!” The older characters were startled while trying to read the queens expression.

“What is that?” A young disciple quietly asked his senior but was shushed right away.

The ancestors, in particular, were greatly jolted. This merit law was forbidden in their system for a reason; its return might herald the dark days once more.

Though Mighty Mountain didnt say any name, the implication was clear. Keep in mind that the emperor might not be the strongest in the system, but he represented its authority and orthodox line.

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