Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 799: Unkillable

Mighty Mountain didnt like hearing about the dark events of the past. He became serious and said: “Brother Thunderstorm, dont forget that your Sacred Institution was involved as well, doing things in secrecy.”

The two of them were revealing some secrets of the factions, not wanting to concede a single step. They worked together just now to fight Li Qiye but this was no longer the case.

This wasnt too outrageous because the primordial treasure was too tempting. Not to mention betraying other sects, one would even betray their father or son and none would be shocked at that.

“Is that so?” Thunderstorm snorted: “Alright, lets talk about the present now. Your Upper Faction is doing some clandestine tasks once more. Dont think people dont know. The only way to avoid people finding out is to not do it in the first place.”

The two gods went at it in order to seize the spear. The other ancestors naturally wanted to see these dogs bite each other. It would be best for them to fight so that they could take advantage of the situation, even gaining the spear in the process.

“Well said, well said, this dog fight is quite fun and entertaining, but unfortunately, I must interrupt you two.” Someone suddenly interrupted the two of them after a clap.

The seven gods gave a killing glance at the direction of the voice. Right now, only Li Qiye would dare to speak to them in this manner, lacking any qualm.

The seven slightly shuddered since they nearly forgot about this particular enemy, being too drawn to the spear.

Li Qiye gave them a smile: “I apologize for destroying your daydreams but dont think about obtaining this spear, it is mine.”

Tongues began to wag after hearing this comment and eyes were on the two parties again. Some in the audience wanted nothing more than for a fight to break out. Li Qiye and the seven gods would have no time to worry about the spear and they would naturally try to seize it.

“Fool, its not the turn for a junior like you to claim the spear.” Mighty Mountain snorted.

“Thats right.” Thunderstorm chimed in: “Insane Spear belongs to the system, a person with questionable background cant have it lest they want to suffer the wrath of the entire system.”

Mighty Mountain went on: “The spear must be inherited by the orthodox branch, no one else is qualified to have it, especially not you!”

“Who says Young Noble Li isn ’t qualified?” A cold yet pleasant and charismatic voice came about.

“Rumble!” Riders and carriages rushed over with unstoppable momentum and aura.

When they stood in front of the world, a woman dressed in a phoenix robe was presiding on a phoenix carriage. Next to her was the imperial seal representing authority over the system. It was none other than the current queen, Wang Han.

An old man stood nearby while embracing a saber. He emitted a frightening glint of the blade as if he was one with his weapon.

“The Wangs cavalry…” The spectators knew that this particular group was the elites of one of the four great powers.

“Your Highness…” Many cultivators kneeled and bowed.

After all, before the coronation of the next emperor, Queen Wang Han with her imperial seal was still the orthodox branch of the system. Because of this, disciples from any sect would need to perform this greeting ceremony.

Only the big shots like ancestors and True Gods were spared from doing so. Mighty Mountain and his peers simply stood there and watched.

“Fierceblade God, Xu Haodong!” Nevertheless, their eyes narrowed from seeing the old man by her side.

This name certainly caused a stir in the crowd since it was quite famous. He was considered the number one expert of the clan – a grand True God.

Though Mighty Mountain and Thunderstorm were at this level as well, Fierceblade was far stronger. These two have tried to take him on but lost in the past.

The appearance of the queen and Xu Haodong personally protecting her made the ones here understand that the turmoil in the Wang Clan was over. Wang Han had won.

There was news of ancestors there wanting to replace her with someone else, someone fiercer, to be the next emperor. Thats why she was under attack by the Wang ancestors and risked being dismissed.

Their appearance here naturally dispelled this particular rumor. It meant that she had gathered all of the clans power, that the entire upper echelon had her back now. This allowed her to come here with an entirely new style.

“Not bad at all, no wonder why she can handle being in charge of the Wang.” An ancestor from a distant clan murmured; this was his first time seeing her.

She has been keeping a low-profile in recent years, but the knowledgeable ones knew that she wasnt weaker than the late emperor at all.

Remember, he was a son-in-law in the Wang. It was quite unbelievable for someone with a different last name to earn the support of the ancestors there, let alone becoming the emperor.

Outside of his own mighty cultivation and intelligence, Wang Han also played a great part. She gathered the strength of her clan and fully supported him in consolidating his rule against the other three powers. Otherwise, a “foreign” emperor wouldnt have lasted for so long on the throne.

Everyone knew that this was the climax of the power struggle. Given the current circumstances, the Wang might not be at a disadvantage facing these two great powers.

“Bam!” A draconic throne was taken out by the queen as she walked over to Li Qiye and respectfully bowed.

“Young Noble, please.” She helped him up the throne to the astonishment of the crowd.

Remember, not just anyone could sit on this throne. It represented authority in the system along with the imperial seal in the queens possession. What was the implication of this?

“Is that the new emperor?” A young disciple asked, looking at Li Qiyes leisure attitude while sitting on the throne.

“Queen, even if your Wang Clan supports this brat, he can only sit there after gaining the recognition from us too.” Mighty Mountain attacked.

“True God, you are misunderstanding our intention.” The noble queen slowly said: “Young Noble LI is not the emperor, but he is more qualified to sit on this throne more so than anyone and more qualified to rule Insane Court because he is a true forefather, one that had been buried in the abyss, now reborn!

“A forefather from the Ancestral Abyss?” The crowd gasped with their mouth agape.

All were staring intensely at him in disbelief.

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