The atmosphere was somber and tense since this skeletal hand didnt want to let go of the spear. Despite just lying there, the spear still seemed so invincible – able to crush the firmaments.

People were robbed of their breath and normal composure. They could faintly see their progenitor using it to sweep through the world, fighting against the masters of his era. His wonderful style came back to life, momentarily.

Months and years and ages have passed since the foundation of Insane Court, it eventually fell from an immortal lineage down to a myriad lineage.

So many geniuses and True Emperors have disappeared in the river of time. Some emperors didnt have any vestige left behind. This wasnt the case for the unchanging progenitor and his legends.

The appearance of the spear rekindled his glory in the heart of the spectators once more. They couldnt help recalling his invincible deeds.

“Insane Spear…” Both disciples and ancestors were jolted.

“I thought this was stored inside the central court?” An elder asked his ancestor.

“Shh!” The ancestor immediately whispered: “Dont talk about this classified issue.”

The warning shut the elder up, not daring to pry any further.

In fact, the other experts here were curious as well. There have been rumors about Insane Court holding onto a primordial treasure, most likely this particular spear.

However, no one had seen it before or who actually kept it. In their imagination, the spear belonged to whoever had the military authority at that moment, or the great powers would share the responsibility of protecting it. No one expected to see it in this place.

This particular belief used to be true. The spear was indeed located in the court under the careful watch of all.

For millions of years and in spite of the numerous changes in leadership, the spear had never left the system and rarely the royal court. It was the symbol of ultimate military leadership.

Alas, a few things happened later so the system lost the spear. It didnt wish to talk about this matter either, so people continued to have the misconception.

As for the ancestors who knew about it, they didnt wish to divulge any information due to the bloody nature of the past. That was one of the darkest periods of the system.

“Go!” The seven gods had the initiative in reaching the spear.

However, their majestic aura failed to move the spear.

“Activate!” Both Mighty Mountain and Thunderstorm didnt give up and went all out, resulting in an explosion of power and radiance. This was of no avail.

Who knows whether it was due to the grip of the skeletal hand or because the spear was simply too heavy.

The gods exchanged glances and instantly decided to work together. All held onto tightly to a section of the spear in order to raise it together.

“Lets do it!” Their true energy erupted, causing a tempest to engulf the area.

Their combined effort still failed. It was as if the spear had taken roots on the hand; no one could move it.

The crowds mind began to wander. The ancestors from other sects slowly came forward, standing near the abyss and being quite attentive.

Though no one would provoke this group of seven True Gods, treasures were still tempting all the same. When necessary, these spectating gods would work together. Who would say no to a primordial treasure?

The seven also took note of this and became slightly anxious, aware of the potential problem. If this continued, others would be stirred into action. They might be able to stop these other ancestors for now, but as time went on, the opponents might band together. That would be a threat to both Upper Faction and Sacred Institution. Furthermore, the Wang and Chu Camp were still watching on the sideline right now.

“This is an important venue under the watch of our Sacred Institution. We have the responsibility to protect this primordial treasure, so gentlemen, leave Ivory Gap to avoid thieves sneaking into the mix.” Thunderstorm glared intimidatingly at the crowd after coming up with this idea.

He clearly wanted to seal off the area. As long as everyone left, they could move a bigger army here to guard the area then take their time figuring out how to take the spear away. At that point, they would clearly take the reign in the system, doing whatever they pleased since the spear was the symbol of authority.

“Brother Thunderstorm, thats unreasonable.” Mighty Mountain replied coldly: “The ancestors from our Upper Faction have also studied the dao and meditated here, how can you claim this place? In terms of dao search, this place is certainly ours if our ancestors were here in the past.”

He attacked from a different perspective. Both sides wanted to claim Ivory Gap at this moment.

“If thats the standard for territorial assignment, then when the progenitor divided the territory back then, Ivory Gap should belong to us.” An old ancestor said without too much force.

“Please, your clan has left the capital a long time ago, thats a thing in the past. True Emperor Chu had given this land to our Hundred-tree Gate back then, it should belong to us right now.” A different ancestor disagreed.

“Our ancestors have also stayed here for dozens of generations, we should have a part too…”

The crowd became unrest; no one wanted to let go of this treasure. Even the clans from far away tried to come up with ways to link themselves with Ivory Gap and the spear.

“Shut it!” Thunderstorm roared aggressively.

His lightning eyes swept through the crowd and the other ancestors quickly closed their mouth. He went on: “No need to talk about the past then but now, Ivory Gap is under the territory of Upper Faction, so it is under Upper Factions control.”

“Brother, just one-sided words alone are useless here.” Others might be afraid of Thunderstorm but not Mighty Mountain. Their position and power were relatively even so he continued: “Our ancestors have toiled here, dont think about taking this place.”

Thunderstorm sneered in response while looking at the man: “You know full well what some of your ancestors have done in this place, dont use the word toil here so shamelessly.”

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