Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 796: Parting

The smell of blood permeated and worsened the atmosphere. As it lingered at the tip of the nose, the frightened and trembling crowd felt the urge to vomit while looking at the corpses on the ground.

Breathing became ragged; standing became a struggle. It didnt take long for Li Qiye to take care of several thousand experts from the two powers, including the two leaders with imperial weapons at their disposal. Not even a True God was able to save them.

“Thats the Insane Sword Dao…” Ancestors were amazed just like the rest.

Fame aside, few in the system had a good grasp on the actual power of this renowned sword dao. They only had a general idea at best.

Today, Li Qiye vividly displayed its might before everyone. They finally understood why this was the strongest sword dao in the system. Perhaps there was no other merit law on the same level in Insane Court.

Its name became a palpitating whisper – all disciples would want nothing more than to cultivate it.

“Ive had enough of you!” The short interim was interrupted by an echoing shout. The aura of a True God ravaged the region like a storm. Furthermore, more and more appeared…

The gods from these two factions have been infuriated, not expecting for Li Qiyes sword dao to be at this high level. It was already too late when they tried to save Chen Taihe and the northern lord. One of them nearly got their hand cut off during the attempt.

Being threatened and even wounded by a junior was too humiliating and rage-inducing.

The crowd lost their stance after being assaulted by this tempestuous fury of multiple High Gods. Some were actually blown flying.

Li Qiye remained unperturbed: “So what? Its no different than killing a couple of chicken. Dont keep on hiding like cowards that can only run their mouth. Come out and wash your neck so that I can decapitate all of you.”

This was everyones first time hearing such disdain towards the True Gods. This guy didnt give a damn about these beings and was ready to slay them.

Such a domineering attitude was unprecedented. Eyes darted around; everyone thought that his title was too apt.

“Boom!” The camp of Sacred Institution exploded with power. A tent grew larger and larger before being turned to dust completely from the aggressive divine aura.

Three people came out of the camp; each of their steps caused the ground to quake. All were old with a pulsing brilliance and majestic true energy. Their eyes were nightmarish for weaker cultivators.

“The God Trio from Sacred Institution, and their leader too, Thunderstorm. This power is going all out.” An elder was aghast.

Their reputation preceded them. The crowd knew exactly who they were despite not seeing any before.

These three gods were the strongest backing of Sacred Institution – all at the grand True God level and held prestigious roles in the system. Thunderstorm was the strongest of the three.

One of them stepped forward and released an aura sweeping through all of Ivory Gap. The beasts and birds nearby were affected and stopped moving.

“Junior, it doesnt matter who taught you the sword dao or which sect youre from, youre dead!” Thunderstorm coldly said.

“Just the three of you arent enough as an appetizer. The rest, come out now.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Boom!” A tent over at Upper Faction exploded as well. Four more great figures came out.

This only added to the terrifying atmosphere. A flood of energy engulfed the area, causing the crowd to feel as if there was an invisible hand gripping their neck.

“The Sage Quadruple of Upper Faction!” One ancestor was terrified, not expecting for so many True Gods to be hiding in the shadows.

“Mighty Mountain Sage hasnt come out for a long time until now, is the era really about to change?” Another ancestor wondered.

The Sage Quadruple consisted of four True Gods, the strongest ancestors of Upper Faction. Three were grand gods while the last was an intermediate one.

Mighty Mountain was the strongest among them, already unbeatable at a young age with countless battle accomplishments.

Seven True Gods have appeared out of nowhere to the crowds astonishment.

“Even an imperial coronation wouldnt have so many powerful people coming out.” One sect master stated in horror.

Normally, True Gods in this system would rarely show themselves unless there was something earth-shattering happening to their clan or sect, or the system itself.

But now, seven gathered here at Ivory Gap and have been hiding in the very beginning. It meant that they came with a plan, not just when Li Qiye killed the two leaders. No one would believe that they came just for a blood ginseng.

The older experts readied up for the incoming storm to the system.

“Is a new emperor about to be chosen?” One elder murmured. No one else could come up with anything bigger than a coronation.

“Junior, you deserve death!” Mighty Mountain glared at Li Qiye with bloodthirst in his eyes. This murderous affinity stung anyone who was in his vision.

The seven naturally came with a different goal. They were the hidden ace cards of their respective power and wouldnt have taken action until the very last moment, or when Chu Camp and the Wang Clan joined in.

But now, they had no choice after Li Qiyes massacre of their men. If they didnt do something, he would finish off the rest.

“Only a grand True God, not enough to the apex, just trash before becoming an Ascender or an Eternal.” Li Qiye didnt give a damn.

There was a particular bottleneck at the True God level. After reaching the peak of this realm, it was either becoming an Ascender to continue the god path or to prove their dao – embarking on the path of the emperor.

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