Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 795: Before The Journey

As long as the dao was around, the swords would be omnipresent. This was the fundamental belief of Insane Sword Dao. This dao would represent everything, acting as the supreme.

The crowd was shocked to see the successful defense and blinded by the dazzling spectacle.

“Damn…” Some started salivating with envy.

This was the ultimate sword dao of Insane Ancestor. Not to mention the lower worlds, it had countless battle achievements in Immortal Lineage as well.

Everyone in the system knew of its fame but now, to actually see it in person? This was broadening their horizon and astounding them to the core.

In fact, the ancestors from Sacred Institution and Upper Faction were watching this fight with great interest, especially Li Qiyes every move and technique. They didnt want to miss a single detail because they havent successfully trained in this art before. Perhaps they could find some clues through him.

“Die already!” The two leaders instantly changed their style while commanding their troops to add more true energy into the formations.

The maelstrom now shot out an imperial flame to fuel the pulsing current with an amplified magnitude.

The scorpion spat out a chilling energy, same with the urn. This coldness drowned the entire world. Everything was trapped in a freezing process, including the heavenly swords.

The fire and ice attacks werent aimed at Li Qiye. They came together like a planet slamming into an ocean – creating a massive wave.

“Buzz.” They fused together and expanded to form a massive symbol of yin and yang.

The yin yang flow could refine everything so space and time became its first victims. All started to melt from this insane reinforcement.

The swords inside the sword dao were melting as well, incapable of stopping this process.

“How can this be?!” People gasped.

One guy had a deep inside: “Why do these two powers know this combined technique?”

No one expected this combination of ice and fire to form the yin and yang because the two powers have always been antagonistic towards each other. There was no way for their formations to work together so seamlessly.

“Ive heard of this before, the Chen and Northern Territory working together on a supreme killing technique, most considered this to be a false rumor though.” One ancestor quietly said.

This scene was proving otherwise – the rumor was indeed true.

The melting speed accelerated; the sword dao was falling apart at a rapid rate. Li Qiye would be the next victim with nothing left of him after the fact.

“Alright, even a True God cant take this one, unless theyre at the grand level. A minor or intermediate True God would be refined right away.” One sect master was horrified.

This was indeed incredible. These two powers possessed a godslaying power even before involving their own True Gods.

The ancestors there watched this whole thing. If this ace card couldnt kill this junior, he would be too devilish. They would have no choice but to join in themselves and go all out to kill him.

“Buzz.” Li Qiye was now melting. Death was certain if he didnt leave the area.

“I dont think he can do it, not even with the Insane Sword Dao.” One spectating ancestor believed.

“Is that so surprising? Hes up against two great powers, none in our system can do it without trembling with fear. Its his fault for being too arrogant, creating two powerful enemies at once. So unwise.” One sect master shook his head with a tinge of regrets.

“Your maker calls, brat!” The northern lord howled, finally breathing a sigh of relief after personally obtaining revenge for his son.

“And here I thought you all would have something special, but this is it. Oh well, my turn.” Li Qiye simply smiled.

The sword dao that was melting suddenly became resplendent. Strands of swords soared to the sky and broke apart the yin and yang layer.

Next, immortal swords emerged and rotated around him, right below his chest. It looked as if he had a pair of wings made out of swords now. Just one flap of it could cut through all in this world.

“Ill allow you all to have the privilege of witnessing the real Insane Sword Dao!” He roared as the wings flapped, allowing him to escape from the yin and yang, exceeding time and space.

The cut actually tore apart the fabrics of reality and created a void zone.

“Clank!” The sword rays were massive and stacked on top of each other as the wings came down.

The maelstrom and scorpion were annihilated with haste.

“Pluff!” Blood instantly filled the sky in quick gushes. The wings have assaulted the formations and massacred several thousand disciples from both sides.

Heads started flying again, a common yet still beautiful scene today.

“Stop!” Northern Territorys camp was the closest and a True God finally reached out with a massive palm in order to save the two leaders.

However, the two wings came together as one and turned into an enormous immortal sword to slash the hand.

Blood spilled once more. The frightened True God pulled back in time or he would have lost a hand.

Despite possessing two imperial weapons with a True Gods assistance, Chen Taihe and the northern lord still couldnt escape their fate today. The immortal sword swept by horizontally and off with their heads.

They saw their own body hitting the ground; their eyes overwhelmed with fear about the realization of death. It was all too late.

There was no one left alive on the battlefield. Several thousand experts were lying in their own pool of blood; bodies in one place, heads rolling to another.

Indignation and disbelief were the general expressions found on these severed heads.

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