Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 794: Releasing The Phoenix

Godslaying wasnt an easy topic. No one would dare to talk about it because it could incite the wrath of the True Gods. At worse, it would bring about a sect-destroying calamity.

“Such shameless and disrespectful bragging towards your ancestors.” Chen Taihe shouted back.

Li Qiye casually responded: “Disrespectful towards the ancestors? Just a bunch of fake gods claiming to be the orthodox branch. Unfortunately, the dynasty is always changing in Insane Court. There is no main branch.”

Some of the reticent crowd agreed with this particular statement.

In fact, throughout the years, numerous clans have taken charge of Insane Court, too many to count. The so-called orthodox branch was only the current one in charge. Today, one can be the main branch and tomorrow, someone else. The only unchanging factor was the dao source and the system.

“Arrogant child, well deliver justice in the heavens stead, to rid the system of a disrespectful villain like you!” The northern lord cried out.

Both Chen Taihe and the northern lord wanted to represent the side of justice and sentenced Li Qiye to be a disrespectful wretch in order to obtain the moral high ground.

“Very well, lets not waste more words then. Make your move.” Li Qiye smiled: “Go first so others wont say that I didnt give you all a chance to fight back.”

Such blatant contempt made the experts from the two factions livid.

“Lets go!” Chen Taihe ordered. More than one thousand disciples from the Chen formed a maelstrom of a formation.

It emitted a terrible imperial aura because Taihe was using a mirror as red as fire – hanging at the center of the maelstrom.

“Crimson Imperial Mirror…” A sect elder was able to recognize its background as a True Emperor Treasure.

After all, this used to be an imperial clan. Their ancestors have left behind amazing treasures for the descendants, not something that could be said about the rest.

“Boom!” The northern lord assumed the same formation and several thousand disciples turned into an enormous scorpion – taller than ten mountains – with claws easily capable of crushing one. Nothing seemed capable of stopping a direct strike.

Its tail was incredibly long and capable of shooting out poisonous needles. Not even the stars were safe.

The northern lord was raising an urn with both hands; it exuded enough chilling energy that could herald an ice age.

This particular urn was located in the heart of the scorpion formation, acting as its core. People would think of it as a beating heart.

“Archaic Ice Urn.” Another ancestor bellowed its name.

If the chilling energy inside were to be released, it would definitely freeze over everything.

In just a short time, these maelstrom and scorpion formations surrounded Li Qiye.

Of course, the fella was still undeterred and smiling like always. He casually raised his hand and the power of the grand dao erupted.

“Clank!” More sword hymns came about, resulting in countless heavenly swords floating in the sky like waterfalls. Their monstrous sword energies gathered into an ocean of sharpness.

Though they varied in sizes, some were big enough to reach the celestials above. Their gradual appearance resembled a peacock spreading its tail – acting as a defensive measure for Li Qiye in the back.

“Insane Sword Dao!” The spectators were amazed after seeing this sword dao once more.

“Who the hell is he? Why is he so good at this ancestral sword technique? No, even to a master level.”An ancestor wondered.

Only the very top experts of the ancestors in Insane Court could cultivate this technique. They were above dealing with politics and rather traveled around as sages. Li Qiye was definitely not one of them.

“If we were to talk about the best users of this sword technique, true masters of its profundities, they would be the guardians of the dao source.” One master stated.

But these guardians simply didnt come into being and kept a low profile unless the system itself was facing an existential crisis.

The ancestors from Sacred Institution scowled. It had to be said that they were jealous after seeing this art since they couldnt cultivate it yet a junior was able to.

“Take him down!” The two leaders roared at the same time. The experts in the formations instantly activated their unbeatable formations.

“Boom!” The maelstrom unleashed a pulsing current – akin to the fury of the high heaven itself. It also carried the flame of a True Emperor. All were fragile like dried branches before it.

“Bam!” The gigantic scorpion also attacked with both claws. A divine mountain would fall before such force. More importantly, it also fired needles straight for Li Qiyes heart.

Escaping was quite futile once locked on. These needles pierced through the temporal fabric and were inches from his heart before he could do anything.

Both the potentially fatal attacks gave him no chance to retaliate.

“So strong!” The neutral ancestors here were aghast. Only a True God would be able to handle this situation due to the presence of two imperial weapons. However, they would also need an imperial weapon.

This was the reason why these two factions were part of the four great powers. Their power was proportional to their current status and influence.

“Clank!” The swords behind Li Qiye gathered to form walls all around him, sealing an entire world in order to stop all attacks.

“Boom!” The pulsing current was still stopped by this wall of swords. It continued to crazily beam forward with waves after waves, causing space to tremble.

Alas, the world-sealing capability of the swords deterred anything from ever breaking through.

On the other side, more swords turned into a boundless sword dao against the ferocious claws of the scorpion. Their momentum could sweep and pull a world inside.

The sword dao spread into two parts, stopping one claw each with its toughness. Not a single mark was left on these dao swords despite the sheer force of the smash.

Finally, the needles aiming for his heart were repelled as well. One sword was hovering right before his chest to stop them.

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