Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 793: Ming Yexues Secret Identity

Xu Zhijie could actually watch the blood gushing from his neck.

Li Qiye added another slash and the severed body got cut into two pieces. Internal organs and blood made a grisly puddle.

Zhijie was still watching the whole thing. His mouth opened, wanting to scream but no words could come out.

“Jieer!” The northern lord shouted in horror but it was too late to save his son.

The first slash killed a thousand while the second took down Silver Fox.

The world came to a still, assaulted with the stench of blood. Everyone shuddered after seeing this.

When people calmed down, they looked back at Li Qiye with a changed perspective. This ordinary youth was a death god now, a terrifying monster that could make oceans of blood.

“Fiercest.” One appreciated this particular title much more.

Perhaps he was the only one worthy of this nickname for it was too apt.

The pale lord trembled, thinking that he was too slow.

“Little animal, Northern Territory will never let this go until one side is dead!” His furious roar echoed across the area. His fury wished to drown the whole world. Nothing was in his mind outside of vengeance.

“Then I shall destroy your Northern Territory.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said, a striking contrast to the furious lord.

“Children of the north, avenge your young lord!” The lord picked up his sons imperial saber. Its sharp glow fixated on Li Qiye.

“Boom!” All the experts from this region gathered together and came behind him. They resembled fierce tigers, ready to pounce and tear Li Qiye to pieces.

There was no doubt that Northern Territory was quite influential in Sacred Institution. He could gather enough men with one call.

The legion was full of bloodthirst; all enemies would tremble before their torrential rage.

“Fools.” Li Qiye glanced at this army of more than ten thousand experts.

“Brother, our Upper Faction has your back to eliminate this guy.” The army of the Chen immediately made it to this area as well and surrounded Li Qiye from the back.

Chen Taihe personally led an army of a similar size to the northern region. They have made up their mind to kill Li Qiye at all cost.

In fact, Sacred Institution felt the same way. It didnt matter whether he was from the Wang Clan or not, he was way too big of a threat now.

As long as he was around, they should stop thinking about competing for the throne. The scarier part was that when he fully matured, their factions wouldnt even have a place to stay in Insane Court.

Thus, the ancestors from these two powers agreed with the current course of action – whether it be to avenge the dead disciples or to destroy a future threat. This was the only way to have peace of mind in the future.

The experts from the two factions surrounded in a perfect manner. Murderous energy permeated the air, ready for an eruption of battle.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye coolly stood there and threw away his sword as if he didnt need it. The two armies were nothing in his eyes, just another day and another leisure stroll.

People held their breath, thinking about how strong the two factions would be when working together.

“I cant believe these two factions are working together, and against a junior at that.” A clan ancestor said.

Though the four great powers were working for Insane Court, they have always been rivals or even enemies. Conflicts and schemes always happened in the shadows and in the court. The death of the emperor made the competition even fiercer.

Today, they were working together. Chen Taihe himself came to help? No one would expect such a thing.

The northern lord and Chen Taihe were putting aside their numerous feuds and grievances in order to deal with Li Qiye first.

“More people, more fun. Unfortunately, number is meaningless. Only more to die.” Li Qiye smiled freely and said.

The spectators were amazed at his nonchalant attitude despite being surrounded. Those who didnt like him before were still admiring his courage, knowing that they wouldnt be able to keep their legs from trembling.

“Little animal, well peel your skin today!” The northern lord wanted nothing more than to taste his flesh and drink his blood.

“A fool is not suitable to be the lord of a clan.” Li Qiye commented: “Your Northern Territory is done for.”

“The only thing I know is that you wont be leaving this place alive!” Chen Taihe joined in.

Taihe was feeling much better because he didnt lose a son to Li Qiye. Nevertheless, he was still ready to go all out.

Li Qiye glanced at the armies and said: “Youre all only walking towards your death, very well, since all you fools have made the effort to gather here, Ill take care of everything all at once so that I wont have to make multiple trips. After killing you all, Upper Faction and Sacred Institution will become trivial.”

“Hmph!” A snort came from the northern camp.

The aura of a True God tore apart the sky vault. It was as ferocious as a primal beast. This camp also had a True God around. This being was now enraged by Li Qiyes arrogance.

The fury of a True God naturally frightened the crowd. Just this alone was enough to make people shudder. If one were to come out right now, the crowd would bend their knees.

“Why are these True Gods here?” An elder thought about something else.

True Gods were very prestigious in Insane Court and rarely appeared. Were they really here just for a blood ginseng? No, because they just needed to say the word and so many would work for them.

“Only True Gods, no need to be so haughty in front of me. Ill slay these nobodies then will slay you gods. Well, no, godslaying sounds too much of a praise.” Li Qiye retorted.

People gasped after hearing this. Godslaying wasnt something so easily uttered. Even a clan would dare to say so.

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