Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 792: Blood Wri

Everyone rushed for the abyss in order to capture the blood ginseng with the exception of the disinterested Li Qiye.

He remained on a high vantage point in order to watch the flashing golden line on the ground. It looked like this item was prudent, wily, and possessed an incredible moving ability.

The blood ginseng could even be viewed as a distraction so that no one else would notice its appearance.

Li Qiye remained patient, aware that it was only a matter of time. Nevertheless, someone has been watching him the whole time as well – Silver Fox Xu Zhijie.

This youth didnt care much for the ginseng root either. In his mind, Li Qiye was far more valuable. Moreover, these great powers werent here for the ginseng. It would be nice to have but wasnt overly crucial.

The experts from Sacred Institution and Upper Faction didnt mobilize like the rest of the crowd. Their ancestors have given an order about a more important task.

This abyss was actually a pit dug by so many people. Layers of earth were taken away, resulting in its current bottomless form.

The ginseng was fast enough to make it all the way down there. No one knew where it ran due to the sheer size of the pit so it disappeared from sight.

Nevertheless, some didnt give up and began to excavate once more. It didnt take long before there were explosions and rocks flying everywhere. Unfortunately, even if they dug out every inch of this land, they still wouldnt be able to find it.

“Damn!” Everyone climbed out of the abyss and lamented.

One elder said: “This ginseng is probably ten million years of age with a conscience now. A True God might need to take action.”

There was nothing they could do outside of leaving the pit and cursing the situation. They were here for the ginseng and only managed to catch glimpses of it.

They turned their sight towards Li Qiye and Upper Faction. However, he was only standing on a hill while the people from Upper Faction were just closing their camps, completely on guard and ready for battle.

“Are they not fighting?” A spectator wondered.

“Poof.” A virtually indiscernible noise came as something slightly protruded from the mud as if it was swimming.

Li Qiyes eyes became serious after seeing this development. Nevertheless, he remained as still as a statue instead of acting rashly and alarming the thing. It was only testing the water with this movement.

In the blink of an eye, an arrow came flying overhead. It wasnt aiming at him but he was still displeased nonetheless.

It penetrated the hill he was standing on and the thing beneath the mud instantly disappeared again.

Li Qiyes expression turned cold. He waited all this time for that thing to come out for naught.

He glanced over at the camp of Sacred Institution and saw Silver Fox with a drawn bow. That arrow clearly came from him.

He didnt know that a death god was approaching, only thinking about the mysteries behind that hill judging by Li Qiyes serious expression. His scouting attempt had ruined Li Qiyes business.

This attracted the crowds attention. People felt that the particular shot wasnt too aggressive, only a type of provocation.

Li Qiye was now heading for that camp with a cold glare.

Their experts naturally drew their weapons. Shields formed massive walls in order to stop Li Qiye.

This powerful institution dreaded Li Qiye right now, thinking that this “Fiercest” was too much.

“You courted death.” Li Qiye told Xu Zhijie.

“Fello Daoist Li, I simply shot it at the sky, not aiming for anyone. Ivory Gap is so large, you cant forbid everyone from doing what they want, right?” Zhijie powerfully responded.

“I see, and if I want to do that?” Li Qiyes eyes flashed.

“Please be reasonable, Insane Court is such a place where logic and laws win…” Zhijie felt that he had reasons on his side so he wasnt afraid.

“Unfortunately for you, I am the laws and logic. No mercy for those who ruin my business.” Li Qiye smiled.

Those who were familiar with him would know that this was the smile of an execution sentence.

“Sir, please return, we bear no ill-will.” An old man came out of this camp with a cloak on. He walked proudly and spoke resoundingly: “Its not wise to create enemies everywhere.”

“The lord of Northern Territory.” Someone shouted after seeing the old man.

He was Xu Zhijies father and the current leader of Northern Territory. His status in the system was not inferior to Chen Taihe.

“Ill leave after killing your son.” Li Qiye coldly said.

The members of this camp were startled and exchanged glances, thinking that this person was too much.

“Thats why he calls himself Fiercest.” A guy whispered: “Beating the crap out of the Chen Clan earlier and now Northern Territory is next? Hes going to beat all four great powers at this rate.”

Some were actually quite amused because if the four great powers were to be defeated, it meant that the replacements could come soon enough.

It would not only be a change in the emperor but also the birth of an entirely new dynasty. People became excited at this thought, anticipating each of his next moves.

A vexed voice came from inside the camp: “Return now or we wont be polite any longer.”

“Li Qiye, were being respectful to you right now. You think were made of paper, so easily torn apart?” Silver Fox coldly said. He has been itching to try and defeat Li Qiye.

“Youre right.” Li Qiye casually raised his hand. A sword of a spectator nearby flew right into his grasp. He pointed at Silver Fox and said: “I will cut you down today.”

“Brat, you think well let you do as you please?!” An expert from the camp angrily shouted.

“Kill him!” Silver Fox gave the command before taking out a saber full of imperial energy.

First it was Shuwei with his imperial whip. Now Silver Fox had one too? Quite enviable to be from such a background.

The experts from the camp quickly formed a formation. They were also experienced in battle without any weak member. Because of this, swords and sabers erupted like volcanos while they rushed for their foe.

“Idiots.” Li Qiye snorted and his sword began a hymn while sending off a flood of rays.

This slash cut down the stars far in the horizon. It was unstoppable and would turn all into ashes.

The attacking horde suddenly stopped – the entire frontline was wiped out. More than a thousand experts became bloody mists in a single move. Even those who barely survived the slash got dismembered.

One sword to slay a thousand was no longer a sentence describing a legendary tale. Li Qiye was doing it in person.

Zhijies weapon was unleashing a massive amount of energy. The void was breaking from its pressure.

Alas, this imperial weapon and its waterfall-like slash were not enough to stop the rays coming from Li Qiyes sword.

“Retreat!” The lord of Northern Territory wanted to help his son after seeing this.

It was too late. The rays continued forward and aimed for Silver Foxs head.

His head was way up in the air before blood started to gush out.

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