Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 789: Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor

Li Qiye smiled at Taihe in response: “Then so be it, I shall trample all of you. I hope that some strong foes will come out, just your group alone is so weak, not interesting at all. Do your worst now so that I can warm up.”

The Chen disciples didnt take this comment too well. Some of them were famous experts, not used to such contempt and disrespect. Alas, they needed to restrain themselves until an order is given. At that point, they would be the first to rush forward to take this guy down!”

“The Chen is not to be trifled with!” Even saints have a limit to their tolerance. Taihe was naturally furious now and scowled. His aura erupted like a raging dragon – a symbol of his fury.

Strands of light exuded from the camp to form a massive wave engulfing everything to the astonishment of the spectators.

In the blink of an eye, it was as if all could see an invincible existence before them. Everyone wanted to kneel before the aura of a True God.

“The Chen Clan has a True God here!” An older expert murmured.

The crow then realized why the Chen was so confident. So they even brought a True God along. All the other sects here would need to think carefully before messing with them now.

“How many True Gods from Upper Faction are here then?” Another old man wondered.

There werent that many of them in Insane Court due to its declination. Moreover, the majority of True Gods were from the four great powers.

Anyone would feel respectful towards these beings. Though a True Saint as only one realm below a True God, this particular gap was immense like the distance between heaven and earth.

Only a True God would be eligible to see the peak of Three Immortal Worlds. Anything less was trivial.

What was the biggest difference between these realms? A True God was a “god” while all the realms below were “mortals”. This was also a necessary step before one could become a True Emperor.

“I dont think Li Qiy can do it.” It didnt matter which True God was here from the Chen, but one was enough.

The crowd was aware of his might but didnt think he was a True God just yet. The only person in their system right now that could do so at such a young age was Chu Qingling.

“This so-called Fiercest might be fierce, but he cant take on a True God. If hes smart, he would come up with an excuse to de-escalate this situation.” An older expert thought.

In fact, it wasnt shameful to back down before a True God at all. No one would mock Li Qiye in this situation.

Chu Qingling wasnt capable of fighting against an older True God. She still needed more time and experience.

“Thats all?” Li Qiye remained calm: “A True God is still only an ant before becoming an Ascender, Eternal, or True Emperor. Anything less is insignificant.” [1]

Everyone took a deep breath. He had a wonderful display of strength earlier but he could be overstepping his bound with this statement.

“Who does he think he is? A True Emperor?” A person snorted, unhappy with the arrogant statement.

“An Ascender True God is already unbeatable enough. An Eternal True God is eligible to enter Immortal Lineage and more than enough to look down on Myriad Lineage. They are very important and influential in Emperor Lineage too. I dont think anyone in this world can make this comment with a straight face.” Another elder felt the same way.

A regular True God was strong enough, but Ascenders and Eternals were supreme existences. A statement like this virtually offended all the True Gods in Myriad Lineage.

“Hmph.” A thunderous scowl came from the camp with a destructive presence!

The weaker experts in the crowd bent their knees, unable to resist this power.

The crowd became frightened. The power of a True God far exceeded their own. Clearly, the True God from the Chen was dissatisfied with that comment earlier. Nevertheless, this god wasnt in a hurry to take action.

“Im merely stating the truth.” Li Qiye ignored the scowl and smiled: “In Three Immortals, progenitors are at the apex. Eternals are only the starting point.”

“Ignorant fool!” Chen Shuwei shouted: “Youre not qualified to challenge our ancestor. Beat us first then try saying that again.”

Li Qiye gave him a glance and said with a lazy tone: “Just a punch or two is enough to take care of your group.”

Shuwei has never been treated like this before. As the Grand Tutor of the court, so many nobles would bow towards him, taking pride in calling him “brother”. His face turned red from the contempt.

“Very well, well see just how strong you are.” He finally took out a weapon.

An imperial aura engulfed the area with strands of might tearing the clouds and sky vault apart.

“An imperial weapon!” People shuddered at the remnant energy oozing from it.

Shuwei was holding an unreasonably long whip with both hands. They looked like two whiskers from a dragon. Thus, this resulted in him being the head of a dragon while the two cavalries behind him were the body.

These strands of power were as sharp as heavenly swords. The whip itself emitted a draconic aura.

“Hmm, a foreign dao weapon at the imperial level.” Someone else had a better evaluation of this weapon.

“Dragonwhisker Whip!” One elder even recognized its name and murmured: “A True Emperor from the Chen refined a dragons whiskers into this weapon.”

The Chen naturally had produced some True Emperors before. Rumor has it that one of them killed a dragon and turned its whiskers into a whip.

People were naturally in awe at this sight. Though Shuwei was only a minor True King, he turned into something different while holding this imperial weapon.

It would allow him to challenge a grand True God, or even fight against a True Saint without a similar weapon. These weapons left behind by the True Emperors were too powerful.

“Its nice being from a big clan.” One spectator noted with envy.

For many clan members, just having a True Gods weapon was amazing enough, let alone an imperial weapon.

1. I might change these translations after getting more context

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