Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 785: Alchemy Kingdoms Plan

There was a clear contrast between the aggressive Peng and the nonchalant Li Qiye in this standoff. The third party was the anticipating crowd.

“Hahaha, times over, its too late for you to beg…” Peng Chujun intimidated.

“Youre overthinking it.” Li Qiye interrupted him with a smile: “Someone like you wants me to beg? Thats akin to an ant asking an elephant to kneel. You think too highly of yourself and your clan.”

“You!” Chujun turned red while trembling with rage.

“Unfortunately, you dont even know who you have offended. I wont just kill your son now, but also you, and everyone else from your clan. But, if you commit suicide now, I can forgive the rest. If I have to do it myself, then your clan will cease to exist after today!”

Everyone was stunned to hear this, feeling that he was being ridiculous. Destroying the Peng was not something that could be said trivially. It had the Chen and Upper Faction backing it.

“I see!” Chujun was angry to the point of laughing: “Little brat, I actually want to see what you can do. Lose and Ill torture your followers in front of you. Seize him!” He gestured for his men to attack.

The elites in their battle formations surrounded Li Qiye with walls of shields. In the middle of the shields were an opening for blades to come out of. Anyone would be pierced completely while standing in the center of this onslaught.

They were battle-hardened, experienced in contests of life and death. None of them were weak so this killing formation could make others smell the stench of blood.

Everyone held their breath. There was no doubt that Chujuns conduct frightened the crowd. Flaying these two in front of Li Qiye? If he couldnt break through the barricade to save them, this would leave a lasting psychological scar. Plus, he was at a disadvantage due to the hostages.

Peng Chujun had an absolute advantage right now. Who knows if he could even survive?

“Lets go!” The elites began in a thunderous fashion. Numerous blades aimed for him, seemingly coming out of the ground in order to dismember him.

“Haha, my turn too.” The executioner grinned and stood before Yang Shengping.

“Clank!” The flashing blades intertwined together, on the verge of making mincemeat out of Li Qiye.

“Ants.” Li Qiye smiled. His body quaked a bit and suddenly, a wind vortex appeared beneath his feet. Even the ground shook in response.

“Boom!” A loud impact akin to two armies colliding resounded. Everyone became dazzled, unable to see his action.

“Where should I start? Hehe, dont blame me for this…” The executioner waved his blade in front of Shengpings chest but he abruptly stopped.

“Boom!” Li Qiye had a speed surpassing everything while everyone was still hearing the previous loud blast.

The elites blocking his path were all blown flying to the sky. Their blades, shields, and armors all crumbled. Next were their bones; something seemed to have pierced through their body.

It wasnt a sharp object but rather, an unstoppable force that crushed every fiber of their being.

Blood gushed out like blossoming flowers. The world came to a still in this magnificent yet grisly scene.

The executioner stopped because a hand was gripping his throat, lifting him to the air. He couldnt resist from the start to the end.

“Help me!” He was scared out of his mind but it was too late.

“Crack!” The hand broke his neck, leaving him dead with wide-open eyes.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!” The elites knocked to the air finally fell to the ground in waves.

The few hundred men didnt move at all, paralyzed on the ground like mud. Though their skin and flesh looked unharmed, their internal organs and bone structures were pulverized.

Blood filled the ground as these elites didnt even realize that they had died. They only felt a massive force penetrating through their body, like an invisible man drilling through all.

The stench of blood was no longer an illusion or feeling.

“Insane Force!” An ancestor from one clan could recognize this particular technique.

All eyes were on Li Qiye now in astonishment.

This was a merit law left behind by the progenitor under the watch of several great powers, such as the main four. Other clans didnt have a chance to cultivate it. Everyone began guessing about his identity.

Grand Tutor and Silver Fox were alarmed because Li Qiye was definitely not from Upper Faction or Sacred Institution. The only possibility was that he was from the Wang Clan!

In the beginning, they thought he was an outsider, not an actual disciple from that clan. Suddenly, they came up with the same speculation – perhaps the Wang Clans new candidate for the throne was him!

“No, something is wrong.” Han Feng from Ancient Temple had a weird expression as he murmured.

He felt that the power of Insane Force earlier didnt come from Li Qiye himself.

But in the territory of a system, if it didnt come from a user, it meant that the system itself was the culprit. This power came from its dao source.

As members of a system, after reaching a certain level, they would be able to grasp the power of the grand dao within the system or even borrow the majestic might of the dao source.

However, even True Gods could only borrow a tiny part of this power.

In Han Fengs eyes, this wasnt the case here. Li Qiye didnt exert any of his own power – all of that technique earlier came from the dao system.

He found this impossible. To be able to completely control the power of the dao source? There were only two possibilities – the progenitor or a future True Emperor of the system standing at the apex.

Well, this youth definitely couldnt be Insane Ancestor or a True Emperor. How could he completely borrow the power of their system? Thats why he was completely aghast but couldnt explain it at all. The whole thing was too bizarre.

Han Fengs observation was perfect. Li Qiye only used the power of the dao source indeed. Remember, he had all the laws of Insane Ancestor. It was too easy for him to control the power of Insane Court.

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