Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 784: The Legendary Black Fox

“Nobody?” Peng Chujun had a scary glare and said chillingly: “Looks like he got afraid and ran. Hmph, a monk can run but not the temple. Take them in.”

Shengping and Sijing were then taken to the Pengs camp. It occupied a large region outside of Ivory Gap with more than one thousand disciples. The discipline was strict here with an oppressive atmosphere. Each of the guards had murderous intent, causing anyone and everyone to be on guard.

They sent all of their elites to this place. This was definitely their strongest legion. Outside of obtaining revenge for his dead son, the clan master also wanted to build up prestige for Upper Faction.

The atmosphere was tense since this could change the current political landscape and future direction of Insane Court. After this event, perhaps a new emperor would come out.

The Peng was under Upper Faction and needed to do something in this event. If Upper Faction were in control later, they would be more respected with more given benefits.

Thats why the Peng virtually gambled their entire clan for this maneuver. The other clans didnt dare to come close to their camp.

This was an active volcano that could erupt at any moment. Messing with it would only bring unnecessary trouble.

After Shengping and Sijing were taken to the camp, they were tied up in the entrance with executioners standing to the sides, grinding their sharp blades. Clearly, the Peng wanted to make a show out of decapitating them.

All the experts nearby held their breath, realizing that these two were Li Qiyes followers. Peng Chujun wanted to make an example out of them then kill Li Qiye for the previously mentioned reasons.

He wanted to let all the sects and cultivators in the system know that the Peng was not one to be trifled with.

“Where is Li Qiye?” Someone murmured while looking at the two captives.

“Ha, probably ran for his life already.” A clan member laughed and said: “Most would be afraid when the Peng goes all out. Not many would want an all-out war with them.”

“But it doesnt look like that Li Qiye guy is afraid of trouble. Hell provoke just about anyone.” Someone else said, thinking that Li Qiye couldnt have run away.

The clan member sneered: “Thats not true. A few people act quite fierce until the going gets tough then they run right away. This is opposing the entire Peng Clan with more than ten thousand experts and mighty ancestors. Can he take on all of them? I highly doubt that.”

The crowd agreed with this statement. Li Qiye might be fierce enough to not worry about one or two geniuses, but having the courage to face an entire clan was a different story.

Peng Chujun was standing in his camp, ready to kill. He coldly uttered: “Little brat, you can run for now but not forever. We will hunt you down all the way to the corners of the world, letting you taste despair and hopelessness!” His voice echoed across the mountain range and even farther.

Silver Fox was enjoying this, thinking that there were cannon fodders testing out Li Qiye for him.

As for Grand Tutor, he actually hoped for Peng Chujuns success. Capturing him alive would be best so they could use him to take down the Wang Clan.

Alas, Li Qiye didnt appear even after the taunt.

People glanced at each other, thinking that not just anyone could ignore this taunt.

“Hmph, looks like the guy is scared. What was the point of acting cool earlier, just a coward now.” The clan member snorted.

“Right, boasted his ass off two days ago, but now, running faster than anyone else when trouble comes.” A cultivator from Upper Faction said with contempt.

Numerous people here came from Upper Faction or had ties with it. The Peng was their ally so they naturally would speak up for the clan.

“Alright, little brat, well see how long you can run. Ill kill your followers one by one and see if you can keep on being a turtle.” Chujun uttered coldly.

People took a deep breath after hearing this, knowing that Shengping and Sijing were quite unlucky. Li Qiye still didnt show up after this declaration.

“Little brat, I know youre close. Ill count to five, if you dont show up, Ill start flaying them.” The clan master shouted again.

He wanted to use these two to force Li Qiye out. In his eyes, the kid was afraid and would only continue to hide if he truly didnt care about his followers.

He raised his hand and the executioner close to Shengping ripped off Shengpings shirt.

“Hahaha, Yang, well cut off your flesh now, dont worry, Im quite skilled, youll be alive for three days just fine after I slice off everything.” The executioner said with a sinister tone.

“Come then, show me what you got, my last name wont be Yang if I even frown in the slightest!” This ancestor from Grand Sword was quite determined and didnt want to throw away his sects face.

“Well see how long you can last.” The executioner laughed.

“One, two, three…” Chujun began counting down. Each word was chilling with an intent to kill.

“Five…” The last number was said but Li Qiye was still nowhere to be found.

People shook their head after seeing this.

“Following a master like this is the misfortune of three lives. Causing trouble yet not daring to take responsibility.” An old expert commented.

“Pah! Just a coward, only know how to boast.” A clan member said with disdain.

In a short time, everyone was sympathetic towards the two unlucky victims.

“So be it, time to start on your followers!” Chujun raised his hand once more, telling the executioner to begin.

“Ha, dont blame me for being merciless, its your fault for picking a coward for a master.” The executioner said while grinding his blade again.

Right when he was about to position his blade, a leisure voice came about: “Oh, so lively here?”

“Li Qiye!” Someone cried out after seeing him coming out of the cave.

Peng Chujuns eyes became even scarier after spotting his enemy.

Grand Tutor and Silver Fox were signaling with their eyes, wanting to capture Li Qiye at all cost. He was an important piece for their next move!

“I was gone only for a moment and people want to rebel already?” Li Qiye took one step and suddenly appeared before the Pengs camp.

“Clank!” The elites from the clan rushed out with their weapons drawn then formed a battle formation in order to stop all of his paths.

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