Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 779: The Most Unbelievable Refinemen

The start of her cultivation consisted of the most profound mental law from True Emperor Chu. She didnt let these ancestors from Chu Camp down at all because her talents were indeed wondrous. She exceeded her peers and became the number one disciple.

Perhaps it was harsh to criticize the Chu Ancestors for picking this route. In fact, many dao systems also did this. Not many wanted to start from the foundational methods. After all, who would want to use a pair of gloves made of jade to move some bricks? Only an insightful senior would demand such a thing.

She could be viewed as a mine. Many knew that it could be refined and built to produce more gold ores. However, the effort might be too great and some would rather just pick up the random gold nuggets scattered about.

In the beginning, the ancestors of the Chu wanted to take the easy way out – letting her cultivate the most profound merit law from True Emperor Chu.

Alas, after reaching a certain level, the ancestors had an even bigger goal for her, wanting to excavate the mine completely.

Ultimately, there was a great disparity between True Emperor Chu and Insane Ancestor. Thus, they wanted her to swap dao. This shouldnt be a problem considering her talents and comprehension.

After all, True Emperor Chus dao was derived from Insane Ancestors dao. These two should be able to harmonize perfectly, like rivers branching into the ocean – a natural flow of the world.

The problem was the difficulties in actual implementation. Nothing was perfect in this world but the process was not smooth at all.

If Qinglings goal was to become a powerful True God, this wouldnt be a problem. However, as for becoming a True Emperor or even a progenitor? This was much more difficult. Just one tiny crack on this path could eventually become a full-blown chasm.

This was a great secret known only by her and the highest level ancestors from the Chu Camp. Thus, she was rightfully astonished at this moment.

“How, how do you know?!” She stared at him in disbelief.

Li Qiye chuckled in response: “Theres no secret in my eyes. As for connecting grand dao, it is hard to be perfect. Your problem is neither big or small – just requiring a state of relaxation and rest. With this, the tiny injury in your grand dao will close but what can accelerate this? The blood ginseng, the best and oldest! This is why you came to Ivory Gap!”

She suddenly felt as if she was bare naked before him with no secrets or privacy to speak of. This made her instinctively take several steps back from fear.

“Everyone is here for the ginseng.” She retorted weakly, knowing that this wasnt a good excuse.

Li Qiye smiled and nodded: “Thats correct, the elders and disciples from all around the system are here for that ginseng, same with you. The only difference is the goal. But some are here for something else, why did the three great powers bring their legions here, is such fanfare necessary for one single ginseng root?”

“Not for the ginseng?” The quiet Shengping was startled.

He felt that something was amiss because the atmosphere looked like the start of a war. Everyone seemed to be on guard.

Both Upper Faction and Sacred Institution were camping their private armies here. These armies were their own disciples so loyalty was assured. The legions that they couldnt absolutely trust werent brought here.

This indeed smelled like war. What were they planning in Ivory Gap?

“Youre here for the ginseng, but Upper Faction and Sacred Institution are here for one of Insane Ancestors true treasure!”

“A primordial treasure!” Shengping felt a chill after hearing this.

A primordial treasure was a shocking artifact. The system right now had many imperial treasures from the emperors, but these primordial treasures were much rarer. Someone as weak as Shengping had no idea about them outside of rumors.

“Completely baseless.” She denied this right away.

“Pop!” He slapped her pretty buttocks and said: “Little girl, it is unwise, lying to me.”

“You!” She jumped like a cat that had its tail stepped on with a flushed complexion.

“Lie to me again and I will strip you naked then throw you on the street.” He said with a deadpan tone.

This was the first time someone dared to talk like this to her. He was even doing it so openly and leisurely.

“Im serious.” Li Qiye said, ignoring her anger: “Insane Ancestor did indeed leave behind a heaven-defying treasure for the future generations. Unfortunately, you all lost it later, I wont speak on the circumstances behind this, but the weapon is still inside Ivory Gap. Because of this, the blood ginseng isnt the main focus this time around.”

She was aware that very few knew this event, only the top echelon of the four great powers. But now, Li Qiye was so certain of it.

She stared at him and asked: “The queen told you?”

Wang Han certainly knew about this. Maybe she was the one who divulged this information to him?

“When I was aware of this matter, all of you didnt even know what was going on with Ivory Gap.” Li Qiye chuckled.

He was certainly one of the first to know about this, no need for Wang Han to tell him. Meanwhile, Shengping was shocked by this new information about a primordial treasure located inside Ivory Gap. [1]

A primordial treasure was too tempting and could drive people crazy. The old man knew why these great powers would mobilize their legions to Ivory Gap.

A big event was going to happen. The emergence of this treasure would certainly be accompanied by blood. Ivory Gap was about to become a terrible battlefield.

Whether it be Upper Faction, Sacred Institution, or Chu Camp, just grabbing this primordial treasure would completely change the political landscape of the dao system. It wouldnt be hard for its master to take over.

Just the Wang Clan was missing now to Shengpings dismay. The situation was indeed grave if the Wang didnt get involved and if Wang Han had lost control.

Qingling was also astonished but not because of the primordial treasure. She was startled because Li Qiye seemed to know everything. She felt as if the entire system was under his grasp – that he was a supreme existence in this dao land.

1. The author called it true treasure, then primordial treasure, then ancestral treasure in a single chapter. Ill just stick with primordial treasure for consistency. All of them work though

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