Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 70: Scheming 2

This was why they turned into dried corpses.

The beastmaster furiously howled: “Li Qiye! Dont even think about leaving Godhalt!”

His heart was bleeding; it wasnt easy for their sect to train a group of dark enforcers. A group required several decades or even centuries of grooming. But now, all of them were killed by Li Qiye. This was quite a blow to the abyss.

“I have heard these words already.” Li Qiye waved his arm and said: “You should be thinking about whether or not you can leave here alive.”

The beastmaster screamed: “Even if we are down to the last man, we will still take your head!”

Li Qiye didnt really mind the raging opponent: “I should decapitate you on account of these words alone. However, your head is already spoken for.”

Dragonscale, sitting next to the beastmaster, couldnt watch any longer. He stood up and coldly uttered: “You are being too presumptuous. With me here, you are not allowed to do as you please.”

He came this time in order to cooperate with the abyss. Moreover, their Ancestral Terra also thought about delivering Li Qiyes retribution, so how could he let go of this good opportunity?

“Come, come. Since you want to die so badly, Ill help.” Li Qiye smiled and gestured towards Dragonscale: “This is good, beat the young and the old will come out. I still want to absorb that Dragon Bamboo completely.”

“You are mad!” Dragonscale couldnt handle these disdainful words towards his master. He took one step forward and, with a loud blast, he instantly took root and revealed his true form.

At this moment, a gigantic green bamboo appeared before everyone. Its body pierced the clouds while each leaf could blot out the sky. There was actually a half-dragon entrenched on this large tree. It was thick and spanned thousands of miles just like a mountain range that was connected to the tree itself.

It huffed and puffed thunderously while exuding a terrifying aura that raged across the area. Its draconic affinity carried a deterring force that caused many cultivators to retreat from the battlefield.

This was the true form of the Dragonscale Bamboo, the combination of a half-dragon and bamboo. In fact, the tree was its real body. The dragon was there because of its dragon bloodline. Even though this blood was quite thin, it was still powerful enough to turn into a half-dragon with scales.

“Youre far below Meng Zhentian, I only need two or three fists to destroy you.” Dragonscale might look strong, but Li Qiye only gave him a dismissive glance.

Dragonscale didnt like this disdainful look from Li Qiye, so he trembled with rage. He was, more or less, a great awe-inspiring character at Heaven Spirit, but Li Qiye made it sound as if he was only an ant.

“Senior, I will help you. Well kill him together.” The beastmaster declared and opened his heavenly reflection.

With a deafening explosion, a phoenix appeared from the beastmasters mirror. Its aura swept through the sky as it danced. One can imagine how powerful a phoenix was; its might made many people feel dreadful.

With the beasts emergence, a cold glint appeared and moved at an imperceptible speed that surpassed time itself. It aimed straight for the beastmasters throat.

“Screech!” At this moment of life and death, the phoenix from the mirror cried out and instantly clawed at the glint at an unbelievable speed. However, this sword attack carried an unstoppable bloodthirst that could pierce any foes body.

“Clank!” When the phoenix seized the sword, a hymn echoed across the world and the bloodthirst erupted like a flood breaking a dam.

The sword continued to soar forward even with the claws holding onto it. The friction sent sparks flying. This unstoppable sword left no room for escape. The beastmasters throat was instantly pierced.

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