Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 770: Divine Beast Zither

Something big was already happening at Ivory Gap when the group made it there.

Ivory Gap was a large mountain range with rolling hills everywhere. Towering peaks reached the sky while deep valleys entrenched themselves into the earth.

It produced a large number of medicinal materials and grasses – a wild alchemy garden for the system of sort. Because of this, fierce beasts and poisonous insects frequented the area. This resulted in numerous casualties.

For some unknown reasons, Insane Court didnt value this mountain range, leaving it in an essentially sealed-up state. There were periods where this containment was actually enforced. Even the main branch of the royal court wasnt allowed to enter. No one knew the reason for this either.

On this day, a mist of blood suddenly billowed in this area. Some said that it started as a ray of blood from an unknown valley. It turned into smaller strands with crystallized refractions – quite beautiful.

One could see a tiny figure with root tendrils rushing out of the valley, only the size of a palm. It then hid deeper into the mountain range.

“What is that?” Many cultivators noticed this visual phenomenon right away.

“Its a blood ginseng, hurry up and chase after it.” An older cultivator with keen eyesight shouted and leaped over like a dragon to give chase.

The news of the blood ginseng traveled across the entire system. All the sects also heard about it.

“Theres a million-year-old blood ginseng in Ivory Gap!” In the beginning, the news was still very reasonable.

But as it passed on, it became much more ridiculous. From one million to one hundred million and even older. Then some said it was as old as the system or even older.

“This is a trillion-year-old ginseng. When it comes out, there would be crystallized blood rays and visual phenomena, golden stallions carrying the treasures; lingzhi growing fruits. This blood ginseng is the king of all medicines.” Someone told a lively version of the story.

“Is it true? One this old is at the immortal level, only meant for True Emperors.” Some were skeptical.

“Absolutely, my master saw it in person.” The speaker swore: “This ginseng is as big as a fist with the shape of an old man. The tendrils are like gray beards, when it appeared, a golden spring gushed out with flowers fluttering down. So many old medicinal grasses prostrated after seeing it.”

The excited guy was spitting everywhere with exaggerated gesturing. People glanced at each other after seeing this.

Disciples from all over the system naturally came to this mountain range.

It was true that a blood ginseng has come out, but the validity of its age remained in question. No one could determine its true age but this was a precious type of medicine. If it was truly a trillion-year-old ginseng, it would be too priceless.

“To Ivory Gap!” No one could sit still – both the young and old.

It had too many uses – recovery, power augmentation, and longevity purposes. It was a type of panacea so its value was quite high. Everyone wanted it for this reason. The young wanted to become stronger; the old wanted to live longer.

Yang Shengping also heard about this news and became surprised. Though he hasnt tried one, he was aware of its sky-high value.

“Youre coming for the blood ginseng, Young Noble?” Shengping felt that Li Qiye was too heaven-defying, aware that a ginseng root was about to emerge before everyone else. Maybe nothing in this system could hide from him?

Li Qiye only smiled and didnt answer. Of course, he had a different reason for coming here. The ginseng didnt matter as much since he had no lack of medicinal material.

He told Shengping to slow down as if he wasnt in a rush to make it to the mountain range.

“Young Noble, we should get there first and seize the ginseng.” Shengping became curious and mustered up the courage to ask.

“If they want it, let them try. Its more fun with a crowd.” Li Qiye chuckled and still didnt rush.

Shengping found it quite strange. If he wasnt going there for the ginseng, then what?

“Rumble!” Suddenly, loud detonations appeared in the sky with a cavalry running like crazy.

It was fierce with an all-sweeping momentum and terrifying aura. The cultivators quickly made way for them.

The leader of this cavalry was an armored woman. She gallantly rode her stallion in the front and traveled with lightning speed.

“Legion of the Chu!” One expert was startled by their appearance.

The Chu Camp was one of the four great powers in this system. It had many legions made up of several sects and the clans, hence the general name, Chu Camp.

“Chu Qingling is going herself!” Shengping said with horror after seeing the girl in front.

Sijing felt the same way. Though she was from a remote region, she had still heard of this name before: “Grand Marshal of Insane Court, its most amazing genius!”

“Yes, shes the one.” Shengping spoke with a tinge of respect: “Shes the hope of our system; her cultivation was even stronger than the late emperor. I heard she had finished cultivating the dao legacy of True Emperor Chu and is getting ready for the progenitors legacy.”

“The number one of the young generation.” Sijing added with envy.

Chu Qingling was rumored to be a True Saint, something even greater than the previous emperor who was only a True King.

She cultivated the legacy of True Emperor Chu but was switching to Insane Ancestors legacy.

It could be said that not just Chu Camp but the entire system placed their hope on her. They desperately needed a True Emperor to prop them up once more.

Because of this, she spent most of her time training and rarely asked about mundane matters. Nevertheless, she maintained her prestigious status, being the most gifted in the system.

She wasnt only the leader of True Camp but also the Grand Marshal of Insane Court with numerous troops under her. The late emperor often relied on her when he was still alive.

Thus, her appearance at this mountain range shocked many clans and lineages.

“Looks like it really is an old ginseng or she wouldnt come herself.” Shengping murmured.

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