Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 764: Massacring The Xian Clan

After leaving the mysterious old man, Li Qiye continued strolling around the ground of the enterprise. Though there were numerous shops here with an unfathomable amount of treasures, few could pique his interest.

The group finally entered a building named Treasure Pavilion. It contained some of the most precious artifacts in the entire store with sky-high prices, albeit warranted. A few were unique to Immortal Lineage World as well.

The inexperienced Sijing was naturally astonished by the treasures in the pavilion. Even Yang Shengping wouldnt dare to enter this place normally. Though it allowed universal entry, the price was the real prohibiting factor.

Only the lord of a region, such as Queen Wang Han, would be able to afford some of the items. The top ones were still out of her reach.

She was in a pensive mood while following Li Qiye. The enterprise was truly unfathomable.

Just this particular building alone had treasures on the same level as their clans treasury. Some were far superior. Remember that this treasury belonged to the entire clan, just not her alone.

Though Insane Court had its own treasury as well, she wasnt in charge of this particular one. Too much paperwork required for the exchange and bestowment of treasures.

Among the treasures were many at the true level or foreign dao weapons. Strangely enough, some treasures were in the form of beasts.

After entering, there was a crystal display with a tiny golden dragon swimming inside. It had five claws with a fiery glow on its scales. It was still a baby yet already had an incredible draconic aura.

“Thats a real golden dragon?” Wang Han was shocked for she had never seen a true golden dragon.

“Its a Crimson Golden Dragon, just a side branch.” Li Qiye answered before the workers here: “A true Golden Dragon wouldnt need to grow in water. Well, its still part of the branch, just not as precious. Once it matures, theres a chance of becoming a true one.”

“Quite keen you are, Fellow Daoist.” A worker here was very impressed and surprised because this particular race was quite rare. Many people would mistake them for a golden dragon but Li Qiye was able to tell right away.

His vast knowledge didnt match his ordinary experience. It made the workers here think that they shouldnt judge a book by the cover, or that an ocean couldnt be weighted.

Li Qiye calmly took his time looking at the different treasures. Arrogance Enterprise was indeed amazing. Just this one store could surpass many other stores in Imperial Lineage World.

Judging from what they saw, Arrogance Enterprise was indeed mighty in both the commercial and military aspects.

Any store that wanted to grow would need a powerful backing in the cultivator world. Otherwise, dreams of a successful business would only be a fools wish. Having more resources and treasures without being able to defend them was akin to giving them out for free.

Wang Han and Yang Shengping were knowledgeable enough to see the origin of these treasures. Sijin, on the other hand, was just looking for fun. She couldnt make head or tail out of them.

“Isnt that Scattered Cloud True Gods iron sword? Thats his anima treasure.” Shengping recognized a particular sword and became startled: “Why is it here?”

“Right, it is that clans defining treasure.” Wang Han was surprised as well. The Scattered Cloud was a side branch of Insane Court, a pillar in the system.

“Fellow Daoists, youre completely right. This sword is indeed from the Scattered Cloud Clan, made from Purified White Steel, refined numerous times into true metal in order to become an anima sword.” A worker explained: “Their clan master sold it to us, are you interested?”

In order to create an anima treasure, one would need to refine the base material into true metal first then add anima. They were also called true treasures, the most suitable tools for anima energy!

Anything outside of these was referred to as foreign dao weapon by the rest of the world.

Wang Han sighed after hearing this. Insane Court has been around for a long time so it was quite normal for clans to rise and fall. So many pillars crumbled, even the leading authority. Declination was inevitable, perhaps even destruction.

Nevertheless, solace was found in that the dao system was still around. The dao source left behind by Insane Ancestor remained strong. The dao system was weaker now, but at least it still existed.

Because of this, so many True Emperors worked for a lifetime in order to open a dao source to become a progenitor. In this manner, their dao legacy would be able to pass on. Otherwise, regardless of how powerful and gifted they might be, they would one day disappear along the river of time without a dao source.

This was the reason why Insane Court had many emperors but few were truly remembered by future generations. Many people didnt know of their founding emperors but they were aware of one person – the progenitor – Insane Ancestor!

Shengping sighed with a tinge of sentiment and sympathy. Just imagine, a clan resorting to selling their defining treasure. They must have been at their wits end.

This was also the case for Grand Sword – what used to be a pillar of the dao system with wonderful contributions. Alas, they also had to pawn their treasures for money, hoping for a chance to rise again. Of course, this ended in failure.

While the queen and Shengping were deep in contemplation, Li Qiye noticed a particular rock. It shaped like a brick that could have been taken from a shrine. However, it wasnt a man-made shape – this was its form upon inception.

He showed interest while staring at the rock: “Where did you get this rock?”

“The exact details arent clear; pawnedto us from an ancient clan. They said it was from Immortal Lineage and held by their ancestors with a shocking secret within. Its just that they cant open it. We have appraised it and found that it was indeed from Immortal Lineage, but as for the shocking secret? No guarantee from us. Thus, this is only a sale on consignment, not an actual item from our store.” A worker responded..

The rest of the group was startled. An item from Immortal Lineage World would certainly be amazing. They have read about its legends but have never been there before, not even Imperial Lineage.

If Insane Court didnt falter, they would be in Immortal Lineage World right now. Unfortunately, this wasnt the case right now.

They carefully stared at the rock as well but this was useless since they couldnt figure anything out.

However, Li Qiye didnt pay attention to anything else but this particular rock. It certainly had to be special.

He was moved while looking at the rock. Someone with a dao heart like him wasnt easily affected, so something that was capable of doing so meant that it was either incredible or it was meant for him.

“Take it out so I can get a better look.” Li Qiye told the workers.

They didnt discriminate against him and immediately took it out of the display.

“I want this rock, how much?” But someone interrupted before the worker could hand it over to Li Qiye.

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