Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 70: Scheming 2

The Spirit Beastmaster was enraged since Li Qiye directly put down the abyss in front of everyone. Although he tried to endure this anger, it was simply impossible.

He stood up and barked: “Li Qiye, do you think you can do whatever you want at Godhalt?”

“No, not just at Godhalt, I can do whatever I want in the nine heavens and ten earths!” Li Qiye chuckled in response.

“You!” The beastmaster had no retort for such an unreasonable answer. He could only point his shaking finger at Li Qiye.

Li Qiye grew bored of this and said: “Im a merciful person, far from a murderer. I will give you one more chance to scram lest you risk sect destruction! As long as everyone from your abyss takes the long way around me wherever I go, it wont be too late to save yourselves. Be smart, tuck your tail between your legs and I can act as if nothing had happened.”

“And if we dont?” The spirit master was unable to breathe from anger.

“If you dont… Even though I am merciful, I will still mercilessly annihilate your Spirit Abyss for no one is allowed to block my path!”

These words made many smell a thick stench of blood. The spectators couldnt help but smile awkwardly. This person had a penchant for mass murder, yet he still claimed to be merciful? No one would believe such words.

The beastmaster cried out: “Li, on the basis of you killing my disciple alone, our abyss will swallow this not indignation—”

Li Qiye swiftly interrupted him: “You better swallow it. Otherwise, I will visit your sect when Im free and personally trample it.”

The crowd began to understand that Li Qiye wasnt messing around. His declarations so far have been quite serious. This made them gasp in response since Fierce has stayed true to his words so far.

It was very domineering to make such a statement at Godhalt. Keep in mind that even without the suppression of Godhalt, rumor has it that an ancient ancestor was slumbering at the bottom of the abyss.

Even though they had never produced an Immortal Emperor before and people didnt know what kind of ancestors they had, there were still stories about how this sleeping ancestor is one of the most terrifying charming spirits! Because of this, others were very wary of this sect.

In this world, not many would dare to talk about destroying the abyss unless they were Immortal Emperors.

“Young Friend, your tone is quite big.” While the beastmaster was trembling with rage, his old tea companion spoke.

Li Qiye leisurely asked without a care: “Who are you?”

“I dont remember my name anymore. However, when I was younger, people used to call me the Dragonscale Bamboo!”

“Dragonscale Bamboo!” Many shuddered after hearing this title.

“One of the strongest ancestors of the Ancestral Terra, the direct disciple and nephew of the Dragon Bamboo Vice Ancestor. He also has the Dragon Bamboo Vice Ancestors bloodline!” A paragon was startled.

Such a powerful ancestor had quietly arrived at Godhalt. This made people realize exactly what was going on.

The Ancestral Terra was considered the strongest treant lineage since they had produced three treefathers. Their vast territory was protected by these three ancestral trees, so this was a location considered impregnable even for Immortal Emperors.

Outside of the three trees, the terra also had a frightening character — the Dragon Bamboo Vice Ancestor. Legend states that he was only half a step away from becoming a treefather. More importantly, this vice ancestor had understood the mysteries of the treants earth origin, so he could also take root in the earth just like a treefather.

Because of this, there was a belief in Heaven Spirit. When this vice ancestor takes root, even emperors cant kill him. He was just like a treefather in this regard.

Due to his existence, their defense was great, but he was also able to attack other lineages. After all, when treefathers turned into ancestral trees, they could only protect their own territories and wouldnt initiate expeditions to conquer others.

However, it was a different story for the terra due to this vice ancestor. His existence meant that no one could attack their sect, yet they could declare war against any other lineage due to having ample firepower!

“No idea.” Li Qiye responded frankly.

“Im just a nobody, so it makes sense that you dont know me.” Dragonscale answered: “However, I want to tell you, Young Friend, that Heaven Spirit is full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons. Before becoming emperor, you should restrain yourself. There are many characters stronger than you.”

The crowd glanced at each other after hearing this. His words seemed to carry good intentions like an elder teaching his juniors.

“Change my attitude?” Li Qiye couldnt help but smile: “Ill keep acting however I want. A tiny sect like your Ancestral Terra should know better and not meddle with others for no reason. Im not someone your sect can afford to provoke. Moreover, dont try to use the abyss to test me. Last time, I didnt completely suck that Terra King junior dry. Keep on provoking me and Ill not only devour him, Ill absorb your terra as well! Coincidentally, I have a seed that requires a fertile land like the terra for it to grow!” Li Qiye boisterously laughed at this point.

No one could say anything before this act. Eventually, one person murmured: “Thats Fiercest for you, always arrogant and completely unscrupulous.”

Dragonscales expression turned ugly after hearing this. Of course, his words early didnt come from goodwill, it was only a stratagem. He came to Godhalt because of a mission given to him by his master. In his eyes, nothing could be better than Li Qiye fighting the abyss. Everything was an act.

Dragonscale slowly spoke: “Sect Master, this madman is incurable and must be put down.”

The beastmaster glared at Li Qiye with ferocity and exclaimed: “Li Qiye, my Spirit Abyss swears to oppose you, one of us shall die!”

“With you alone?” Li Qiye cheerfully replied: “I heard your Prince of Darkness has recently come into being. Tell him to roll out here and accept his death. After I cut off his head, all of you will understand that I am not joking around.”

The beastmaster shouted: “Kill him!” He was ready to fight to the end at this very moment.

In the beastmasters opinion, there was no way out for their abyss. Regardless of how powerful Li Qiye might be and the ultimate price they must pay, they must fight to the very end until he is dead!

In fact, outsiders might not know, but this wasnt only for vengeance. When Zhentian visited their abyss and their prince came out, one of the main reasons was to deal with Li Qiye so that Zhentian could smoothly become an Immortal Emperor.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” A series of saber hymns resounded. Several hundred combatants in black appeared with the saber as their weapon of choice. They had stern expressions and emitted chilling auras.

They surrounded Li Qiye while stomping on the ground. Black runes emerged and were interwoven to form a grand formation.

“Dark Enforcement Squad!” An expert felt a chill after seeing these newcomers: “These are monsters who specialize in taking down outsiders.”

This was another reason why the abyss was so powerful at Godhalt. They had the means to take down visitors who were immune to the innate suppression here. The Dark Enforcement Squad was one of the methods. They were specially selected at a young age and underwent special training by being buried in the depths of the abyss. They withstood the power of Godhalt and were incubated at the same time.

Because of this, their natural heavenly reflections had the power to debilitate. Once their reflections shone on someone, they would be subjected to the power of Godhalt again.

“Buzz!” The squad instantly took form. Their natural mirrors emerged and shot out dark rays like the coming of night. These rays instantly locked onto Li Qiye.

“Clank!” It was as if a gigantic lock was placed on his body while he started to glow due to the dark light.

“Is he now suppressed?” Others shivered as they watched on.

Many were afraid of this squad due to this particular ability. Once suppressed by Godhalt, the victims would be lambs to the slaughter.

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