Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 763: The Mighty Tie Yi

People naturally coveted the priceless necklace and red dress. Who wouldnt?

All eyes were on Li Qiye, everyone wondered what he would do to move this old man and truly win this treasure.

The old man also quietly stared at Li Qiye and waited patiently.

The atmosphere seemed to be frozen. Everyone wanted to see his next move in order to deserve these two treasures.

Li Qiye smiled and leisurely said: “I shall create a new epoch and create a supreme dao fruit. I shall be the ruler of all. When I exist, everything else is trivial.”

Everyone didnt think much of this particular statement. Some others thought that he was only boasting nonsense, but the old man slightly batted his eyes with an eternal glint. Alas, it was too ephemeral for people to notice.

“I see, well said! How amusing!” The old man praised.

The crowd was astounded. They felt that Li Qiye was only bragging – something that anyone could do. The problem was that this had gained the old mans approval.

“Is he insane? This is a thing?” Everyone found this whole thing crazy.

Just one sentence was enough to trade for two treasures – something even more incredible than the popular adage – words are worth more than gold.

The pity tales earlier failed completely, same with the begging. But now, the boast had won. No one understood what was going on.

“Ive always been an eloquent fella.” Li Qiye smiled and took the two treasures. He handed it to Sijing and said: “Little girl, store them carefully for they shall change your fate. Nothing is more suitable for a Mutebane than them.”

She seemed to be thunderstruck and couldnt calm down. Not to mention these immortal-like artifacts, she wouldnt even dare to think about an ordinary treasure. She was a Mutebane on top of being a regular disciple from Grand Sword. This could be said to be a very humble beginning. Just having someone taking her in was good enough, giving her treasures was simply unthinkable. Alas, this was actually happening. He did it in such a carefree manner as well.

She knew that this wasnt just a dream since she wouldnt dare to dream of such a thing.

“Young Noble.” She couldnt say anything as her eyes moistened, basking in this warmth. He was the only one in the world who was nice enough to treat her like this.

The myriad words were useless in this case for she was in no state to properly convey her feelings.

People was at a loss for words. These two items were so much more precious than the item given to Yang Shengping. It wasnt something that could be actively searched for. Just one was enough for an entire lifetime, let alone two. But now, Li Qiye gave it to his maid without any hesitation.

“Something is wrong with this world.” A guy began to question his whole life. Just one boast was enough to obtain two immortal treasures and then he gave it to his maid on top of that? The world had gone crazy.

Plenty of people wasted wealth like nothing, but no one else could replicate this task.

“Boss, you need a little brother? I can warm your bed or be your chair, whatever you want.”

“Boss, you need a horsekeeper? Im gifted in equestrianism since youth…”

“Boss, does your thigh need another decorative trinket? I can hug it all day long…” An even more thick-skinned person said.

The crowd went crazy – to have a master like him might be the happiest thing in life.

Of course, Li Qiye didnt pay any attention. His eyes were fixated on the old man and vice versa. No one else was qualified to join in.

“Anything else to say?” The old man said.

“Of course, but that depends on what you have to give me.” Li Qiye chuckled: “How about giving me something good to celebrate this meeting, I will tell you an old tale for it.”

“Really?” The old man casually took out a wooden box and placed it on the ground.

It was ancient in both style and scent. The entire thing was polished, seemingly caressed by someone so many times across the years. Perhaps an unbelievable treasure was inside to warrant such love.

The old man didnt open it and Li Qiye didnt request for that either. No one knew what was inside but judging from the two previous artifacts, everyone could imagine that this thing was even more extraordinary.

Alas, there was nothing they could do. These two had no intention of opening it.

“A courtyard existed a very long time ago. Sun rays permeated the place but there were also dark rooms and iron nets sealing the entrance. There were a few old men and many children living there.”

“When night came, these old men would grab the children and eat them. The young ones ran and hid in the darkrooms or behind the iron nets.” Li Qiye paused here.

The old man waited patiently, not rushing the guy to finish.

After a long time, he continued: “Of course, some of the children were still asleep. But there was one child who wanted to massacre all of the old men and escape!”

That was the end of the story. He stood there staring at the old man next.

The old man didnt say anything, seemingly forgotten that Li Qiye was standing in front of him.

People became even more puzzled after hearing this story. Some were creeped out as well by the nature of the tale.

Li Qiye picked up the wooden box and put it away before leaving while the old man continued to sit there in a daze.

Some still havent realized that Li Qiye had left due to the terrifying atmosphere. Eventually, the old man sighed and leaned against the wall of the street and closed his eyes.

People slowly calmed down and no longer thought about Li Qiyes tale. Their focus was back on the treasures on the ground.

“I am the ruler of Three Immortals, the lord of the myriad dao, the starter of the dao source.” Someone instantly copied Li Qiyes style.

The boast earlier had successfully moved the old man so they wanted to replicate it. Unfortunately, the old man acted as if he didnt hear the person.

“Fellow Daoist, we were best friends in our previous life and we have met again in this one, how about giving me a treasure?” Another tried the first method from Li Qiye.

This didnt work either.

In a short time, everyone attempted different methods again – bragging, sincerity, and even trickeries. All of this was useless since the old man didnt open his eyes.

In the end, he gathered the treasures and left. The crowd eventually dispersed as well. They thought that today was too irrational and beyond their imagination.

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