Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 759: Confrontation

The youth named Weijin coldly stared at Shengping for blocking his way and sneered: “Yang Shengping, I respect you as a senior since youre a True Champion. However, dont forget that this is the royal court, not your tiny sect. True Champions are everywhere in this place.”

“Im aware, no need for you to remind me, Young Lord.” Shengpings expression darkened. For better or worse, he was still a big shot that had lived for many years. He naturally became furious after being sneered at by a youth.

“Hmph. Looks like you got braver, normally you dont leave your place at all.” Weijing stopped caring about Li Qiye: “I heard youre close to the Wang recently, is that why youre so bold now?”

“Young Lord, no need to be rude.” Shengping said. Wang Han was close and certain words couldnt be taken back. The situation would escalate for the worse.

“Hah, you know exactly what is going on.” Weijing snorted: “Dont forget, the emperor is dead now and the Wang might fall too. If you are smart, you will know what to do. We also welcome you to join our clan, as you know, Upper Faction is our backing…”

“I will have to refuse your offer, Young Lord. Thank you.” Shengping quickly interrupted Weijin.

At this moment, he had already chosen the Wang Clan. More importantly, Wang Han was right here. She could become unhappy and question his loyalty. This would be quite bad for him and Grand Sword.

“Hmph, cant even appreciate a favor.” Weijin coldly said: “If you wait till the dao system ’s situation settles, itll be too late for regrets then.” He turned and left after making the last words.

Weijin looked down on Shengping but he avoided a direct confrontation. He was only a True Hero while the guy was a True Champion, certainly stronger than him.

Shengping became quite awkward, not knowing how to answer the rest of the group.

“Your Majesty, please dont listen to his nonsense.” He smiled awkwardly.

Weijin was being too frank and challenged the Wangs prestige. Wang Han naturally wouldnt like it.

“Its fine.” She calmly said.

This wasnt surprising because many people wanted her military power right now so that they could take over the main branch.

The Peng was also quite influential in the court. More importantly, they were loyal to the Upper Faction, one of the four great powers. It has been wanting to take over for some time now and was growing impatient. Thus, Weijins tone was within her expectation.

Li Qiye naturally didnt give a damn about these trivial matters. Upper Faction? Peng Clan? Ants they were. He focused on measuring the ground instead.

After leaving the palace, he continued to do this surveying walk. The core of the dao system was the court.

As long as the royal court was around, the dao system would be just fine. The other territories could be invaded and taken over, but the dao system would live on with the court. Of course, if the court was destroyed and the other territories were still left, Insane Court would only exist in name only.

Li Qiye had a good understanding of the foundation now. This meant that if he wanted to use its power and the dao source, it would be all too easy. He didnt need to use his own power in this land to sweep through everything. He was the lord of this region now.

“That geezer must have also love this land to spend so much effort. Unfortunately, no lineage lasts forever.” Li Qiye murmured.

This was his conclusion about the old man beneath Drystone. He truly wanted to create a sect to leave behind his legacy or he wouldnt have spent so much effort to strengthen the dao foundation and dao source here.

In the past, Insane Ancestor was exactly like Li Qiye now – mere passersby in this world. They never thought about truly stopping here.

Later on, Insane Ancestor went back to his epoch and had done some crazy things. Nevertheless, the proof of his love for this place remained.

He didnt only want to leave behind traces of him as time passed on but also for this dao system to continue. Even if his epoch was gone, this dao system would still be around.

This was the reason why it was so powerful back then. Producing so many True Emperors across the long years couldnt stop the downfall through time. In the end, it fell all the way down to Myriad Lineage World. In fact, it wasnt even a top power in this world.

Of course, the rest of the group didnt know that the “geezer” mentioned by Li Qiye was their progenitor.

A big difference between the two of them was that Li Qiye never thought about creating a lineage or leaving his mark here. Ultimately, he would create and have his own epoch so he didnt feel the same way.

“Lets go to Arrogance now.” He chuckled after finishing his task.

Yang Shengping immediately led the way since he was quite familiar with this place, even more so than Wang Han.

When they made it to the store, they found something massive beyond words.

In fact, calling it a store was inaccurate for it was the size of a city with numerous buildings. It occupied a small corner of the royal court, but just this small corner was large enough to scare people to death.

Only something like Arrogance Enterprise could have such a large territory in an important location of a dao system. Other commercial powers didnt have this capability.

In Three Immortals, people immediately thought of Arrogance Enterprise whenever they needed to buy or sell something. This was due to the enterprises golden reputation and prestige.

Furthermore, it had everything one would want. Because of this, there was no need to worry about not being able to find something after entering a store. If one couldnt find something here, they wouldnt be able to find it in other places anyway.

A youth named Arrogance created a miracle spanning across Three Immortals. Perhaps he didnt have any crazy battle record and wasnt a True Emperor. He didnt create a new territory as a progenitor either.

However, his name and business expertise resounded across the three worlds. He was even more amazing than some True Emperors and progenitors.

Throughout history, the names of these latter beings would be forgotten, buried deep in the river of time. Arrogance Enterprise, on the other hand, remained famous all along. Everyone knew about these stores, just not the secrets to their success.

Li Qiye smiled and commented with a tinge of sentiment after seeing the insignia again: “The favorite son of the heaven, thats Arrogance for you, the only one worthy of this name.”

There were beautiful merchandises everywhere to Chu Sijings astonishment. What she considered treasures before were up for display like common items. Even the legendary immortal medicines in her eyes were common alchemy ingredients here.

This store was smashing her common sense due to her inexperience.

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