Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 758: Xian Clan Of The Alchemy Kingdom

Wang Han carefully mused her next response. She knew that Li Qiye was testing her and that he was currently unsatisfied with her abilities.

“A dao system shouldnt have internal strife and killing.” She eventually replied.

Though she had her own achievements, she wasnt a supreme character. Not to mention the entire system, she didnt have the most power in her own clan, subjected to being hindered.

Before the death of the emperor, the two of them could manage, though with difficulties. Too many people coveted power in any dao system.

She acted as a virtuous wife and fully supported the emperor. Her clan, under her lead, supported all of his decisions.

Furthermore, he had military power and could order the officials in the system. Thus, the situation was stabilized during his reign.

She certainly suffered the greatest blow from his death. She didnt have a firm grasp on the military in comparison. Moreover, the Wang was also searching for someone else to take over.

Ultimately, she was still a woman. Capable and powerful but she lacked a merciless decisiveness.

Li Qiyes assessment on her flaws was spot on. She found it hard to maintain a grasp on the military by making decisive moves.

“Solidarity and great leadership are necessary before avoiding internal conflicts; easier said than done. One needs to quell unrest first before doing what they want via orders.” Li Qiye said.

She opened her mouth but hesitated, ending with only a sigh. According to him, she would need to consolidate the Wang Clans power first because this was her biggest backing. Without them, she wouldnt be able to do anything, no chance of being decisive.

The problem was that the clan itself was divided. The late emperor was the one keeping the morale high, allowing the Wang to support the two of them wholeheartedly. But now, there were ancestors in the clan wanting someone else to take over, hence her precarious situation.

Sher finished washing his feet and began rubbing his legs.

“What is your plan?” He said flatly.

He has never been stingy with his followers. After all, everyone else were strangers to him in this dao system. If she were to be loyal, he would be happy to lend her a hand.

She hesitated for a moment before looking up to answer: “Please guide me, Young Noble.”

She changed to using his favorite honorifics to address him at this moment.

The beauty was obedient and gentle right now. Such alluring charm could stir the soul, resulting in an indescribable scene. A snow-white valley full of spring and two ripe peaches; others couldnt help but want to take a bite. Her full buttocks were beyond words, making the heart beat faster.

He reached to gently raise her exquisite chin below her red, sweet-honey lips and asked: “Do you trust me?”

“I do.” She said without any hesitation due to the unconditional trust she had right now after being convinced last time. Others might be suspicious of him but not her.

He smiled and closed his eyes again without responding. She didnt push the issue and continued to rub his shoulders and muscles.

Being serviced by a beauty was an enjoyable leisure. She controlled her strength perfectly so that he could relax and love this feeling.

“Your path isnt difficult.” He eventually answered: “First is careful planning. Next is to follow it through no matter what. Thats all you need to do, the sky wont fall down.”

She tried her best to understand what he meant and continued her task.

After a long time, he continued: “I will leave the palace tomorrow to see an Arrogance branch.”

“Ill accompany you.” She quietly said, as gentle and pleasant as the water in spring.

He didnt refuse and continued his rest.


On the next day, Li Qiye was heading for an Arrogance store in order to buy some items on top of finding some information.

Yang Shengping and Zhu Sijing naturally accompanied him. Queen Wang Han also came early without any follower. She also put on a servant disguise and an old posture so that no one could recognize her.

Because the situation was still unfavorable, she didnt want to show her face.

“Lets go.” Li Qiye didnt comment on her appearance and ordered.

He didnt use a carriage or air travel but strolled straight out of the palace, seemingly basking in the sceneries.

Shengping didnt understand why he wanted to walk. This was a waste of time in his mind but he didnt dare to ask.

Wang Han, on the other hand, could see that each step was measuring the area. She shuddered despite not knowing the magical property of his action. Nevertheless, she was clear that he was measuring the entire palace.

After walking through half of the place, he shook his head in response: “This dao system has truly fallen. Back when it was located in Immortal Lineage World, it was arrogant and imperious. But now, well be hard-pressed to find a True God that can ascend, let alone an Eternal.” [1]

Shengping and Sijing didnt react too much due to their lack of knowledge about the system. This wasnt the case for the queen since she took a deep breath upon hearing this. He casually stated the situation in their system, as if there was no secret to speak of.

Only the big shots in the court knew how many experts they had. As for the True Gods capable of ascending, it needed to be someone with a similar position and status as her.

Ultimately, outsiders couldnt meet this level of an ancestor; speculation was the limit. Nevertheless, Li Qiye only needed to walk around the palace to clearly figure this out. This was quite a monstrous ability.

She was shaken and became even more impressed and convinced of him.

“Such shameless boasting!” Someone heard the conversation and mocked Li Qiye.

It was a youth pulling a stallion with the intention of leaving the palace. He wore an official robe with a stern glare. True energy surged from him – clearly an expert.

This youth continued: “Brat, youre an ant daring to comment on a great tree! The power of Insane Court cant be speculated by you!”

“Young Lord of the Peng.” Yang Shengping immediately recognized the youth with a changed expression.

Li Qiye ignored the youth and continued forward.

“Whats your name, brat?” The youth was naturally annoyed at Li Qiyes attitude: “I, Peng Weijin, want to know who you are, to see if you are qualified to talk like that.”

Li Qiye was already far away after he finished his statement.

The youth thought about chasing after him but Shengping stopped him: “Young Lord Peng, please dont misunderstand. This Young Noble is an esteemed guest.”

Shengping wasnt a nobody. Though his background was terrible, he was still a True Champion, not a coward.

1. I think these are new titles, Ill figure it out with more context late

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