Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 757: A Sky Full Of Stars

“Boom!” He finally opened the first and entirely new page of the Physique Scripture.

Dazzling radiance shot to the sky and wondrous phenomena appeared. The scripture itself was deriving a new world with its own celestial bodies.

However, in the next second, everything was replaced by new runes the size of planets. Nothing was as beautiful and moving as these runes.

With a series of explosions, new runes continued to float around like the stars in a certain order. They lined up to form supreme mantras – the start of a new grand dao.

“Buzz.” The mantras finally finished the first page of the Physique Scripture. It included a new merit law. From this moment on, it was no longer the same. The twelve Immortal Physiques would also disappear.

He began to read these new merit laws as the first to learn them in the new epoch…

In the next several days, he spent his time cultivating and reading, not bothering to care about the issue of being a reborn ancestor.

He wasnt reading about merit laws from Insane Ancestor since he had too many already himself. He was focusing on history and old tales. Insane Court has been around for a long time and the library of this central area definitely had the highest concentration of books.

One would find themselves lost in an ocean of books after entering the library. It has been accumulating books throughout the long years by its people; some were given by outsiders as well.

Of course, the majority of this was just regular books. The merit laws were stored in a more secure location. Outside of learning about Three Immortals, Li Qiye also wanted to find the traces of immortals!

After reading all of these books on top of having memories from the grotto and Insane Ancestor, Li Qiye had a perfect grasp on this world and virtually all of its old tales. Even the ones with few records could be calculated from all the clues.

This was his forte – extrapolating information when there is a lack of. These texts allowed him to find the necessary facts to dispel the fog, revealing the secrets within.

As long as there were some clues, he could figure out what was going on. Nothing could escape his eyes and calculation.

He even reached the very source of Three Immortal Worlds and found some clues about immortals.

“Sui, Xi, Nong.” He chuckled with this revelation: “I cant wait till that day when we will figure out who is the real master of the universe!”

Having said that, he closed his eyes, seemingly entering a slumber. He continued to focus on cultivation and reading instead of worrying about the politics of the court.

He suddenly had a new interest with all the new information – pill refinement and alchemy.

There were many types of pills in Three Immortals, but the Longevity Pill stole his attention the most!

As a cultivator became stronger and eventually reached the throne, they would have tales about them in Three Immortals. However, one sudden day, these emperors could just disappear from sight with no trace left.

Their final destination was a question for the ages but it was too hard to verify. This was related to the more inconspicuous Longevity Pills.

Li Qiye found this matter very amusing after ample research. Perhaps the ones from Three Immortals didnt care about this. But anyone from the nine worlds and tenth world would have a different perspective.

Three Immortals were freed from the restraint of the heaven and earth so cultivators started cultivating the anima at the very beginning. This was quite advantageous; something even more apparent after becoming a True Emperor.

But this didnt mean that a True Emperor was superior to a Grand Emperor or Immortal Monarch. Their biggest weakness was longevity!

For example, the Grand Emperors and Immortal Monarchs could live for a very long time after shouldering the Heavens Wills, albeit, they needed to hide in Exploration Grounds away from the executions.

If they could survive the execution and not die in battle, who knows how long the wills would allow them to live? This wasnt explored completely and lacked reference points.

This wasnt the case for the True Emperors. They could be immensely strong but without the Heavens Wills, they would eventually die from old age for this was inevitable.

There were many secrets behind this but most didnt link it to these Longevity Pills.

At the same time, only a minority of True Emperors was known to die from old age. The majority of them simply disappeared from all the three worlds. Their destination remained a hot topic for many people to research.

All of the worlds Li Qiye has been to so far had a common pursuit – eternal life.

Mortals, experts, and emperors all searched for the answer to true longevity, the ultimate freedom! Alas, such a thing didnt exist. Even the most brilliant and amazing person would have to return to the root one day. Both Insane Ancestor and the grotto master also researched these pills. Of course, they had their own method in doing so.


Wang Han came to visit Li Qiye. Though the Wang Clan hasnt recognized his identity and status, this didnt affect her respectful attitude towards him. She would see how he was doing on a daily basis.

Zhu Sijing was taking care of him right now, washing his feet while he sat with his eyes closed.

Li Qiye waved his hand, gesturing for Sijin to leave. He continued to sit there quietly with his legs dipped in the hot water.

Wang Han crouched down and obediently washed his feet in a gentle manner.

If anyone were to see this, they would become shocked. She was a noble daughter from the Wang, the queen of Insane Court Dao Lineage. Yet, she was subjecting herself to this lowly task without any hesitation.

Li Qiye began to speak: “One needs an iron fist to take care of this situation. You do things in a careful manner but lacks decisiveness so nothing can get done. Insane Court was once an immortal lineage. In order to rule something like this, you need to be merciless in order to reign over the rest!”

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