Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 756: Divine Steeldemons

The high elders present exchanged glance with each other. The death of the emperor was indeed a blow to their clan. Missing this opportunity could rob them of their current political influence.

Insane Court has been passed down for billions of years with a rotation of dynasties. So many sects that were powerful eventually collapsed and became the side branches or turned into nothingness.

In the current Insane Court, there were plenty of powerful sects but they primarily made up the side branches – leaves on this towering tree.

The ones that were in control were the four great powers – the Wang Faction was one of them.

The other three consisted of the Upper Faction, Sacred Institution, and Chu Camp.

These four branches have produced many True Emperors, sometimes one had them in succession. Of course, none of these emperors could surpass the progenitor.

It was indeed a great accomplishment for the Wang to reach this level, mainly due to their strength.

However, so many other lineages inside the system were vying for their position. Just one wrong step and decline would be imminent – robbing them from the central power.

“We cant be too risky in this endeavor.” One high elder suggested: “If he is a fake that is scheming for our dao source, it will be very dangerous for the source. At that point, our branch will become sinners, unworthy of the ancestors. Well certainly be banished henceforth.”

The other high elders quietly contemplated. Grand Sword Gate was such a sect that was banished.

This particular sect was very powerful in the past but it had committed a big offense so they were exiled from the main court.

If such a thing were to happen to their clan, there was no coming back.

“How about we ask the ancestors who protect the dao source to check? They should be the best reason.” Wang Han came up with another idea.[ref] Plurality isnt clear either, guessing there are many since the

The elders contemplated after hearing this. There was no doubt that the strongest ancestors in the system right now were in this group. They had a prestigious position as well so if he could gain their recognition, he would definitely be the real thing.

“They might not be on our side.” A different high elder said.

The other elders understood the implication right away. If this reborn ancestor was real, he would certainly make the system prosper again.

He was a fat piece of meat, metaphorically. Not only would he take the reign, but this would also last for several generations. Their Wang Clan naturally wanted to ride his coattails and in order to do so, they must not let any other power have him. Flattery and taking the initiative were necessary.

Wang Han agreed that this was the best and safest course of action. She had absolute confidence in Li Qiye right now and would back him up.

“We need to take good care of this ancestor for now with the highest respect. But do not let this leak, wait until we clarify his identity before making a decision.” The high elders decided.

She sighed and had to agree. She couldnt change their mind and still needed their help to convince the other three powers.


Li Qiye didnt give a damn about the decision of the court. If he wanted to take the reins, he could do so quite easily but he had no interest right now.

He continued to stay in Remembrance, spending most of his time cultivating. The dao seed was now a tree inside his land.

It wasnt sky-blotting just yet but there were plenty of exuberant leaves, full of life and joy.

He named it Primordial Tree or Grand Dao Tree. The aura and energy coming off it were named primordial energy.

This energy encompassed everything – chaos, myriad dao, emotions, and desires…

Everything started from this energy, thats why Li Qiye named it primordial.

The denser the energy, the more life force the tree had. As long as it grew to a certain level, it would mature enough to have dao fruits. When they ripen, thats when he would reach the dao.

This was a path never traveled before. After working on his dao, he slowly took out an ancient book – something coveted by all – the Physique Scripture!

It was filled with primordial energy now. It took on a form without pages and words, more like a brick.

This was because of his new cultivation system so the scripture had returned to the origin once more. When Li Qiye forcefully opened the first page, the scripture would create an entirely new merit law, no longer the physique arts with the six words!

When his grand dao finished, a new cultivation system would form and the entire would have to change to an entirely new epoch!

“Buzz.” He touched the scripture but there was no opening it.

“Open!” An explosion of primordial energy erupted from him. He became eternal and turned into a world-creating progenitor. The energy drowned out the entire book.

Of course, the book was also crazily absorbing this energy, wanting to suck it dry.

During this process, the tree inside the land emitted more energy in an endless amount. This seemed to be the origin of all, never capable of running out of primordial energy.

The scripture eventually stopped, seemingly had its fill.

“Buzz.” The tree started to glow and a completely new rune came out. Nevertheless, it was ancient enough to exist at the very start of the world.

It contained a majestic aura filled with life – a new lifeform. It then flowed across Li Qiyes body and wove together to form a new law, containing the same archaic and primordial property.

With that, the new law traveled to his arm, then his finger, then finally the scripture. The scripture began to glow as well. The light seemed to be carving a word onto the scripture – the formation of a divine scroll.

“Open!” Li Qiye roared again. The massive energy allowed Li Qiye to separate from this space to form something completely new.

There was nothing here in the beginning but with a single thought of his, the celestials were born. Next, a sky appeared with beings coming to life.

“Boom!” He was the lord of all and nothing could resist his will. The scripture emitted a resonating blast across this universe and became an eternal sound.

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