Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 755: Engulfing Serpent Lightning Fly

For some reasons, she shuddered after hearing the words, “kill without mercy”. She could sense a massive bloodthirst spreading to her heart so she immediately left without refusing.

Remembrance Palace was still tattered despite Wang Hans effort at cleaning it up with haste. She was worried that Li Qiye wouldnt like it but he didnt mind at all and walked straight in.

He told everyone to leave and began to meditate in his room.

Outside of dao meditation, there was another reason why Insane Ancestor named the palace Remembrance. He wanted to recall his friends and families from his own epoch because this wasnt his true home.

Of course, Li Qiye wasnt here for that sentimental stuff. He had his own reasons unknown to others.

He seemed to have reached a zen state; not even his breathing could be heard. There was no visual phenomenon in the beginning but as time passed, he seemed to be melting. Upon closer inspection, the space around him was the thing melting, not him.

If one were in the room, they would have an illusion of bricks colliding with each other. The palace was continuously transforming into something else; a move through a different world and time while breaking and rebuilding.

This illusion lasted for a while before all the bricks finally came into place. Li Qiye was no longer in Remembrance but another palace altogether. No one could enter this one, not even those from Insane Court.

This was actually a treasury with artifacts and chests as far as Li Qiye could see. Li Qiye opened one of them and dazzling radiance oozed out across the entire room.

There were too many treasures to count here – wondrous items such as immortal-heart crystals, spring-warmth jades, and small wells with gurgling golden water…

Treasure metals piled on top of each other like hills. Even an ancestor from Insane Court would go crazy at this sight. Their sects current treasury was completely inferior in comparison.

Li Qiye was still fine; this was still not a match for Samsaras treasury back in Pure.

“This old man is still so paranoid, not trusting anyone and left behind some good stuff. Maybe this is his backup plan?” Li Qiye smiled and said.

Insane Ancestor hid this in secret instead of giving it to the future generation. He was the only one aware of this location but because Li Qiye also had his memories, he could easily enter it. This was the reason why he chose Remembrance.

Outside of many treasures, there were also manual scrolls on the shelves. They encompassed everything – including Insanes own cultivation method on top of the ones from other dao systems. Many of them were actually lost now in the present.

Li Qiye casually perused them, just for fun. He wasnt that interested because he already made his path. The merit laws of this world or those created by Insane were just references at best.

He wanted to see Insane Ancestors expression after telling him; perhaps the guy would go crazy. He didnt hesitate at all and took in all the good stuff – treasures, weapons, scrolls, and materials.

Meanwhile, Wang Han especially called several high elders about the return of their ancestor. These were loyal confidants of the clan so she could trust them.

“No one will believe this; the other officials will think that hes a fake. I believe that Your Majesty will be assaulted on all front, it wont be easy to maintain control.” One of them said.

She naturally understood this but at this moment, she was completely convinced by Li Qiye and had full confidence in him.

“I know what everyone else will think, but he is really a forefather coming back to life. Other things can be faked, but not that invincible presence.” Wang Han said: “This is naturally a good thing for our system, we might even rise again in the future. For example, in this generation, if we have a True Emperor backing us off, theres no way to fail.”

“Is he really a True Emperor? I dont think so, they dont really linger around and would just go to Immortal Lineage. Why stay here at Myriad Lineage?” Another elder said.

“Hmm…” Wang Han wasnt clear either. She didnt know how to describe him because his cultivation remained a mystery. He looked more like an ordinary cultivator.

However, when she saw the unstoppable glint in his eyes, she was instantly conquered.

“I dont know his cultivation but hes certainly not weak, probably stronger than any ancestor in the present.” Wang Han said.

The first speaker continued: “It is a good thing if its real. But right now, we dont have a ruler, so the appearance of a reborn ancestor is too much of a coincidence.”

“Im worried that its someone from a different dao system.” Another felt the same way: “What if its a True God from another place pretending to be our ancestor? Our system will fall into the hands of an outsider.”

Wang Han agreed that this elder made sense. The timing was too much of a coincidence.

“If we can test him with the dao source, well figure it out right away.” She came up with a bold idea: “If hes not a real ancestor, itll be quite apparent.”

The first elder immediately shook his head: “No, absolutely not. Maybe thats exactly what they want, just a plan to grab our dao source. We would be walking straight into their trap.”

“This requires further deliberation.” A different one added: “This pertains to the rise and fall of our dao system, no, an existential crisis, even. Even if you want to test him with our dao source, Your Excellency, its useless with just our consent alone. Our faction cant make this decision.”

Wang Han gently sighed. She knew that this wouldnt be easy. Nevertheless, she had great confidence that he was the real thing. Intuition told her to trust this man, and she trusted her intuition!

The return of a powerful forefather would definitely propel their sect back to its golden age. The problem was how to convince others to recognize him. Otherwise, the court would stay fragmented.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If we dont hold on to this powerful ancestor, he might join any other faction and well lose this chance. We might even fall out of the central power after a swift decline.” She solemnly concluded.

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