Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 754: Moonplucking Arach

Wang Han entered the hall with only Shengping as her company. The fewer people who knew about this, the better.

Shengping quickly bowed on sight and quietly told Li Qiye: “Ancestor, this is Her Majesty.”

Wang Han was surprised to see the youth sitting so nonchalantly on the throne. This ancestors appearance was nothing like she imagined.

In her mind, a reborn ancestor from the abyss must have gray hair and an immortal aura – someone who can threaten the world.

However, this Li Qiye ahead was very young and ordinary-looking. He could be walking on the street and no one would give him a second glance; this was just another disciple among the millions in Insane Court.

She immediately became disappointed with her heart hanging lower. She thought that she would be able to meet a true master, not such a person.

“Shengping.” She stared at Shengping, thinking that he picked a random disciple to pretend to be their ancestor.

Shengping was helpless, knowing that the skepticism was warranted. He had the same thoughts after seeing Li Qiye the first time.

“Youre late.” Li Qiye opened his eyes and stared at Wang Han.

“Whats your name?” Wang Han didnt have any intention of showing respect for the above reasons.

“On your knees!” His gaze exuded an explosive blast like the ruler of the world. True Emperors and Immortal Monarchs would all kneel before him.

“Bam!” She couldnt react in time before finding herself touching the ground.

Shengping was also horrified for this was his first time seeing Li Qiye angry. Not to mention a minor character like him, all the top beings would need to kneel before Li Qiye.

Wang Han struggled to regain her thoughts. She felt as if this was a dream. Despite being a queen, she came from the Wang Clan and wasnt weak at all. Her cultivation was on the same level as the late emperor.

However, a True King like her still fell before his glare as if she was but an ant.

Li Qiye still didnt exude his true energy or pressure but his cold stare alone was enough.

Wang Han felt an unprecedented and indescribable fear, straight from her instinct. He was at the top of the food chain and all would tremble before his breath.

He closed his eyes again and didnt let the two of them stand up.

Zhu Sijing who was also there was astounded. The queen of the dao system was kneeling right there. Anyone from her sect would be doing the same after meeting the queen, but this great woman was being forced into submission.

The palace was hushed; no one dared to say anything. Shengping didnt dare to move outside of uncontrollable shuddering. The rage earlier almost scared him to death.

Alas, she didnt dare to mutter anything right now. She indeed tried to struggle but the fear was too overwhelming. Her legs became weak so she couldnt rise. Instinct was telling her that this man was the most terrorizing character, the origin of fear.

Li Qiye eventually opened his eyes after a long time and ordered: “You may rise.”

“Thank you, Ancestor.” Shengping seemed to have earned amnesty and bowed several times before getting up.

“Thank you, Ancestor.” Wang Han quietly uttered without thinking. She was instantly convinced and dominated, no longer daring to oppose him.

He took a good look at her. One must admit that she was quite a looker and Zhu Sijing paled in comparison.

She had an elegant and noble phoenix dress on. This style was naturally grand and oversized, but this wasnt enough to hide her beautiful figure – massive and towering breasts like two majestic mountains. The lascivious curve of her buttocks was clearly outlined; it could shake someone to the core with its well-rounded plumpness.

Her fair legs accentuated her overall figure, perfectly sculpted, and only made her butts stand out even more.

Her phoenix eyes were rippling and spirited with autumn waves. Just one glance could attract any man, causing their heart to beat faster.

“You need to change your attitude if you want my help.” Li Qiye finally spoke.

She lowered her head like a little lady that had just done something wrong. She already got her answer on whether he was real or not. Despite her early preparation on what to say, all the words were eluding her right now.

In the end, all she could say was: “Your junior welcomes your return, Ancestor.”

Li Qiye said flatly: “Im aware of the current situation in Insane Court. Its not hard to solve this situation, only hard work is necessary. Its not a sin to be foolish, only when one is both foolish and greedy.”

“I understand.” Wang Han has been won over and became quite obedient.

“Since I have returned, it is time to change this dao system completely.” Li Qiye said: “An immortal lineage falling down to the myriad level? Is it even possible for you descendants to do a worse job?! Without changes, Insane Court will cease to exist. If Geezer Insane were to find out, hell crush all of you unfilial kids to death!”

Wang Han and Shengping couldnt say anything, only quietly listened to the scolding.

Myriad was the lowest level in Three Immortals. If this path of declination continued, the dao source would dry up along with the blessed land. From then on, only a ruined world would remain along with the wails of its inhabitants!

“Alright, I”m tired now, well end this today.” He waved his sleeve and finished.

“Please rest at the Skyshift Hall, Ancestor.” Wang Han said respectfully with a soft tone after taking a deep breath.

“No, Ill be staying at Remembrance Palace.” Li Qiye demanded.

“Remembrance?” Wang Han was stunned because she couldnt remember whether a place like this existed or not.

“Its to the northeast.” Li Qiye said: “Looks like all of you have forgotten too many things, even the place where Insane Ancestor used to meditate to search for the dao.”

Wang Han made the connection. There was indeed such a place but it was deserted now, infested with weeds.

No one has stayed there for a long time. Some records stated that their ancestors have left behind this place. People stopped staying there so future generations forgot its name.

“Please wait, Ancestor. Your junior will tell people to go clean up.” She bowed.

“Go now.” Li Qiye nodded: “If theres nothing else, dont bother me. And the current situation is also a test for you, go all out. Just remember one thing, those who dare to stand in my way, kill without mercy!”

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