Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 753: Tiny Vine Turning Into A Gian


The royal court of Insane was the central hub of the entire system because of the dao source there.

The ebb and flow of changes and time didnt matter, the royal court will always be the political center.

Though Insane Court had produced more True Emperors later, they still chose to reign over this region instead of establishing their own sect.

True Emperors still needed to reach Insane Ancestors level before creating their own dao source. Thats when they were actually qualified to start their own sect. Otherwise, it would be a meaningless endeavor. Separating their faction from the Insane system would greatly reduce their strength.

Each generation in Three Immortals could produce one or a few emperors. However, one capable of creating a dao source might not be available for several generations.

The royal court was a massive city, spanning for more than the eyes can take. It had experienced ups and downs, destroyed and rebuilt numerous times. Countless generations of mortals have gone by here…

Nevertheless, it remained standing. As long as the dao lineage and dao source were still there, so will this ancient city!

Mountains presided majestically with buildings everywhere. Billions of inhabitants were here, so it would be more accurate to call this place a kingdom rather than a city.

At the central area were stately architecture, soaring all the way up to the nine firmaments. This was the royal palace of Insane Court.

The most influential character in the system wasnt necessarily the emperor or the dynasty in charge. In spite of this, the decision-making process always came from this place.

The most influential characters have always aspired to rule this palace. This was the symbol of power for the entire system.

Thus, a more powerful being outside of the royal palace couldnt be considered the main branch because the dao source was here. Therefore, it was easy to imagine how important this place was for the dao lineage.

Carriages rushed into the court on the large roads. Everyone appeared so tiny as they streamed in what seems to be an ocean of people.

Zhu Sijing was stunned by the grand scene of this ancient court. Being in a desolate place like Grand Sword left her feeling like a village girl visiting a big city for the first time, no , even more shocked.

Li Qiye only gave it a quick glance before closing his eyes to rest. As he came closer to the dao source, he could sense its massive power.

It was also quite close to him, not only because he had Insane Ancestors memories and dao laws but also because of his unique grand dao. His eventual system aimed to surpass the cultivation methods found in Three Immortals.

Because of this, his art aimed to reach the myriad dao. As long as there was dao in his heart, he would be able to grasp everything else in the world, hence the close sensation.

True energy and the power of the dao engulfed the entire place like an ocean. Anyone who dared to spy on the palace would be destroyed instantly. Li Qiye wasnt too impressed, unlike the girl.

Because his status wasnt confirmed, Shengping didnt dare to cause a big commotion so they snuck through the back entrance.

His words alone couldnt summon all the big shots in the court to welcome this reborn ancestor back.

“Ancestor, the situation here is complicated and Her Majesty cant use a grand ceremony to welcome you, please forgive us.” Shengping was afraid of Li Qiyes fury and he was only a small dog here, any power could destroy him easily.

“Its fine, tell her to come and see me.” Li Qiye sat down on the throne and ordered.

Despite a lack of aura, his presence there still scared the soul out of people – oppressive without trying.

After all, he was once an existence that reigned over everything, a butcher versed in massacres. Just a serious stare from him was terrifying enough.

“This, this little one will go send the message, please wait, Ancestor.” The old man felt his hair standing on end with his legs going weak.

He regained his wits and went to send the message. He couldnt actually meet the queen herself because there were at least 8,000 other True Champions here at the court; he wasnt special at all. It took a long time before the queen granted him an audience.

He bowed his head and respectfully said: “Your Majesty, the person you wish to see is here.”

“Very well, prepare the palanquin, Ill see if hes real or fake.” The queen immediately ordered.

She was from the Wang faction, one of the four great powers at the court. Her official title was Insane Lineage Queen.

Insane Lineage was a common name for this entire region. Any sect coming from this place could take on this name. Meanwhile, the ruling power was at the royal court and could take the name of a dynasty.

However, this type of dynasty wasnt hereditary from father to son to their descendants.

In other words, the emperor of this system was selected by the great powers. He might not be the most influential character, but he definitely represented the entire system.

Powerful local tyrants might be, they were not allowed to oppose the official branch of the dynasty or they might face exile. This rule was necessary or chaos would ensue. These were the rules personally written by Insane Ancestor so they were unquestionable.

The queens name was Wang Han. Her husband, the late emperor, wasnt a decrepit old man; his death came rather suddenly.

He wasnt from a great power but he was capable and married the right wife. He eventually garnered enough support to take the throne.

Of course, his most powerful backing was still the Wang faction. Alas, his death was a great blow to both Wang Han and her clan. It wasnt easy to groom someone qualified to be the emperor. This person needed to be strong on top of knowing how to rule.

They became the target right now after his death. People were eager to seize power in the system. Because of this, the queen faced great pressure, worrying about the eventual chaos from a lack of a symbolic leader.

Nevertheless, they naturally wanted the next emperor to still be from their faction! Unfortunately, they couldnt find the right candidate in such a short time – quite a source of headache for everyone involved.

Normally, if someone like Yang Shengping were to claim that he had found a reborn forefather, they would most likely chase the guy out or even exile him.

However, because of the delicate situation right now, a being like an old forefather would bring hope to the entire dao system and also a godsent opportunity for their clan.

Wang Han took a great risk to let Shengping bring this ancestor to the royal court. Ultimately, they didnt know whether he was real or fake. He could even be a spy sent by another power.

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