Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 751: Dark Serpen

beginning, everyone thought that he was joking, an ignorant calf. However, no one expected for him to actually succeed and create the biggest enterprise in Three Immortals, connecting all the locations. This allowed him to have stores in any dao system.” [2]

Shengping was excited talking about this because there were many legends about Arrogance Enterprise, more than enough to compile a book.

“There is a saying in Three Immortals, only buyers lack money; Arrogance never lacks merchandises. As long as you can pay the price, they can satisfy all the demands. Even a few treasures from Immortal Lineage could be bought!” He continued on.

After hearing this, Li Qiye smiled and asked the driver: “Your enterprise has everything for sale?”

“Sir, as long as you can pay the price, we can get you anything. That saying is completely accurate.” The driver proudly declared.

“Thats great to hear.” Li Qiye smirked: “Then, tell your shop that I want to buy a True Immortal. Money isnt a problem, I dont lack money, only a True Immortal!”

“Uh…” The driver choked up after hearing this, not knowing how to respond despite being a seasoned professional.

Shengping was surprised too. Where was one going to buy a True Immortal in this world? These were mythical existences that have never been seen before.

“Youre quite funny.” The driver coughed. They indeed didnt know where to find one if Li Qiye could muster up the payment.

“Im not joking at all.” Li Qiye calmly said: “Tell your boss that I want to buy one, money is no problem! Ill be waiting at Insane Court.”

His expression seemed quite serious so the driver became silent.

Normally, the driver would assume that only a madman would boast about having enough money to buy something non-existent. The problem was that Li Qiye didnt look like one at all.

Shengping didnt say anything either, sharing the same sentiment as the driver. Alas, this guy was supposedly their ancestor and shouldnt be crazy. He didnt feel like Li Qiye was messing with Arrogance Enterprise either. Not many would dare to do something like this, knowing the power of this particular group.

The carriage continued swiftly across the sky as Li Qiye basked in the sceneries below.

Appearance wise, the geography beneath wasnt that different from the nine and tenth worlds. Yet, at a certain power level, one would feel that each inch of this blessed land was filled with the power of the dao.

The entire system was refined by Insane Ancestor. The land had become a boundary for the dao origin. After numerous years of accumulation, the land remained incredible despite its swift decline.

“Imagine back then, this dao system was like the stars in the sky, spanning on and on endlessly. Now, only this little world is left.” Li Qiye looked at the boundaries and said.

Shengping felt sentimental. He had never seen the land when it was at the immortal level but he had heard about how unfathomably large it was. Alas, it was only a Myriad Lineage right now.

1. I dont know who said this, probably Shengping

2. 1,000 + 100 + 10,000. I just added up the zeroes. Its so hard because sometimes, the author just throw out these random numbers to mean a long time ago. Im not sure whether it is exact or not, but one billion it is. The regular usage for one billion,十亿, is not this combination though. Any native Chinese reader, let me know if Im missing something here

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