Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 751: Dark Serpen

This common-looking young man had no oppressive aura or massive true energy. No one would believe a guy like this claiming to be their ancestor. In fact, they would give him a rough beating or think that he was simply insane!

Alas, Li Qiye was in a coffin floating in the abyss. This persuaded Yang Shengping otherwise.

“May, may I ask how to address you, Ancestor?” He mustered some courage and asked.

Li Qiye naturally saw the mans attitude and chuckled: “You certainly think Im a fake, that Im too young and couldnt be an ancestor from Insane Court.”

Two out of Shengpings three souls just left his body from fear. His legs grew weak as he lowered his head and apologized: “I do not dare to, Ancestor. This little one doesnt dare to have such thoughts…”

He then got on the ground once more.

Li Qiye waved his sleeve and said: “Its fine, its just honorifics. If you dont accept me as your ancestor, then you may call me, Li Qiye.”

The old man got up with cold sweats all over. He lamented his fate and even if he was ten times more courageous, he wouldnt dare to call the guy by his name. However, he racked his brain and couldnt come up with an ancestor with this name. Plus, too much time had passed already.

The only ancestor that was still remembered till this point was their progenitor – Insane!

“Please excuse my offense out of ignorance, Ancestor.” He bowed again, not wanting to offend this person or he might lose his head. The sect would go down with him as well.

Li Qiye said: “Forget it. Youre here for something?”

The old man hesitated for a moment before revealing: “Ancestor, this little one is here to invite you back to Insane court so that you can take care of the administration there in the future.”

In his mind, nothing could be better if this Li Qiye could take over. No, it would be the most joyous event for him and the sect!

He looked at him and asked: “Who is in charge right now? Which blood lineage?”

“Ancestor, the imperial dao shattered a while ago so no one is in charge for now, but the queen is acting as the regent.”

The old man was not at ease because their lineage had lost their imperial system not long ago. Right now, everyone had their own agenda with plans in the shadows. They were fixated on gaining authority so the appearance of a reborn ancestor? This was too much of a coincidence.

Skepticism was well-warranted in this case. A reborn ancestor could definitely be a fake but he didnt dare to make this assumption despite it being quite logical.

“From an imperial system down to a myriad system. Didnt know that was possible.” Li Qiye chuckled and said.

The old man from Drystone had several goals in coming to Three Immortals. He spent a lot of effort in creating Insane Court in order to leave behind his vestige even if his epoch were to be destroyed.

Unfortunately, too much time had passed. It did produce some great talents who eventually became True Emperors. Alas, they were no match compared to their progenitor.

The withering was inevitable – from immortal to imperial then myriad. The sad truth was that even in Myriad Lineage World, Insane Court wasnt considered to be that strong of a sect.

Nevertheless, weak it might be, it was still a behemoth compared to a tiny sect like Grand Sword. The latter was but a tiny branch of this sky-blotting tree.

“Alright.” Li Qiye said: “Its time for me to come back. Insane Court will prosper again after I take over.”

This decision was certainly whimsical but ultimately, he still knew the old man despite being enemies. Today, coming to the guys lineage and becoming an ancestor? He might as well go with the flow.

His grand dao still needed time so playing in Three Immortals could make the trip even more worthwhile!

“Your return will be just like a rising sun!” Shengping instantly added.

However, he was at a loss next: “Ancestor… well…”

Ultimately, he was just a minor character in the grand scheme of things. He was a master in Grand Sword but in this system, he was only a regular expert at best. Thus, there were things outside of his control.

Even if he was qualified to go to the court, he would only be another official. A close comparison would be the role of a sectional leader in a sect system.

Just think about it, how could someone like him directly bring an “ancestor” to the court? He couldnt convene a meeting with the big shots there to see this person.

“Go ahead.” Li Qiye said.

The old man smiled wryly: “Ancestor, a state of panic is ensuing after losing the emperor passed away. I am only a nobody, unable to make any decision. All I can do is to ask you to return to the dynasty and talk with the queen and other elders about the future.”

He put it tactfully, not daring to be too direct.

“I understand.” Li Qiye smiled: “Youre still not convinced so this is a way of testing my identity.”

“No, no, of course not.” Shengping hastily replied: “This little one absolutely believes you, but Im not qualified to see the current ancestors. The only person I can speak to is the queen, so if you wish to talk to the ancestors in charge right now, you need to see Her Majesty first.”

In fact, he and the queen had talked about this already. He got an audience by spending a handsome sum of resources.

If this was in the past, the queen might have exiled him for bringing up something so ridiculous. A punishment could be too harsh but a scolding was certainly happening if he were to do something like this.

However, the current turmoil in the court created a tough atmosphere. The queens branch also wanted a breakthrough.

Because of this, they wanted to take the risk of letting Shengping bring back this “ancestor” to the court before deciding.

Of course, this had to be done in secrecy because it would be unfavorable for the queen if others were to find out in the case that he was a fake. It could affect her branchs position in the dao system right now.

“Political strife, always inevitable even in the endless cycles.” Li Qiye casually stated, aware of what was going on despite Shengpings attempt of hiding it.

All the old man could do was force a smile, not knowing what to say.

“Alright, I want to see what your group is up to.” Li Qiye was carefree enough. It was too easy for him to flatten all opposition.

However, his mind was focused on dao cultivation. Other matters could be conveniently taken care of along the way.

“This little one has prepared a carriage, may I ask when you want to set off, Ancestor?” Shengping was happy to see that Li Qiye was so easygoing.

“Right now then.” Li Qiye said.

“This little one will go prepare right now.” Shengping was eager to get this done as fast as possible to reduce the chance of others finding out.

As they were about to leave, Li Qiye casually pointed at Zhu Sijing and said: “This girl will accompany me. I wish to have a mutebane around.”

The group was surprised to see this. Many didnt like this particular race, let alone taking one with them?

Sijing herself was caught off guard. Others kept a distance from her but she was fine just staying in Grand Sword and didnt have other goals in life.

At the very least, she could stay here without hiding in fear of pursuers.

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