Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 750: Expanse King

After several more days, Grand Swords biggest backer, Yang Shengping, finally arrived.

He was the only surviving ancestor from Grand Sword, the only one from this sect who could speak up at the court.

For example, Zhu Qi might be a sect master; but there were at least eight hundred other weak sects similar to Grand Sword in Insane and numerous stronger ones. Thus, Grand Sword was insignificant in this region.

Because of this, Zhu Qi was still only a no-name junior, unable to say anything at the court. In fact, he didnt even have the privilege to enter the main dynasty.

Shengping was also the strongest in Grand Sword so his cultivation was not bad. Because he had lived for a long time, he knew many in the dao system. Because of this, he could still speak his mind at the court.

Zhu Qi and the other elders personally welcomed him with great reverence. This was the only capable big shot in their sect now. He contributed greatly to their continuous survival, regardless of how pitiful it was.

Without him, they would truly fall into the abyss, never able to get out.

He was a flourishing old man despite being the oldest in the sect with a pink complexion, brimming with vitality.

He had heard of Li Qiye, this rebirth ancestor. Nevertheless, he still listened to a more detailed report and contemplated quietly afterward.

“What do you think, Ancestor?” Zhu Qi interrupted the silence.

He was quite nervous because their sect relied on this rebirth ancestor to rise again.

“Im afraid I have no ways of verifying either.” Shengping eventually answered: “An ancestor from Insane Court would be unfathomable. I am but a speck of sand, how can I see through anything? Plus, the abyss is too old and untraceable, I dont think anyone currently in the court can remember the ancestors from back then either.”

Insane Court had a long history. In the beginning, it was at the immortal level of a system, not the myriad level. However, it declined and fell down from the immortal to imperial then myriad level.

Thus, Three Immortals had a clear boundary between each realm on top of a separate power system.

It took many generations for an immortal lineage to fall down to the myriad level. Thus, the lineage itself didnt know how many ancestors it had.

However, one that could be buried at the abyss would be among the first or second generation – the same era as Insane Ancestor.

How could the juniors now recognize their ancestors from millions and millions of years ago? Thus, verifying was too difficult for Yang Shengping.

“Then what do we do?” Zhu Qi didnt know what else to do.

They couldnt directly run up to Li Qiye and ask if he was real or fake. Such disrespect would result in annihilation if he turned out to be real!

If the guy was real and the sect didnt treat him properly, it would also be a sin of impropriety and disrespect. But if he was fake, it would be quite a headache as well – something akin to conspiring with an outsider to fool the court.

“Why dont we just ask the court to send someone here?” An elder said.

“No, if he isnt real, dire consequences await us too.” Another elder remained cautious.

The entire group became nervous at the potential consequences.

“Ill invite him back to Insane Court.” Shengping came up with an idea.

Zhu Qi was startled and said: “Ancestor, thats a path of no return if something goes wrong.”

If this matter stopped at their sect, then it could still be salvageable. Once Li Qiye was taken to the main dynasty, it would be much worse if something went wrong.

“Ill speak to the queen about this.” Shengping said: “The situation there is complex too. The queen wants a breakthrough, perhaps this is a godsent opportunity. Its definitely a gamble. If we win, then our sect might rise again; if we lose, its all over.”

The group glanced at each other, realizing that Shengping would need to exert great effort for this. It wasnt easy for someone of his power level to speak to the royal family! Great amount of resources and effort would be spent to achieve this.

Zhu Qi gritted his teeth and said: “We have nothing else to lose! Guarding this area where even the birds dont want to shit! Were at the very bottom already, so what if we fall more?!”

As the sect master, he had the power to make a decision about the fate of the sect.

“We agree with the sect masters view.” The elders exchanged glances and felt like taking a risk was fine. They had nothing to lose, indeed.

“Then it is decided.” Shengping said: “Ill go see the ancestor and ask him to go back to Insane Court.”

The elders and Zhu Qi bowed deeply towards Shengping and said: “The future of the sect will be up to you, ancestor. Well follow all your orders.”

He was the only one who could do something at the court so all they could do was rely on him.

At this moment, Li Qiye was meditating. A dao spark was growing in his land with a unique energy – similar to chaos energy or the affinity of emotions and desires, or something like the force of the grand dao…

He eventually opened his eyes and found Zhu Sijing standing by his side.

“Young Noble, Senior Yang is here to see you.” She had changed her address of him.

He nodded and said: “Let him in.”

She immediately went out to invite Shengping. Meanwhile, the old man was feeling quite tense. After all, he was about to meet a first-generation ancestor from Insane Court.

He took a deep breath to gather his composure after seeing Sijing. His mental fortitude wasnt bad as a True Champion.

There were also seventeen realms ain Three Immortals. The first nine belonged to minor characters – billions and billions of them as the majority of inhabitants in Three Immortals. All were under a common classification – True Apprentice.

This realm had nine levels, from first-level True Apprentice to ninth-level True Apprentice.

Eight more realms existed after this: True Warrior, True Mortal, True Hero, True Champion, True King, True Saint, True God, and True Emperor.

Each of the realms afterward was divided into three minor ones outside of True Emperor. The power of this last realm wasnt classified so easily.

Rumor has it that there was another realm after this – True Immortal! However, no one has seen one before.

Shengping went inside and saw Li Qiye while the girl quietly exited the room.

“Grand Swords descendant, Yang Shengping, greets you, Ancestor.” He immediately got on the ground and showed his respect.

In his mind, it didnt matter whether the guy was real or fake. This ceremony was necessary just in case the guy was real. Not doing so would be the greatest impiety.

“Rise.” Li Qiye waved his hand while still sitting down in the meditative pose.

Shengping got up and didnt know what to say after seeing the guy in full. He was too young and looked ordinary enough to be forgotten after a glance.

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