Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 749: Breaking The Crystal Physique

After an unknown period of time, she opened her eyes and saw him quietly watching her.

“Ancestor, I cant do it well.” She spoke with trepidation while looking down on the ground.

He calmly answered: “Your foundation is relatively stable. What you lack is an understanding of the cultivation law. It is insufficient and must be fortified in order to reach a greater height.”

He and Insane Ancestor had debated about this cultivation method long ago; its advantages and disadvantages. The return of these memories has made him quite an expert.

“Im foolish, unable to manifest and control the dao system.” She quietly said.

She was not to blame. Grand Sword had fallen with few merit laws in their possessions. Thus, their methods were flawed, so how could she do a good job at cultivation?

Insane Courts dao system was opened by Insane and spanned for more than ten million miles. The inner territories formed a separate world.

This was another difference between Three Immortals and the other two worlds. The latter lineages, even the imperial ones, were built on the land themselves.

Here, only True Emperors could open a dao system. They must also be powerful enough to reach the dao origin. The weaker ones couldnt do so.

At the right level, they absorbed the power of the celestials in the sky and opened their own world with a dao origin. They then refined the land and turned the entire area with an all-encompassing dao resulting in a dao system.

Insane Ancestor refined a deserted location into a dao land and opened a world there. He added a dao origin to create a system with Insane Scripture as the main pillar.

In other words, within the territory of Insane Court, all cultivation methods originated from Insane Scriptures main principles. It was indeed amazing, coming from the mind of a peak existence.

Cultivating the laws in accordance with the scripture here would allow one to be close with the land. At a certain power level, they would be close to the dao origin itself. This made one stronger and boosted their cultivation speed.

It also meant that cultivating a different system in this territory would result in suppression. The speed would be slower while not having any help from the land and the dao origin.

The reason why Sijing couldnt get close to the dao land here was that her cultivation law was only a minor part of the scripture, barely scratching the surface.

To put it simply, the laws of Grand Sword were inferior, incomplete versions of a side branch.

Li Qiye said flatly while looking at the scared girl: “Your law belongs to the repetition branch of Insane Scripture, something completely trivial. I will give you some mantras. It is up to you whether you can memorize and understand them.”

“Thank you, Ancestor.” She prostrated on the ground, overwhelmed with emotions.

“Listen carefully, I will not repeat myself.” He said before chanting the mantras.

She hastily concentrated to carve each of his words into her mind. Even if she couldnt understand them right now, memorizing alone was good enough.

At this particular juncture, not mentioning the foundation of Insane Scripture, Li Qiye knew supreme true arts and secret laws like the palm of his hand.

After finishing the recital, he waved his sleeve and said: “Go now.”

“Yes, Ancestor.” She bowed again, truly believing that he was an ancestor of Insane.

“Dont call me Ancestor from now on, it makes me sound old. Call me Young Noble.” He casually remarked.

“Yes, Young Noble.” Of course she didnt refuse and left in a respectful manner.

He began to meditate again with his eyes close, seemingly turning into a statue.

Inside his fate palace was a boundless, fertile land with pulsing light – brimming with energy. The power of the dao and laws were stored inside, continuously refined by him.

His grand dao had turned into this land. The dao from the nine worlds and thirteen continents were all destroyed, but this was not necessarily a bad thing in his opinion.

After the destruction, whats left became nourishment this land – all the dao foundation, vitality, and previous polished laws.

A seed was up in the flashing sky, peerlessly supreme and gestated by the myriad ages.

The seed was finished during his journey through the sea of executions. It looked like a slumber but he was hard at work.

It included his everything – true fate, four symbols of the palace, and the three vessels. After the polishment from the lightning, it had a powerful life force as well.

“Poof.” It landed into the fertile land and dug deeper within. His thirteen palaces spun and poured out nectar-like water of life. Visual phenomena appeared everywhere.

This was a path he needed to take – the reason for his arrival in this world.

He was cultivating something entirely unique, not an established system from any of the world! In other words, he was about to create a new system of cultivation in preparation for a new epoch!

Of course, this was uncharted territory but he remained confidence and patient in this search.

A summary for this new system would be: plant a seed to sprout a tree in order to harvest the dao fruit.

This path required fusing ones true fate and grand dao together for a stronger power. Moreover, everything came from the self. The self was the dao; the dao was the true fate – no more using the true fate to control the grand dao or using the grand dao to support the true fate! From this, one would no longer need to rely on the heaven and earth.

It meant that he could jump out of the worldly restraints while turning everything else into a part of his true fate.

This was precisely the reason why he wanted to come to Three Immortals. This land had already broke freed from the shackles. There were no Heavens Wills or other control here. He could create his own grand dao without facing resistance inside a world like this – an ideal situation for his new epoch.

A while later, a budding sprout dug out of the ground. It was quite tiny and wouldnt survive in any other land.

Li Qiye had toiled to build a powerful foundation back in the nine worlds and thirteen continents. This foundation eventually became the fertile land for his dao seed to grow.

Necessary it was to guarantee a strong beginning for his epoch. Otherwise, all would be a pavilion in the air. [1]

A firm foundation was required for a building to pierce the sky. Otherwise, the result would be a loud rumble as it crashed to the ground. The fertile land was completely necessary for his new path and epoch.

All of his accumulation thus far was to welcome this path and opening a new page. The little sprout began to grow with a sluggish pace. Nevertheless, it was full of power coming from the grand dao, anima, and chaos energy…

This symbolized the beginning of success. Henceforth, he was the grand dao and the grand dao was he. The heaven and earth would be him as well.

1. Unrealistic utopian construction.

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