Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 745: Young Noble Pei Yu

This looked like an independent world yet not after a close inspection. It resembled a large painting while the characters were magically animated.

It meant that by walking forward, one would be entering the world inside this painting. It sounded quite ridiculous but this was the only available path.

Li Qiye chuckled and smiled: “How interesting, this imitation. The end path of the other world also had a test like this, just a bit different.”

He reached forward to touch the boundary. “Buzz.” His hand seemed to be entering the painting itself. However, this success was short-lived since something repelled his hand and forced him to stagger several paces backward. The barrier denied him entry.

“This again? A defensive measure but different from the one by that villainous heaven. Well, if I have dared to come here, I also dare to try!” He smiled and said.

He became luminous and a series of cracking noises resounded. His dao foundation from the tenth world crumbled – the guy had actually just destroyed his cultivation!

“Hmm, its time for me to open a new epoch. The old ones will only serve as fertilizer for mine.” Li Qiye remained nonchalant after destroying his cultivation.

He trained quite hard after entering the tenth world yet he was able to let go without hesitation.

It wasnt only to get through the barrier ahead, but he wanted to rise in this world and create his own dao system for his epoch. This was a place outside of the high heaven, so his new epoch shall begin here. There would be a completely new and unique way to cultivate.

“Welcome me now for the future is mine!” Li Qiye laughed crazily before releasing a ray of light from his chest.

“Boom!” His dao heart appeared, the source of this peerless ray. Nothing could stop the power from his dao heart, capable of piercing through all things.

The ray pierced through the barriers with a force capable of piercing through three thousand worlds.

The barrier was no longer the one in control of its own light. Li Qiyes dao heart was illuminating everything now, turning him into the sole ruler. Even the world of immortals couldnt escape from his reign.

The barrier lost its colorful light of the mundane world. Only a dazzling glow was left representing Li Qiyes supreme dao heart and immovable will.

“I am here now. Even if there are immortals, they will need to play nice or Ill kill them all the same! Ill be the last one standing till the end of time!” He proudly claimed.

His voice echoed across the area. If there were immortals across the barrier, they would wait for him with prudence after seeing the power of his dao heart.

“Buzz.” The barrier then turned into a watery expanse that started spinning, resulting in a large and blinding maelstrom.

“Pop!” It sucked Li Qiye inside, allowing him to go through the barrier.

He instantly crossed through the massive space and appeared in a world full of runes. Exuberant continents were floating everywhere. Each continent had formed its own world filled with the power of the dao with life forms running around.

The common adage, “three thousand worlds”, would perfectly describe this scene of floating landmasses.

“Buzz.” An erased memory suddenly popped in his head. This had to do with an old mans memory.

In the past, the Dark Crow was captured by the old man in Drystone Courtyard. The old man investigated him for a long time; the two of them even exchanged their sea of memories. However, Li Qiye was able to turn the tide and managed to escape on top of stealing many things from the old mans memories.

However, in order to avoid complications, he erased the important memories so that the Immortal Demon Grotto couldnt have them. Right now, these memories were resurfacing after reaching this world.

There was no doubt that the old man underneath Drystone had been here before. He also left behind markings that would invoke these memories – a welcoming of sorts.

“Over there.” He latched on to a set of coordinates after gaining new information.

“Clank.” His Primordial Will focused on it and took him there.

“Clank.” However, the moment he got there, a layer of ice was invading his space. The Primordial Will became an armor and protected him from any damage.

“Motherfucking old man, you even left a trap here? Ill peel your skin after coming back to the nine worlds.” The moment he finished cursing, he became an ice sculpture.

This freezing power was too much. An emperor would be killed instantly but the Primordial Will managed to protect him. Nevertheless, he still fell into the old mans trap after coming to this world.

Of course, this wasnt a trap specifically created for Li Qiye. It was meant for anyone who could obtain his memories.

This world was named Three Immortals, or Three Worlds. There were explanations and legends for the name.

One believed that it was to remember the three Grand Emperors – Sui, Xi, and Nong. [1]

Another belief was that this was only a general designation for the dao systems of the Three Worlds – Immortal Lineage, Imperial Lineage, and Myriad Lineage. [2]

The people here didnt know anything about the nine worlds or thirteen continents, similar to how the nine worlds didnt know about the thirteen continents. They were only aware of their own three worlds.

Grand Sword Gate was an insignificant sect in Insane Court, a system belonging to Myriad Lineage World. Because of this, it guarded the most desolate border for Insane Court.

1. I believe some of these titles are from this – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Sovereigns_and_Five_Emperors

2. Need further elaboration on this

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